The "Sluts" POV

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Chapter 16

The next morning I woke up with a pounding headache. The lights were too bright so I waited it out. What brought me out of my self loathing was an arm plopping down over my waist causing me to let out an 'oomf' sound. I don't remember bringing anyone home. Who the hell is in my bed? This is what you get Ava for being a train wreck and drinking all day. Why do I constantly fuck myself by putting myself in these types of situations.

Groaning lightly I slid out of bed, careful not to wake the stranger and turned to see who I dragged home last night. He wasn't awful looking. He had brown hair and a beard, his facial features are soft and he wasn't very built but he was average. I shrugged to myself, he could have been worse. But why the hell did I sleep with a stranger last night, and even worse, I don't even remember it. I guess this is what whores do though. Seeing a used condom on the floor, eased my worried about unwanted pregnancies and STDs. Rolling my eyes, I lightly tapped the guy in his side with the foot. He didn't move so I shook him. "Wake up. I have to go to work."

Disoriented, he pushed himself up and rubbed the sleep from his face. So I continued. "I want you to pick that up and get rid of it." Pointing at the condom. "I'm going to go take a shower and hope you're gone by the time I get back. Kay? Thanks." Okay, okay. I know it sounded a little harsh but I'm hung over and need to get to work, so I think it was justified. The guy nodded like a love sick puppy, looking at me as if I was the most beautiful girl he's ever seen. Not wanting to feel guilty, I turned and went into the bathroom to do my business. Once I was dressed and ready to go, I picked up my bag and phone, noticing a sticky note with a number on it and a name 'Dan'. Well sorry Dan, I won't be contacting you again. Balling up the note and tossing it in the little bin under my desk. I realized I had a few missed calls and texts, I will have to look at them after I get to the office.

Walking into work, Evan came storming out of his office, he looks livid. I wonder what his deal is. I shrugged not wanting to get involved and headed into my own office. I had just a few finishing details to gather before heading over to the hotel. It was just a few short weeks from being complete and I’m so excited for it. It’s turning out so good. Sitting down at my desk I began to ponder last night. I’m not sure why but I feel guilty for ending up in bed with a stranger. It’s definitely not the first time it’s happened so I don’t really understand why I’m feeling this way. My mind keeps turning to Sean.

What if he finds out? Should I tell him? I mean his brother does think I’m his fiancée. But then again he was mad at me for trying to help so why do I even care what he thinks. It’s not like we are together. Do I want us to be together? What if what I did last night jeopardizes that. Okay, enough what if’s, Ava. Sighing I pulled my phone out of my bag to check my messages. There was two from Sean, two from Liam, and one from Evan. The one from Evan was just an “okay, don’t be to late.” A reply to my message from yesterday. Well I was only 2 hours late so I think that’s pretty good.

I opened Liams next. “Girl where are you?” And “you look like you’re having fun, don’t want to disturb. Mars and I are leaving, be careful. X” Well that least he messaged me, he probably should have dragged my ass home so I didn’t make a huge mistake. Which I’m currently looking at as a bigger and bigger mistake by the minute. I mean why did I have to sleep with a stranger? It’s not like I’m having a dry spell. Huffing our in annoyance at myself I went ahead and opened Sean’s messages. “Ava baby, I’m sorry for the way I handled things." The next one, made my heart flutter . "Can we talk? Please."

Well I have to go over to his hotel in a bit anyway to check out the renovations and make sure everything is going accordingly. I wonder what he wants to talk about. Maybe he will tell me that what we have is over. Just that thought alone makes my heart hurt. I guess the only way to know for sure what he wants is to go and talk to him. Maybe even tell him what I did last night. I couldn't help but notice I'm starting to have feelings for Sean and I'm not positive I like it.

Finishing up with those minor details, I packed up to leave. Heading to Evans office, I knocked lightly. Waiting for him command that I could enter. I poked my head in the door, seeing Evan sat at his desk with his hair a mess, and tiredness in his eyes. It doesn't look like he is sleeping good. I wonder why. Shaking myself mentally, it is none of my business."I'm heading over to the hotel. I most likely won't be back to the office today. I'll see you tomorrow." Evan stopped me before I could shut the door, asking me to come in. So I obeyed, taking a seat, waiting for him to speak. He rubbed his face in frustration, before meeting my eye. Up close he looked even worse. He has dark circles under his eyes and stubble growing on his jaw.

It sucks because before everything, Evan was my friend. It is hard to just stop caring about his wellbeing, because I do still care. Drawing me out of my revelation, Evan spoke. "Ava, can we please talk? You don't even have to say anything, just don't interrupt me." Furrowing my brows I nodded my head in agreement. Evan let out a big breath of air. "Ava, I miss you. I get why you are hurt and mad at me, I should have told you about Sarah. I honestly had no idea she would pop back up into my life like that. I didn't tell you the entire truth last time we spoke, but Sarah left me after I proposed. I was shocked when she showed up, wanting to get back together so when she kissed me I was too stunned to push her away. I know that is no excuse. I don't blame you for not wanting to get back together, I mean if you would want to, I'm all in, but can we at least go back to being friends?"

The sincerity in his voice melted my heart. Was I even mad at what happened anymore? I mean I went straight to Sean and slept with him, and almost the whole time we were together, I thought of Sean. Evan didn't deserve my anger forever. I smiled at him, before standing up and wrapping my arms around his neck. He was surprised at first, but he soon turned and buried his head in my neck, wrapping his arms around my waist and squeezing. "Of course we can be friends, Evan. I'm sorry I acted so immature, I just needed a few days."

He placed a light kiss on my neck before pulling back, keeping me in his arms. "Really? You mean it?" He looked so vulnerable right now and I couldn't tell him no so I just nodded. Letting grudges go is so much better for my health. It takes a huge weight off of me. He leaned down for a kiss which I turned my head from. He seemed to understand and gave me a sweet kiss on the cheek and let me go. "So now that we are friends, want to tell me why you look exhausted?" I questioned. He grinned at me before shrugging. "I hate when we fight. Now that we are fine, I'll be sleeping much better. But I'm serious, if you want to give us another shot, I'm all in." I chuckled. I don't see that happening. I think we run our course and that is exactly what I told him.

Checking the time on my watch, I quickly said goodbye and headed to see Sean. Maybe I should just open up to him. Tell him that it hurt that he didn't want my help and I think I'm falling for him, and that I slept with a stranger last night. Maybe not in the order. Maybe I shouldn't tell him at all. It is times like this I wish I could magically know what to do. What is the right thing to do in this situation? It's not like I'm in a relationship with him. But then why do I feel so damn guilty?

Walking into his hotel, my nervousness was growing. I think I'm going to have to tell him. It isn't right, even though we are not together, he deserves to know. Knocking on his door, I heard a gruff 'come in' and opened the door. Sean was sitting in his chair with loads of paper work on his desk looking perfect as always. He had a white button up shirt on with the sleeves rolled up and his jacket thrown over the back of his chair. He gave me a megawatt smile upon my entrance and stood, walking towards me. He grabbed my hand and sat me down on one of the seats, kneeling in front of me, pulling a little box out of his pocket. "We have a lot to talk about. But Ava baby, will you marry me?" Opening the little velvet box to expose a beautiful 3 carat princess cut diamond ring.

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