The "Sluts" POV

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Chapter 19

Dinner wrapped up with me getting glared at from both Emma and the blonde bitch who's name I still don't know. I wasn't worried, I have my man and know my place. I guess while I was gone, Richard demanded Mason get his woman in check because every time Emma went to say something, Mason nudged her and shook his head.

I would feel bad, but I don't. It isn't my fault Richard liked me and Emma made a fool of herself. Before we could part from everyone, as Sean was hugging his mother goodbye, the blonde bitch approached me. "I hate to be the one to ruin your little bubble, but Sean is MY fiancee. We are getting married." She huffed. She looked smug, as if she won. Hah, as if. I smiled sweetly at her before answering her. "Oh, honey. You don't actually believe that do you? Where is the ring?" I questioned. However, before she could answer, I held up my hand, broadcasting the beautiful shiny ring Sean proposed with. "Oh, here it is. On my finger. So I guess that means, I'm the fiancee? Gee. Feels good." Winking at her, I turned on my heels and joined Sean. Placing my hand around Sean's arm, his parents finally noticed the ring.

His mother gasped and his father broke out into a huge grin. "Sean, did you propose to this little lady?" He questioned. Sean smiled, wrapping an arm around me. "Yes, I did dad. Ava, is my fiancee." His mother had happy tears, pulling me away from Sean into a bone crushing hug. Over her shoulder I witnessed Richard clasping Sean on the back, nodding his head in approval. Before getting out of Sean's mothers arms, she whispered. "I like you, you make him happy." I genuinely smiled at her, letting her know I intend to keep him happy.

The car ride home was silent, I think we were both in our own little worlds thinking about everything that had happened at dinner. I can't believe Emma and Mason are engaged, I don't see that lasting. But at least, seeing them together, I realized that I honestly don't give a damn about either one of them anymore, or what they do. I'm genuinely happy with Sean and I intend to make this the best damn marriage anyone has ever had.

Once inside Sean's place, I settled down on the couch, blowing out a breath of relief. I'm glad that is over, and I'm also glad that we are home and free to do what we want. Taking off my heels and panties, I watched Sean head into the kitchen, grabbing 2 glasses. One full of wine and another with scotch in it. He walked over to me, handing me the glass and taking a seat. I downed my glass completely, before shifting to straddle Sean. He quirked an eyebrow at me, smirking devilishly, before draining his glass and placing his hands on my waist. Leaning down, I bit lightly into the spot on his neck that drives him wild, before grinding my hips into his.

His groan encouraging me to continue, I trailed kisses all the way up his neck to meet his lips, kissing him hard and feverish. Not letting me get all the satisfactions of being in control, he flipped me over, laying me on my back with him hovering over me. His hands trailed the length of my legs, to my hips before he realized I wasn't wearing any panties. "Damn it, Ava. You drive me mad." He moaned into my ear, plunging a finger into my core. I gasped at the initial intrusion, letting my surprise fade away into pleasure. He captured me in a heated kiss, our tongues swirling together. My hands quickly undone the button on his pants, pushing them down to free his spectacular member. I grasped it in my hand and pumped it slowly.

I quieted his moans with my mouth, as I picked up my pace, slowly bringing him closer and closer as he worked me like a banjo, plucking away at my bundle of nerves. He quickly pulled away from me, grasping me underneath my butt, hoisting me up into the air and moving us to his room. Swiftly placing me on the side of the bed he pulled my dress over my head. Leaving me completely bare to his vision.

He rapidly kicked off his pants and tore his shirt off, scooting me further up the bed. He kneeled in between my thighs, placing kisses all around, moving closer and closer to my entrance. He flicked his tongue out teasingly, before plunging it deep into my core. Wailing out, my hands curled into his hair pulling him closer. Wanting more. Needing more. "Sean, please." Answering my silent demand, he pushed two fingers in while still teasing me with his tongue. He groaned out. "Cum for me, baby." And I obliged. Spilling over the edge onto his hand and tongue. He licked me clean before, kissing and licking up the length of my body. By the time he reached my lips, I was eager for more. More of Sean. All of Sean.

He pushed into my entrance leisurely. I bit into his lip gently, pulling a moan from him as he quickened his pace, slamming into me. He smoothly placed one of my legs up and over his shoulder to reach a different angle, getting deeper than before. Throwing my head back into the pillows, I let out a low pitched cry of pleasure, raking my nails down his back. Sean rammed into me, faster and harder, shattering any control I had left, leaving me convulsing and squeezing all of him. He came soon after me, placing gentle kisses on my shoulder and neck.

Rolling off of me, he pulled me into his arms. "Thank you." He stated. What is he thanking me for? He is the one that just gave me yet another mind blowing orgasm. "No, thank you." I giggled back at him. He grinned before placing a light kiss on my head. "No, I mean for everything. Agreeing to be my wife, having dinner with my messed up family. You shouldn't of had to deal with Mason and Emma, and I don't even want to mention Fay." He rubbed his face, shaking his head with growing frustration.

Oh no, he is not aloud to get frustrated at anything right now, we just worked our asses off to get rid of it, not that I minded. Rolling over on top of him, I ran my fingers through his hair. "Sean, you don't need to thank me. I'm in this for you. Im in this because I want you and I care about you. You don't have to excuse your family or anyone else. I'm a big girl, I can handle it." I stated softly, making sure to maintain eye contact so he could understand how serious I am. Some emotion I couldn't decipher ran across his face before he gave me a smile, showing his graditude and admiration.

"Ava. I just want to say, I think I lo-" before he could finish whatever he was about to say, there was a loud obnoxious pounding at the door. We looked at each other curiously, we weren't expecting anyone. We both got up, Sean pulling on shorts and me pulling on a silk robe I had left here. Making our way out, the pounding got louder and harder. "Alright, alright. I'm coming." He looked out the peephole and sighed. Opening the door, letting whoever was out there, in. Once I could see around him, I notice Mason, leaning against the doorframe. He looked all mused up. His eyes bloodshot and clothes wrinkles, he looked drunk if I'm being completely honest.

"Sean, h-how could y-you?" Mason slurred. I'm not positive what he was asking but I was 100% positive now that he was drunk as a damn skunk. Mason had yet to see me so he continued. "H-how could you be w-with A-Ava? You k-know I still l-love her." He hiccuped.

Say what now?

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