The "Sluts" POV

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Chapter 20

Mason just said he still loves me? Is he demented? Does he not remember cheating on me? With his now soon to be wife, no less. The nerve of him. You don't cheat on someone you love. That is just the way things are. There is no excuse that can justify sleeping with someone else while you are dating another person. None at all. No moment of weakness, or being too tempted. If you truly loved someone, there is just no fucking way that you could lay down and screw someone else. The nerve of him showing up like this, making these kind of accusations.

Regardless of the storm raging within me to kick this fucker in his baby maker, I refrained. Hearing Sean sigh before stating. "Mason, you are drunk. You need to go back to your hotel with Emma. Do you need a ride?" Mason pushed him back, stumbling slightly. "N-NO! You took h-her from me and you don't e-even care! H-how could you do t-this to you-you're own b-brother?" He yelled. Still not seeing me, even though I was standing in plain sight with my arms across my chest.

I didn't want to interfere with what is clearly something the brothers had to work out. I will just stand here to make sure nothing happens. Sean's face hardened. "No, Mason. I didn't take her from you, you cheated on her. You gave her up. You didn't realize her worth, I did. It is that simple." If they weren't fighting over me, I would have teared up at Sean's words. They struck a cord within me and I realized that I was falling harder and harder for him.

Mason scoffed. "Bullshit, Sean. E-every chance you got, you flirted with her while she was m-mine. You were ju-just jealous that she chose me!" Sean rolled his eyes before giving me a little smirk that Mason missed. "Maybe, but now she chooses me, and that is what really matters." Mason let out a low menacing noise before launching himself at his brother, tackling him to the floor, trying to throw a punch. Sean blocked it before flipping them over to where he could hold his brothers arms to his side, forcing him to stop. "Mason, that is enough! I'm calling your fiancee to come get you!" In that moment, Mason got one of his hands free, swinging it and connecting with Sean face. With Sean's surprise from the hit, it gave Mason the chance to roll him over to straddle him. I let out a gasp, unable to hold in my worry for Sean.

It was then when Mason noticed me, fist in the air, prepared to hit Sean again. When his eyes locked on mine, he let out a breath. "Ava." Before stumbling off of Sean, towards me. I stepped back, not wanting him to be near me. "Ava. I m-miss you." I shook my head before rushing around him to check on Sean, helping him to a standing position. "Are you okay?" I whispered. Sean reassured me that he was fine before stepping in front of me, blocking his brothers view of me. "Move, Sean." Mason huffed.

I didn't understand his desperation. It was as if the sight of me calmed him down, as if he thought that if I seen him and he confessed his feelings for me, I'd come crawling back to him. Well he was sadly mistaken. Sean refused. Before long, Mason's frustration came out. "Sean, just tell me why?" You could hear the desperation in his voice as he closed the distance between them. Sean tensed, not answering. Mason sniffed, holding back tears before groaning out, "Why, Sean?" Sean shook his head, turning to look at me before breathily saying. "Because I love her. Always have."

Shocked at Sean's confession. I stood, wide eyed and unblinking. He wasn't serious was he? He loves me? No, he said he always has? There is no way. I would have noticed, right? I know the past few months we spend together, feelings were bound to grow, hell mine for him has, but he said he has always loved me. He couldn't have possibly, right? Theres no way.

Sean pulled me into his embrace, tilting my chin up so I was staring into his bright eyes. "Ava, I love you. Please know that, and you don't have to say it back, hell I don't even care if you ever feel the same, as long as you're by my side. But I had to tell you how I feel." Tears threatened to fall from my eyes, and as much as I fought to keep them in, they pushed their way out and down my cheeks. Cupping Sean face in my hands, I kissed him lightly. "Sean, you make me so happy." I took a deep breath, holding eye contact. I can't say that I love him back because I'm not positive that I do. I need to figure out these feelings and process them. Is this love?

I know that I don't want him with anyone else, that the thought of him with someone else causes my heart to ache. I know that I don't want anyone else. I know that I am happy with him and he makes me smile and laugh. I know that things with him feel right. I don't want whatever this is that we have to end. I know we are getting married, and I never thought I would ever see the day that I would have a ring and a husband. But I can see it with Sean. I can see it with him. I can see us with a home with rustic decor, and a little boy that is the spitting image of him running around in our yard that is surrounded with a white picketed fence. I can see us happily laughing, with all of our friends, barbecuing, I can see us standing in front of our friends announcing that we are expecting another little baby and everyone being ecstatic. Is this love?

Sean looked at me with understanding before happiness shone brightly in his eyes. He wrapped me up in his arms, kissing me passionately, both of us forgetting all about Mason who thankfully has passed out on the couch. Once we pulled away from each other, we quietly made our way to Sean's room, laying down and cuddling into each other. "Ava, please don't let my confession scare you away. I know that you don't feel the same way, but maybe you'll learn to love me, in time. I just know I want to make you happy for as long as you'll let me." He placed a kiss at the top of my head before we snuggled up together.

I felt like I had to say something but I didn't know what to say. I've never felt this way. I've never had someone like Sean, let alone, baring his heart to me. I felt the need to reassure him that I was his and the feelings, even if I can't verbally speak them, were mutual. So I turned to the only thing I trusted to speak for me. The only thing I knew how to do, to get across my message. I rolled on top of him, kissing him deeply. Pouring every unspoken word, every emotion, into it. He kissed me back with the same intensity. And we made slow, passionate, intimate love. Wrapped in each others smells, treasuring each others bodies and dancing to the melody that we withdrew from each other.

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