The "Sluts" POV

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Chapter 3

Sean and I spent the rest of the night together. I knew that I probably shouldn't have spent the night, considering I'm in no fucking position to get attached to anyone right now. But something about Sean and the way he took his time, the way he caressed me and made love to me, led me to believe that maybe this felt like something more to him too.

But fuck, I can't do that. I can't get attached to anyone right now. I just got my heart broken and I'm going to live for and with myself for a while. I'm sure it was just some sort of fantasy come true for Sean. So that morning when I woke, I snuck out of his house, leaving him asleep.

That was hands down the best night of my life and that is saying something considering that yesterday was hell. Because I took an uber to the party last night, I had no choice but to walk back home. It wasn't a horrible walk maybe 2 miles, but something I wasn't about to do in heels. Taking them off, I started my journey, remembering the events of last night.

I was so far in thought I didn't realize the blue BMW M4, pulled over to the side a little in front of me. I kept walking, not in the fucking mood to deal with him at the moment. "Ava. We need to talk."

Rolling my eyes, "No, we do not Mason." I walked past him, not before he grabbed my elbow, turning me to face him. My expression bored, I looked up at him. Waiting, mostly impatiently, for him to speak. He seemed to be searching for the right words. I shrugged his hand off of me and turned around to continue my walk. I don't owe him anything, so why should I let him explain.

"Ava, please. We were together for almost 3 years, please just talk to me." My blood started to boil. 3 years? Yeah, sure. He's still counting the time he spent fucking around behind my back with that whore. I turned to face him, and he continued, not catching the look I was shooting at him.

"Did you fuck my brother? Because if you did, we can work past it. I mean its pretty fucking gross to think you slept with the both of us but we don't have to tell people. We can go back to the way we were, think of our friends. We can't make them choose between us. Everything can go back to what it's suppose to be." He was rambling, he always did that when he was angry.

Stepping towards him, I pushed him up against his car, slinking my arms around his neck and bending my knee to rub his thigh. Putting on my most seductive voice. "What do you want, Mason? Are you saying you regret Emma? That you want to be with me again.... To fuck me again?" Running my nose along his throat as I whispered. I could feel him shudder, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me against him.

It was then that I looked over his shoulder to see Emma and some girl I don't know, walking down the street. "Prove it." I said softly, nibbling on his ear. He groaned, before crashing his lips onto mine and spun me around so he pinned me against his car. I couldn't help but think that Sean was so much better.

Pulling back, I pushed him away. " I did fuck your brother. All fucking night long, probably one of the best nights I've ever had. He's definitely got a lot more on you. As for us getting back together, yeahhhh not going to happen. Have a good day Masey." He was stood still, shocked at my words. I blew him a kiss before walking off, passing a crying Emma and her friend, shooting a wink before rounding the corner.

I know that it was definitely a bitch move but it felt so damn liberating. Those two days changed me, in what I think a good way. The following school year I hooked up with maybe 3 other guys, all on the football team, but all fine as hell. The entire year, Mason texted me and tried to get me back. But to no avail.

Every time Emma would pass me in the hall or had class with me, I made sure to shoot her a smug smile and if Mason had the same class, I’d flirt relentlessly with him, to which he reciprocated. She was always livid. I remembered one day I “accidentally” tripped the bitch. It felt good to knock her on her ass, I’m not even going to lie.

I was living my best life. Every once in a while, thinking back to Sean, but we never did see each other again. Sure there were rumors about me sleeping with a ton of people, I let them talk. Not really bothered with any of it. Ruby, Gemma and Liam were with me through it all, not judging a bit and sometimes even trying to pursuade me to hook up with someone.

I won't lie, one of the guys I did fuck was a guy that I knew Emma liked and was trying to get with. Call it revenge, call it just plaid petty, I did not give a damn.

College flew by in a blur. It turned out that Liam and I were going to the same college so we lived together, and continued to do so after college. We found the most beautiful condo right next to the beach. Ruby and Gemma went in their separate directions but we all lived close enough to still meet up for dinners, and to go out clubbing together.

I started my new job the Monday after we moved in, I was an interior designer and a damn good one at that. With my mother's traveling, any time she had a colleague that mentioned something about decorating, she would mention me. Of course they all jumped at the chance to give me business to please her, but they were never disappointed.

Liam is working at a magazine company doing god knows what, I think he was an editor. Still so proud of him, and we went out dancing when he got accepted for the job. It is now nearing Valentines Day and you would be fucking surprised how often people change their decor this time of year. It's like, they don't have a spouse so they splurge on themselves to make them feel better.

Not that I could talk because I've swore off relationships. There is this one guy at work, Evan, but we both knew we were strictly fuck buddies so most likely we will be together that night. Nothing romantic, just him and me in the bedroom.

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