The "Sluts" POV

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Chapter 15

Mason is here in the flesh. I know I use to fuck with him and flirt when Emma was around, but seeing him still made my blood boil. I can tell he his still a cocky little bastard that thinks he is the king of the fucking world and women fall at his feet. Determined not to let him see me falter, I put on my most entrancing smile. "Mason." I stated in greeting. I'd like to say nice to see him, but it really wasn't nice at all.
Hell, I'm not even sure why he is here. Last, I heard Mason was moving hours away in the opposite direction. Queue the tears of joy. I guess it is always fun to piss him off, I wonder if Sean has told him we are screwing around again. The way he is looking at me, I would guess he didn't know. Mason was eyeing me like his favorite toy, looking at me as if I was sex on legs. Under normal circumstances I wouldn't mind, but it being Mason, the reason I am scared to love anyone again, made my skin crawl.
"You're looking lovelier than ever, Ava." Mason muttered appreciatively. I have to do something, knock this prick down a peg. So I put on my brightest smile, feigning innocence. "Well I like to look my best when I come visit, Sean." Fluttering my lashes over to Sean, he was sitting there, with a playful smile on his face and a knowing look in his eyes. He knew that I was going to come in on his brother and him talking! Oh, he was so going to hear it from me later. Hell maybe I will withhold sex for a week or two, see how he likes to be blindsided like that. oh, who the hell am I kidding. I can't keep my hands off of him that long. I'll think of another way to get back at him. As if sensing my thoughts, Sean stood and walked around his desk to me. "You don't have to dress up for me, Darlin'. I personally love when you don't wear anything at all."
If looks could kill, Sean would be dead. Mason was staring daggers at his brother, as if he has some sort of claim on me, and it only intensified as Sean bent down to kiss my lips. It was a quick kiss but the amount of heat that he put in it left me breathless. Looking over at Mason, it wasn't hard to tell he wasn't happy but there was something else in his eye, a mischievous glint maybe? Sean cleared his throat before speaking. "Well, brother. It was wonderful to see you but I have other duties to attend to now." Mason met Sean's stare and they stayed like that for a few moments, having some sort stare down. Something that reminded me of a bigger dick contest, and there was no doubt in my mind that Sean won, both figuratively and literally.
Mason scoffed as he looked from Sean and me. "So, is she coming to dinner this weekend then?" Sean kept a straight face. "No, she has other matters to attend to." Mason smirked. "Hm, I'm sure, brother. Well maybe your fiancee will be attending then?" Sean's face went red with anger, his hands balled in fists and his jaw clenching. I knew he was fighting with his parents, they wanted him to marry some girl he didn't know or even like. But they are relentless apparently and Mason is in on it. I couldn't just stand by and let Mason get the best of Sean so I stood, wrapping my arm around Sean. "You know what, I will be attending. I can change my plans, baby." Snuggling in closer to his side. His eyes widened slightly before he wrapped his arm around me, drawing me in closer. Mason mocked. "Did you not hear me? I was talking about-" I cut him off, waving my hand dismissively. "I'm not worried about that arranged bullshit. You see, Sean and I are extremely happy together and we plan on getting married." He gave me a look to say 'as if', before I queried. "Why is that so hard to believe?"
Mason looked at me warily before giving a self satisfied smile. "Because you're a whore, always have been, always will be." And in that moment it was as if time stood still. Sean moved so quickly I didn't even have time to register what was going on until he had Mason pressed up against the wall, his thick arm pressing into Mason's neck so he could barely breathe. "Don't you ever say that to Ava again, understand?" Mason was stubborn, trying to fight Sean off of him but failing miserably. Sean slammed him against the wall again. "I said, you will never talk to my fiancee like that again! Do I make myself clear?" Mason finally submitted to him, nodding his head in defeat. Sean stepped back and Mason shot one last glare to the both of us before he scurried out of the office.
Sean was still shaking with anger, trying to calm himself before turning to face me. "Why did you do that?" He muttered. Is he angry at me? I was just trying to help. Who cares if we pretend to be engaged for his family. Hell he should be thanking me for helping him with Mason. "Im sorry, are you mad? I was just trying to help." I stated incredibly. He let out a long groan before messing up his hair in frustration. "I didn't need your help, Ava." His eyes were tired, his hands were clenching open and closed, trying to contain his fury. Unbelievable. This is what I get for trying to be nice. Turning on my heels, I grabbed my bag, muttered something along the lines of making sure the workers knew what they were doing, and left. He didn't try to stop me and he didn't try to apologize for being unreasonable.
Am I in the wrong here? Should I have not stepped in on family matters? But I thought Sean and I knew each other well enough that it wouldn't hurt to do what I thought was right. Sighing, I texted Liam to meet me at the club tonight, I knew he was with Mars, and I also knew he wouldn't refuse a night of dancing. Even if it was the middle of the week. I sent a quick text to Evan, stating I would probably be a little late the next morning for work, and headed to the nearest bar to do a little day drinking, before the club. I wanted to drink and just forget all the problems in my life for a while. And that is exactly what I did.
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