The "Sluts" POV

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Chapter 14

I spent the day with Sean. Talking, laughing, having sex. Or as he was saying 'making love'. It did feel really good regardless of what it was called. He took his time, taking care of every part of me. It felt natural being with him. Easy. Like this was how it was meant to be.

Once I was home, I told Liam everything that had happened from the time I left to the time I came back home and he was shocked silly. "Is he fucking stupid? You know what, good, I didn't like him anyways. Now you can focus on Sean. Im totally team Seam. The boy has had it bad for you since high school." I shook my head, my best friend is goofy as hell. But could he be right? Did Sean really like me, like for real feelings, all those years ago? I thought he only wanted to fuck me.

"Liam, he only ever wanted to fuck me, which I did. And now we are doing it again." Liam furrowed his eyebrows, shaking his head. "No, Ava. I don't think that's it. I think he really likes you and I think he intends to show you. I think you need to figure out if you really like him before you lead him on." I nodded, but not really listening. There is no way Sean thinks this is more than just a fuck, right? But I must admit that the thought of more with Sean left me feeling tingly. Could I want more? Could he?

There is just something about Sean that leaves me wanting more. Something that I've never felt with anyone, not even with Evan. Yes, sex with Evan was good. We had a good relationship, we were friends. But with Sean, everything feels more intense. Sex with him is amazing, and we have slowly became close friends, but could our relationship continue to grow? Could our fondness possibly be greater than just friendship?

I left those thoughts and let sleep overtake me into a dreamless wonderland. The next day, I got dressed for work in a black halter jumpsuit with a white cardigan and white sandals. I had to stop by the office to grab a few papers before heading to Sean's hotel. I wasn't looking forward to stopping by the office because I knew Evan would be there and want to talk to me, but I was in no mood to entertain him today. I just wanted to have a good day, doing what I do best.

Walking in, I greeted the girls politely, knowing that they talk shit behind my back anyways. Apparently they don't agree with the fact I slept with our boss, but I knew it was partially because they were jealous he wasn't fucking them. Well now they could have him. I'm officially done with him. Maybe after this project I could apply for a different company. Hell I'm sure Sean wouldn't mind cutting out the middle man and just paying me for designing his hotel, but that would be against his contract.

Picking up the few documents I had on my desk, I was actually thinking I'd escape without seeing Evan. But to no avail, he walked into my office, shutting the door behind him. I stood still, waiting for whatever he had to say. After a moment of him just looking at me, I made a point to check my watch for the time, showing my impatience. He got the point because he cleared his throat, before speaking. "Ava, I need to explain the other night." Shaking my head I put on my best business voice. "It's nothing you need to explain, Sir. It's done and over with. I really need to be going." He gave me a stern look, to which I sighed and sat down at my desk. "Please. Ava, you have to understand that I'm not engaged. Sarah, is someone I had before we met. We were together for a few months, nothing to serious. One drunken night I gave her a ring, but I never proposed. We broke up a few days later, but it turns out she kept the ring, and now she wants to get back together."

I chuckled. "Okay, lovely story. I really should be going now." Evan looked at me baffled before standing and coming to kneel beside me. "Ava, please, believe me." Staring right into his eyes, I knew he wasn't telling a complete lie, but that brought on a question that I knew I'd have to pay very close attention to if I wanted the truth. "If she was nothing serious, Evan, why didn't you push her away when she kissed you?" I don't think he was expecting that question. His eyes widened and his mouth opened and closed a few times before I finally stood. Heading to the door. Before leaving, however, I turned slightly, just enough for him to catch what I said next. "It's okay, Evan. We can still be boss and employee. But I don't want to ever speak of anything involving us, sex or relationships. Have a good day, I'll be sure to email you a report of the progress on the hotel."

And with that I left. Feeling proud of myself for not smacking the shit out of him. For being the quote on quote 'bigger person' and being professional. I could tell there was more that Evan wasn't telling me, but in truth, I wasn't wanting to hear his explanations. I just needed to focus on myself and finishing this hotel project. Part of me was excited to see Sean after this weekend, but another part of me kept replaying what Liam was saying. If Sean had, or still has, feelings for me, wouldn't he tell me? Or has he already? With the whole 'making love' thing?

Should I ask him about it all? I mean we are both adults, maybe we could have a nice conversation about it. I don't think I'm ready for a relationship, especially after Evan. But maybe, just maybe, I'm ready for a relationship with Sean. Shaking my head I walked into the hotel. I'll ask him to dinner this weekend so I can talk to him about everything. Hopefully with us being out of either of our homes we won't immediately give in to our sexual desires, at least not before we talk.

Greeting the receptionist I continued to Sean's office so I could touch base with him on what I would be working on today. Knocking quietly, I pushed the door open to be met with Sean smiling at me and the back of a man. "I'm sorry to interrupt, I'll give you a moment." And turned to leave. Sean stopped me with a wave of his hand. "No. Come on in, Ava." Listening to him, I shut the door behind me and made my way to the seat beside the man that still hasn't turned to introduce himself.

Once I got a bit closer and could see the unknown mans face, I realized why he was sat there, still as a statue. Tense and eyes glaring at Sean. The man was none other than Mason, my shit head of an ex boyfriend. Composing himself quickly, he turned to me, eying me from head to toe before plastering on a cocky smirk. "Hello, Ava. Nice to see you again."

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