The "Sluts" POV

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Chapter 2

That night at the party, I wore a silver surplice wrap ruched sequins bodycon dress that complimented my tan skin and dark hair. Along with it, I wore a pair of black pumps that my mother bought for me when she went to Paris for a work conference.

Normally, I would stick with jeans and a sweater or t-shirt. I never tried to dress to impress or dress to show off my curves. But due to recent events, I wanted to go all out, thanks to the many gifts my mother brings back for me from her work trips. She works in fashion so she always brings me luxurious clothes that show off my body. Before that night, I would have never wore a single thing she gave me.
Stepping into the party, it was in full swing. Drunk teenager were littering the house while the music was pumping through, loud enough that you would think the house was shaking. There were girls and guys grinding on each other in the living room where a makeshift dance floor was created, along with couples standing along the stairs leading up to the bedrooms making out and damn near having sex.
Heading to the kitchen I grabbed a drink and found Ruby, Gemma and Liam. As soon as I walked to them, their jaws dropped. Speechless at my sudden wordrobe change, I couldn't help but smirk. Liam whistled lowly. "Damn girl, you look absolutely delectable."
Liam was super cute, the only downfall was he is completely and utterly gay. Not many people but his close friends know, he is still terrified of how his parents will react, so he keeps it on the DL. But like, come on. It's 2015, he should be able to love who he loves, no judgement. Or should I say get fucked over by whatever gender he wishes to.
Maybe I'm still a little bitter over getting cheated on, whatever. Ruby and Gemma were nodding their head in agreement when Ruby took ahold of my arm. "I swear we didn't know about Mason and Emma. I'm so sorry. He is such a piece of shit for doing this to you. I just want you to know that we all decided to stick with you. We are here for you."
Wrapping my arms around her, and then following to hug the rest of them. "Thank you guys. Honestly, I'm just looking to get laid tonight. If he can fuck around on me while we were together and tell that bitch that I was just a friend, surely I deserve to have a night to just let loose myself."
They all nodded, understanding in their expressions. Liam handed all of us a shot to which we took together, followed by two more. "Everyone here can't stop looking at you, Ava. You seriously look so hot." Gemma hollered to be heard over the music.
My eyes scanned the crowd and they were indeed all on me. Sneaking glances and muttering to their friends. There were approval and lustful looks from the guys and curiosity and some jealous looks from the girls. I didn't give a fuck. Let them think what they want.
Still scanning the area, my eyes connected with Mason. He was staring back at me with what looked like longing and regret. He had Aaron and Ted next to him basically eye fucking me, and Emma sitting on his lap. Feeling like a bad bitch, either because of the attention I'm getting or the alcohol, I shot him a flirty wink and turned away.
Sean, Mason's brother, caught my eye. Mason and Sean aren't really that close but they are not enemies. I plan to change that, call it a little bitchy revenge, I don't care. Sean has always flirted with me through the years that I've been with Mason. I found it weird and uncomfortable at the time, but knew it was just harmless.
Sauntering over to him, I stopped in front of him, perhaps a little to close but I brushed it off as necessary with the music so loud. Sean’s eyes scanned me up and down, wide with desire. Sean was tall, muscular and very very handsome. Him and Mason are technically half brothers, they have different mothers, but they still had a brotherly bond to a certain extent.
"Dance with me." I demanded, biting my lip, looking up at him through my lashes. His eyes landing on my lips, watching me suck it into my mouth and chew on it. His eyes flickered up to Mason, tempting me to do the same but I refrained. When his attention landed on me again, understanding coated his features, before he took my hand and led me to the center of the floor.
Spinning me around, he pulled my back to his front, leaving no room for air. He circled his arm around me resting one hand on my hip and the other on my stomach and started grinding to the beat. I followed his lead, leaving one hand to rest on top of his that was on my hip and lifted my other one to slid into his hair.
"I'm guessing you and Mason broke up. And I'm also guessing it's because of the little girl sitting on his lap. Which brings me to believe you're doing this for revenge." His statements were just that, statements. It was no question about it and he knew very well what I was doing. His lips were right by my ear, causing me to shudder at his breath tickling my ear.
I nodded to answer his questions, even though I know he didn't need my confirmation. "I know I shouldn't, but I've wanted you since the first time he brought you home. So I'm okay with you using me." Before his last word was out of his mouth he was spinning me around, planting his lips on mine.
Sean was a very good kisser. All I've ever known was Mason but damn Sean was better. He tasted of alcohol, but his tongue massaged mine in a technique that was perfectly skilled. It took us a few moments to pull away to catch our breathes and when I did, I chanced a glance at Mason. He was seething, jaw clenched and hands in fists. He caught my eye and I smirked, before pulling Sean down so I could whisper in his ear. "Let's get out of here then."
Wasting no time, Sean grabbed my hand, leading me up the stairs, to his locked bedroom. Once unlocked, and inside, Sean pushed me against the closed door, re-locking it in the process. Capturing my lips with his. Running my fingers up his torso I quickly pulled his shirt up over his head and resumed kissing. Sean ran his hands down my body gliding between my thighs, coming in contact with my soaking wet core.
His hands feel amazing on me and I am super surprised by how turned on I am. He was rubbing me through the thin fabric of my underwear, drawing a moan from my lips. Sean let out a low groan before gripping my ass and hoisting me up, wrapping my legs around him. He walked over to the bed, gently laying me down and crawling on top of me, dropping soft kisses along my throat.
"I've wanted this for a long time. I can't wait to taste you. I'm positive that you taste every bit as good as you look." His voice husky, as he skimmed over my body, sinking down in between my thighs. His fingers played with the band of my panties before sliding them off. Sean trailed kisses up my thighs, stopping to meet my eyes. He gave me a smirk before plunging his tongue in my core.
Holy fucking balls. His tongue worked me like a guitar. Flicking, sucking and swirling all the right places to draw out the moans and pants from my lips. If there were any doubts I was having about doing this with him, they vanished in that moment. Moments go by and I could feel myself climbing to the top of that metaphorical mountain. To the peak of ecstasy. Before I jumped over the edge, Sean entered a finger, curling in a come here motion, hitting my g-spot every single time.

"Cum for me, baby." Sean commanded and I obliged. Shaking and convulsing before him with his mouth still on me. Sucking up all of my juices, not missing a drop. That was amazing and I haven't even seen his cock yet.

I figured I would return the favor. That is the one thing I never done for Mason so it seems fitting that I do it for his brother. I took ahold of the loops of his pants, yanking him to sit down beside me. He was watching me with hooded eyes, eagerness evident on his expression. I gave him a quick kiss on the lips, tasting myself on him, before heading south.

Pulling his pants and boxers down, I gap at his size, he is very well endowed. Mason was not this blessed. Taking him in my hand, I begin to pump up and down, squeezing slightly. Bending down, I shot out my tongue to test the waters, his groan encouraged me to keep going. Taking the tip of him into my mouth, I began to bob my head taking more and more in until I couldn't any more.

His groans and breaths were continuous, letting me know it felt good. I could feel his muscles tightening, bringing him close to the edge. Before he could cum, I stood up. He wasted no time in unzipping my dress and taking my bra off in one swift motion. Laying me back down on the bed, he pulled out a condom from the bed side table, rolling it onto his impressive length.

Taking his place, he presses against my opening, gently pushing himself in. Gasping at how fucking good he felt, I heard him groan. "Damn, Ava. You're so fucking tight." Moaning into his ear, encouraging him to keep pumping in and out. This felt so affectionate, he is making me feel cherished, something Mason really never did.

Not able to take how this felt too much like "making love" I flipped him over and climbed on top, taking things into my own hands. Sean sat up, taking one of my nipples into his mouth, sucking and swirling. He was holding me so tight against him while helping me bounce on top of him.

I felt that familiar build up, telling me that I was close, and if his grunts and moans were anything to go by, I knew Sean was too. He kissed up my neck, along my jaw until his lips met mine. "Oh, Sean." I breathed out breathlessly, closing my eyes.

"Open your eyes, Ava. Fuck.--I wanna see your eyes while you cum for me." Groaning I complied, causing us both to go over the edge, still clinging onto each other.

We stayed like that for a few moments, neither of us wanting the night to end and too amazed by how good we felt together. He held me as if he didn't want me to leave and if I'm being honest I didn't want to. So before we could pull away reluctantly, my lips met his, sending us into another hot session.

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