The "Sluts" POV

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Chapter 12

It has been a whole month of being with Evan, and things are going pretty well. Sean has been nothing but professional and friendly, and hasn't once tried to feel me up. Does that make me terrible that I actually want him too? I've not been able to think of anything but my night with Sean, and sometimes while being intimate with Evan I have to stop myself from saying Sean's name. I don't know why I'm like this because Evan has been nothing but perfect. He takes me out on dates and is the complete gentleman and in the bedroom he takes charge and is dominating, I've always loved that about him.

I can't lie that my feelings for Evan are still here and are growing, but I also have grown strong feelings for Sean. Spending time with him, working on the hotel, has been so much fun. We have really gotten to know one another. He told me all about this arranged married that his parents are trying to force on him, that they think he is just throwing away when 'You might actually like her.' Sean has met the woman and said she is a god awful bitch. His words not mine. We have learned that we actually have several things in common like we both love comedies, Mexican food, and we both love to travel. Granted I haven't traveled much but I would love to see more of the world. China, Australia, and Scotland. I would love to go.

Tonight Evan is taking me out to dinner at some swanky restaurant for our one month. I don't think we need to celebrate every month, but if he wants to I guess I will participate. I put on a blush pink chiffon floor length dress with sheer long sleeves with a pair of silver high heels. I curled my hair and applied a light layer of makeup and was ready to go. He should be here any moment to pick me up. Heading out to the living room I found Liam with the man he left the club with on valentines day. Mr. tall dark and handsome. His name is Marquis, but we call him Mars. "Hey guys. Another night in?" They looked up at me from their cuddling position on the couch. Liam whistled lowly. "Girl you look stunning." I smiled. Mars nodded his head in agreement. "Yes, we are staying in and I agree you look beautiful."

Before they could comprehend my actions, I jumped on both of them and squished them in hugs. "You guys are the best. Liam you better not get rid of this one, I like him and I might just keep him regardless." Mars shyly smiled, making eyes at Liam before I lifted myself off of them. "You guys be good. I'm heading out now, don't wait up." I walked out, waiting for Evan, on the step. Weird he is normally always on time. I waited 20 more minutes before I texted him that I would just meet him at the restaurant. If anything I would wait at the bar for him. I grabbed a taxi and told them the place I was going. Once there I found an empty stool at the bar and ordered a drink.

Maybe something came up, but wouldn't he text me? Something deep inside was telling me that there was something else. Something bad that was going to happen and I didn't like feeling this way. Maybe he fell asleep on his couch and he forgot to set an alarm. Or maybe he is with another girl. Groaning at my inner self I downed my drink before ordering another and another and another. Checking my phone it was now almost 2 hours after the time he said he would pick me up and we would eat.

Surely he wasn't standing me up on purpose? But then again he knew we were going on a date, hell he even planned it. So where the hell is he? Pushing from my spot at the bar, I could feel the alcohol flowing through my veins. I can't care about that. Maybe I should go find him, see just what is so important that he had to ditch me tonight for. I thought things were going good. We were having great sex and out dating life was going perfectly fine. No problems and things were going smoothly.

That's it, rash decision time, I'm going to his house. I flagged down a cab and gave the address. It took all of 5 seconds to get there, then again that could be thanks to the alcohol, before I hopped out and headed for the door. Not bothering with knocking, if he is asleep he won't hear it anyways. I turned the handle to find it unlocked. That seems highly unsafe, anyone could just go right on in. Example A, I stumbled in making my way into the living room to find Evan with a gorgeous blonde woman sitting holding hands.

Frozen to the spot I just stared. Surely it isn't what it looks like. Surely not right, however Evans back was turned to me and he hasn't realized I was there yet. The unknown woman's eyes landed on me for a split second before smiling wickedly before leaning over to kiss Evan. That was all the confirmation I needed before I cleared my throat. Bitch Ava coming back full force. Evan whipped around so fast I'm surprised he didn't fall off the couch. Eyes wide, mouth open."Ava-" He was shocked that I was here. How funny. I crossed my arms before looking the woman dead in her eyes. "Hello, I'm Sarah. You are?" She smirked at me. What a smug bitch.

Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it was just the fact that I was pissed the fuck off. I sashayed over to Evan before sitting down on his lap, wrapping my arm around his neck and giving him a deep kiss, plunging my tongue into his mouth before pulling away. "Did you get us a whore for our anniversary, honey? I have to say, I prefer brunettes, but she'll do." Evan was frozen, dumbstruck even. Sarah sat, glaring at me before speaking up. "Actually, I'm his fiancee." Before holding up her hand up where a huge ring was glistening in the dim light of his living room.

Shocked would be and understatement of what I was feeling. Numb, angry, stupid, all of them would apply. I stood up and made my way to the door. Evan must have found his voice because he was running after me, pleading me to hear his excuses, but I wasn't wanting to entertain him. Throwing an, "I'll see you at work, sir." over my shoulder and shutting the door behind me. Partially sprinting down the side walk as the tears streamed down my cheeks.

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