The "Sluts" POV

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chapter 11

The following Friday was my meeting with Sean, I was a little nervous to meet with him since I am technically a taken woman. I will have to make sure to keep it strictly professional. Walking into the hotel, I was greeted by the same snotty receptionist, who pointed me down the hall where Sean's office is located. I couldn't help but cringe at the powerful aroma of cinnamon. It smelt like someone went too trigger happy with the fabreze, and with cinnamon being such a heavy scent, it was not pleasant.

Tapping on his door, I opened it and peaked in, being greeted with a smile. Walking in, I placed all of my designs and papers on his clean desk and set my bag down on the chair behind me. Next thing I know, Sean had me pressed up against the side of his desk with his lips on mine. His lips are so soft and inviting and I kissed him back with the same fervor he was putting into the kiss.

Getting lost in Sean was easy, but pushing him away once I was brought back to reality and reminded of Evan was hard. But I did it. He looked at me with such an intense stare that I had to turn away. "So are we going to go over the details of the designs for the hotel? I think you will like what I have, but if not I have several other options for you to pick from." Laying out all of the layouts for him to pick from. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled my back flush up against his front. His chin resting on my shoulder.

Clearing my throat, I tried to step out of his grasp. Key word there, tried. He would not loosen his grip and the more I tried, he tightened his arms around me. "Why are you trying to push me away Ava?" Clenching my eyes shut for a moment, I turned around in his arms, making sure to make eye contact so he would understand. "Sean, I am with someone else. Please don't make this harder than it needs to be."

Now any sane person would get the hint and step back, but not Sean. Hell no, he pulled me closer, bending down to brush his lips up my neck to my ear before whispering, "And I'm engaged. Your point?" What the actual fuck? Sean is engaged? When did this happen? I don't know whether to be disgusted in the fact that I slept with him while he has a fiancee or the fact that even now, knowing he is engaged, I still don't feel guilty about it and want to do it again.

As if sensing my internal debate, Sean took it upon himself to lift me onto his desk and lay me down over my designs. "Ava baby, don't worry about it. I'm not going through with it. It's arranged and I will not do it." His hands traveled under my skirt, brushing against the thin fabric covering my bud. "As for your situation... I doubt it is serious, or you wouldn't have came here looking as sexy as you are." He whispered, trailing kisses up my inner thigh, close and closer to my burning center. And to an extent, he was right. I dressed today knowing I would be seeing him, and I wanted to impress him.

But wanting to impress and wanting to cheat on Evan, is two completely different things. Right? Pushing him away, I quickly gathered my purse and headed for the door. I don't need to stick around for this and I will not become a cheater. I don't care if a man uses me and cheats on his girlfriend or wife or whatever the hell they have, but I will not do it. I can not, I refuse to. Turning the handle of the door was when Sean finally decided to speak. "Ava, please stay. I get the hint. I will not touch without permission." He was itching the back of his head sheepishly. "Honestly, I thought you were just saying that to get out of hanging out with me. I apologize. We can just get down to business."

Taking a deep breath, I returned to the desk and we started talking about the design. Things from there went very smoothly. He was in love with my ideas and agreed for things to proceed as soon as possible. He even took my advice to get wall flowers with smells such as ylang ylang or mahogany teakwood. All and all I think things went well. There was no more touching or inappropriate talk, which a part of me was sad about. I like the way I feel when Sean gives me his undivided attention and acts as if I'm the only girl in his sights. But as my luck would have it, I have to be good and loyal to Evan.

That's why, despite every fiber of my being that wanted to wrap myself around Sean and beg for him to take me on his desk, I packed up my bag, gave a formal goodbye, and left his office. As soon as I got out I had to call Evan. To stop myself from going back in to Sean. Evan answered on the third ring. "Hello. Ava. How'd your meeting go?" Smiling slightly, he is always so kind. "It went well, he liked my idea and wants to start ASAP. Where are you right now?" There was a pause and what sounded like some shuffling of papers on the other end. "I left some documents at home so I came to retrieve them." Nodding my head, I had to ask. "Do you have a meeting or can you stick around for a bit, Sir?" He took a sharp breath, hearing the low tone of my voice. "Get here now." He demanded before hanging up the phone, leaving me excited for what to expect when I got there, and freeing me of anymore thoughts of Sean.

At least not for a while.

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