The "Sluts" POV

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Chapter 13

It was happening again. I was hurt again. I don't think I was truly hurt at losing Evan as opposed to how I lost him. He was cheating, not only on me but his fiancée too. I couldn't give a shit if I was just a fling, hell at least then I'd know I was just a fuck buddy. But the dick face asked me out. Asked me to be exclusive! The audacity of that man was mind blowing. I was being faithful and he was laying up with both, Sarah and me. I could have been fucking Sean this whole time but I've denied myself. Why? To be loyal to Evan? Who didn’t have the same decency to be loyal to me? Hell not only me, to Sarah because technically she came first. I’m the other woman.

Shaking my head from those thoughts I couldn’t ignore the ache in my chest. Maybe something is wrong with me. Something has to be for people to continuously not want to be committed to me. I’m not pretty enough, my body isn’t good enough. Maybe I’m just not a good lover. Do I stink? No I can’t, I shower everyday, sometimes twice a day if I’m stressed. My nose is a little crooked, could that be it? Maybe I need a tan.

Cleaning my tears from my face I stepped inside of the bar that I’ve found myself outside of. I didn’t even realize that I was walking towards it until I was here. I guess my body knew I needed a drink while my brain was busy trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with me. Sitting down, I ordered myself a gin and downed it swiftly, motioning for the bartender to keep em coming.

The next morning my head was pounding. I woke up somewhere I was not familiar with. How the hell did I get here? And where exactly is here? I went to stand up realizing after the sheets fell around me that I was indeed naked. How do I not remember a damn thing from last night? My head ached, causing me to groan and sit back down on the bed, closing my eyes for the briefest moment. "I see you're finally awake." And awfully deep familiar voice spoke. Eyes snapping open, I ripped the sheets to cover myself. "Sean, how the hell did I end up here?"

He chuckled lightly before bringing me over a cup of coffee, placing two pills in the palm of my hand. I thanked him quietly before downing them and sipping the heavenly cup of coffee. "Well, for starters you called me saying you wanted me and I needed to come get you. Once I got to the bar you practically jumped me and started to try tearing my clothes off. I finally got you in the car and you said that you wanted me to bring you home and ravish you. So that's what I did." He took a sip of his own coffee nonchalantly. Oh my gosh. That sounds horrid. Did I really do that. Gosh I'm so embarrassed.

Sean startled me by busting out laughing. "I'm totally joking! You should have seen your face!" I pushed his shoulders, causing him to flop back on the bed. Unbelievable. He is completely unbelievable. I couldn't help the little laugh that escaped my lips though because his laugh is completely contagious. No scratch that, his happiness is. Smiling goofily at him. "So how did I really end up here then?" He straightened up. "I wasn't lying about you calling me for a ride. However when we got your your place you said something about Liam and a 'Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome' expecting the whole apartment to theirselves. So I brought you back here." I nodded in understanding before raising my eyebrows questioningly. "And why am I naked, Mr. Morgan?" He shrugged, "That is not my doing. I tucked you in fully clothed.. Not that I'm complaining." Looking down I noticed the bulge in his pajama pants, showing just how much he didn't mind having me naked in his bed. Meeting his eye, I had one last question before I could let my mind or my body wonder what he can do with what is underneath those pants. "Wait, you tucked me in? Didn't you sleep in here with me?" He smirked at me, giving me a cocky look before becoming completely serious. "As much as I would have enjoyed sleeping next to you, I don't do anything without sober consent. It was clear that you were completely trashed. It's a wonder you weren't passed out when I picked you up from the bar."

Blushing slightly from that. I always knew Sean was a gentleman, but I don't thing that truly registered until now. He wouldn't even sleep in the same bed as me even though we have shared a bed a few times before and we have also done way more. We finished our coffee in silence, before he asked me if I would like some breakfast. I agreed and he went to go start cooking. I rummaged through his closet finding a plain button up shirt and pulled on my underwear. I'm sure he won't mind me borrowing a shirt, since my dress might be a little too much for breakfast. Walking out, it smelled delicious. Sitting at the counter, I watched him move. It seemed so natural for him to cook. He looked at peace and calm, he looked happy. It must be a hobby of his. Which I understand, I love to cook also, I just normally never have the time or chance to cook.

He glanced back at me, giving me a goofy smile before asking. "Like what you see?" I had to grin back at him. "Of course, I'm not blind." Meeting my eye, I noticed he looked tired. Like he hasn't been sleeping well. "Are you okay, Sean? You look tired." He returned his attention to the task at hand before nodding. "Yeah, just haven't been sleeping well." I felt bad for him. Partially because I called him last night at who knows what time and probably woke him from trying to get a decent sleep. "I'm sorry I called you last night. Honestly, I'm not 100% sure why I called you, but I'm sorry for waking you." He turned off the stove and turned around. Striding over to me. "Don't ever apologize for calling me, especially when you need a ride. I would prefer you call me, hell I'm glad you called me. I wasn't asleep when you called so my lack of sleep is not your fault." I nodded, unsure what else to say when he continued. "Can I ask you something?" Raising my brows in surprise. "Of course, anything."

He stepped closer, closing the distance between us. Stroking my cheek with his thumb. "Why were you crying last night?" I let out a deep breath. Not what I was expecting but he deserves to know the truth since I had to bother him. "Turns out the guy I was seeing has a fiancee. Guess that's my luck, it seems." He scrunched his eyebrows. "And you didn't know he had a fiancee?" I could feel the knot in my throat but I forced it down. "No, I've been around him for a while now before we even decided to try to see if we had something and he never mentioned it. If I would have known I wouldn't have agreed." Sean plated some breakfast and we ate in silence before he continued his questions. "Are you okay? Since you were crying you had to of liked him a lot." I laughed. "I'm fine. I was crying more for the fact of the whole situation. I mean, every time I try to be serious with someone they end up cheating. I just don't understand what is so wrong with me. Hell I don't think I truly liked him enough to be completely serious anyways." Sean face hardened. before picking me up, and tossing me over his shoulder. I squealed before wrapping my arms around his lower back. "SEAN! What are you doing? Put me down!" I giggled.

He smacked my ass, shushing me before flinging me onto his bed, climbing over top of me and caging my arms above my head with his big hands. He stared deep into my eyes, his expression serious. "There is absolutely nothing wrong with you, Ava. Nothing other than the fact that you pick dickheads with little dick energy." He ran his nose over my collarbone, up my neck to my ear. I shuddered under his movements. Becoming more and more aroused. "Let me show you just how perfect you are. Let me show you how you should be loved. Let me prove to you that you are worth so much." He was nibbling on my neck and I couldn't help the moan that forced its way past my lips. He pressed his hips to mine, slowly grinding his hard impressive length into me. And what is a girl to do in this type of situation but to agree?

Moaning out a "Yes, please." He crashed his lips to mine and we were off on another erotic adventure together.

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