The "Sluts" POV

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Chapter 24

The wedding reception started with a ton of congratulations. People were dancing and laughing and having a good time. Sean and I had our first dance and it was magical, just him and I and our new found titles for each other. Husband and wife. It was truly a wish come true to be in his arms, feeling secure and safe and loved. We talked about finding Evan, and leading him off to talk to him about the baby possibly being his. So while Sean, went to speak with some family member, I walked around in search of Evan.

Once I found him talking to some woman, I politely interrupted. "Hi, Evan. Thank you for coming. Can I speak to you for a moment?" He immediately excuses himself from the woman, offering me his arm, which I hesitantly took, before we took off walking around the garden. I made eye contact with Sean, telling him it was time, to which he held up a finger, lipping he will be a minute before he comes to find us. Evan lead us to a secluded bench before we both sat. Turning to me, he appraised me. Taking in the image of me in a wedding dress. "You look lovely, Ava. I can't lie, I'm a little jealous it wasn't me at the end of that alter waiting for you." I laughed lightly before turning to him. "Evan, I asked you here because there is something serious I need to talk to you about." He nodded before, taking my hand in his. "We were close friends at one point, Ava. While I know I ruined that, I hope you know you can still talk to me." I smiled at him, genuinely happy that things were fine between us.

He knows that I'm not holding a grudge against what happened. Hell, we all make mistakes. Laying my head gently on his shoulder, which caused him to give a light kiss on my head before tilting his head onto mine. I took a deep breath. "Evan, I'm pregnant... And it might be yours." I felt him tense before finally taking my head off his shoulder to assess him. He was shocked. Wide eyes and not breathing. I placed my hand on his back, rubbing gently. "Breathe, Evan. I'm not sure if it is yours. I'm about 10-12 weeks along. I slept with both you and Sean around that time." I paused, looking for the right words to say. "I won't blame you if you want nothing to do with it, if it is yours. You don't have to be involved, but I thought you should at least know." I trailed off, not able to continue to explain. Letting him process the information.

He stood up, pacing back and forth in front of me, running his hands through his hair. Taking deep breathes. I knew he would be shocked and I know it's a lot to handle, so I sat patiently. He took a few more minutes before kneeling down in front of me, taking my hands. "Okay. Okay. Ava, if it's mine, I'm in. I'm all in. I mean to co-parent. I didn't see having children this way but if this baby is mine-" He placed a hand on my stomach, "Then I want to be apart of it's life." Tears once again welled up in my eyes. Maybe it's the lack of sleep last night, or maybe its the hormones, but I was more emotional than normal today. When the tears started to fall, Evan pulled me in for a hug. "We will figure this out, Ava. We can make it work. Hell, in an odd way, if it is mine, I'm glad you're the mother and not some psycho."

We laughed at that, as I wiped my tears away. Sean finally found us, taking my hand and making sure I was okay. "I'm fine. I told him and he is okay with everything." Sean shook Evans hand. "I guess we will be seeing more of you. Although, no offense, I hope it's mine." We all laughed, before continuing to talk about how to find out who's baby it is. I told them about how I read up on it last night and there is a blood test that could detect who's baby it is, and it is the most non-invasive and safe test for the baby. They both agreed to do it once Sean and I return from out honeymoon, and we all made our way back to the party.

To say that today was overwhelming was an understatement. From telling Sean that I was pregnant, getting married and then telling Evan that I was pregnant, I am beat. I am ready for sleep. Sean sensing this, grabbed my hand and telling his best man, who I still haven't met or know the name of, and Liam that we were heading out. We swiftly got into his car and headed back to his place. On the ride home I asked. "So where are you taking me for our honeymoon?" He sighed before smirking over at me. "You don't like surprises do you?" I shook my head to answer him so he continued. "Fine, if you really must know, Hawaii." Excitement flooded my body and I leaned over to kiss him hungrily while we were stopped at a stop light. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" And we continued the car ride talking about other things.

We both agreed that we would house hunt after we return from the honeymoon, both ready to start our family with our dream home. Once back at Sean's, he stopped me at the door. "Tradition to carry the lady over the threshold, no?" Before picking me up and heading in. Laughing at his silly antics, I nuzzled my head into his neck, kissing and sucking on it lightly. He groan, while continuing to the bedroom, before sitting me down lightly. "You, my dear wife, are bad."

Smirking I slowly, unzipped my dress from the side, shimmying out of the material to reveal an all white laced bustier top and heart shaped garter with cheeky garter panties. His mouth opened slightly as he drank in the sight. The bulge in his white dress pants being really noticeable by now. "Yes, sir. I've been bad. Maybe you should punish me." He let out a low growl before stalking towards me. I fell back on the bed, scooting back to appear as if I was running away from him. He crawled up the bed, kissing up my legs and stomach, only stopping to swirl his tongue around the fabric over my nipples. Loosening his tie, he gathered my wrists in his hand, tying the tie around them and connecting the other end of the tie to the headboard. "You will be a good girl for me, won't you Ava baby?"

I nodded breathlessly. before I felt his fingers skimming over my body. Making my need to feel him consume me. Pulling on the bondage, trying to touch him. He tutted. "Ah ah, Mrs. Morgan." He lowered his face to line up with my pelvis, kissing along the top of my panties before pulling them down, wasting no time in plunging his tongue deep within me. I moaned out, bucking my hips up to give him more access. He groaned against me, pleased at my action as he gripped my ass firmly. Moving it around, to where he was rocking my hips into his hungry mouth. I needed more. I needed him. "Sean. Please." He peaked at me, still continuing his work with his tongue, not breaking eye contact. As if to tell me, Sean isn't here right now. I groaned. "S-sir. Please, I need you."

Grinning against my sensitive bud, he gave it one last kiss before, flinging his clothes off, and crawling to hover over me. "Tell me what you want Ava." Talk about deja vu, but never mind that, I complied. "I want you to make love to me, Sir." He nibbled on the crook of my neck before humming his acceptance of my words. The vibrations of that sending shocks through me, drawing a gasp from my lips to which Sean muffled with his own soft ones. He connected our hips, moving slowly, in and out. Taking his time. We were in no rush, we were just loving each other. Yanking on my hands that are still tied together, I groaned in frustration. I craved to run my hands over him. He must have read my mind because he reached up, still continuing with his agonizingly slow pace, and untied them. As soon as they were free, I tangled one into his hair while the other ran down his back. He shuttered at my touch, making me smirk into his lips. He began to pick up speed. Digging deeper and harder. Grunting in satisfaction, while I moaned and hummed into his ear.

Before either of us could come, I uttered. "I love you, Mr. Morgan." to which he replied, "I love you too, Mrs. Morgan." While we both were rewarded with our sweet awaited release.

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