The "Sluts" POV

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Chapter 4

Evan is dominating in the bedroom, he has made it a point to let me know that he likes kinky stuff and is into BDSM. When we first slept together, I loved how he took control and it wasn't passionate, it was just what we both needed at the time. Nothing romantic, nothing lovey dovey, just fucking. Dirty, rough fucking. I say dirty because it was in the club bathroom. Some work celebration that ended with us having this little arrangement.

When he first told me about BDSM, I was lost. Never heard about most of it, but I wasn't opposed to light play, and being introduced to some things. It pleases both of us. Some nights we will forget the foreplay and go straight to the point, other nights I let Evan do what he does best. Dominate.

Evan hasn't found the right sub, yet. Not from lack of opportunities, lord knows he has women falling over themselves to be the one he picks. He just has a particular taste in women, and hasn't found one that appeals to his interests. So until he does, he is stuck with me. He explained that it revolves around trust between a Dom and sub. That without it, it wouldn't work.

So I trusted him, we both knew what the relationship was about, and we were friends above all of it. It was simple and easy. We are not exclusive, and if we want to fuck other people, we could. It was more of, if one of us needed relief, we found it in each other.

Smiling as I walked into work, I was greeted by a few of the girls, to which I kindly returned, heading into my office. Shortly after taking a seat and booting up my computer, a knock sounded at my door. A red headed girl, known as Lilly, popped her head in. "Hey, boss wants to see you." She ended the sentence with an eye roll.

Smirking while standing , I made my way to his office, tapping twice before entering and shutting the door gently behind me. "You wanted to see me, Sir." I sauntered over to the desk, not bothering to sit down. Evan smirked back at me, patting his lap. "Come here."

I obeyed, sitting down on his lap as he spoke. " I called you in because I need you to go down to that new hotel that was just built and see if they would like to partner with us, more specifically you. I already have the appointment made, so you just need to agree." He was rubbing my back up and down.

I was speechless, a whole hotel, and he wanted me to design it? Damn, I am so stoked! He must have knew what I was thinking because he was smiling genuinely at me. Wrapping my arm around him, hugging him as thanks, "I won't disappoint you, Sir."

He groaned, "Ava baby, you know how crazy you make me when you call me that?" Nuzzling his nose in my hair. I could feel the bulge in his trousers growing, making me wiggle a bit. "I know, thats why I do it. Sir." Biting my lip seductively.

Growling, he pushed me off his lap, bending me over his desk and lifting my skirt to show my ass. Rubbing it softly, "You're being a bad girl, Ava. You know what happens to bad girls?" I could feel the immediate flood between my legs in reaction to his deep sexy voice. "They get punished, Sir."

"Yes. I want you to count out loud for me. Understand?" I nodded, not able to find my voice in that moment. Yelping when he smacked my ass. "Answer me, Ava."

"Yes, Sir. I understand." I all by moaned out. I could feel him rubbing my ass again as he told me to start counting. Laying a smack again on the reddening area of my ass.

"One, Sir." I panted. We continued like that until he got to 6 before shifting my underwear and plunging a finger into my soaked core. Wrapping his other arm around to cover my mouth with his other hand. With us being in the office, we had to keep our voices down, even though Evan soundproofed his office, we weren't taking any chances.

"Please, Sir. I want you." I couldn't control myself. Evan and I worked good together, sexually of course. My body yearned for him. He is the first person I've felt this sort of attraction to since Sean.

If I hadn't swore off serious relationships, I'm sure Evan and I would be more serious. Hell I might even consider being his permanent sub. But that isn't the way I work, at least not anymore.

I hear Evan unzipping his pants, before he thrust into me without warning. "Damn, baby. So wet." We continued like that until we both were beyond satisfied, and breathing hard. After, we were both dressed again, and fixed up, Evan checked the time. "Shit, Ava. You have 30 minutes to get to the hotel for your meeting."

Nodding my head, I gave him a quick peck on the cheek before heading to my office to collect my bag and everything I'll need for the meeting and left the building. Traffic wasn't too heavy but it was more than enough to make me walk in the building right on time.

Early is on time and, being on time, meant late. I will seriously have to grovel and apologize profusely if I want to make this deal. The inside was bare. White walls, barely any chairs or desks, and the area that would make a perfect hotel restaurant was bare. I walked up to the small desk, with a pretty blonde sitting behind it. "Hi, my name is Ava Mongomery. I have an appointment with Mr.-" Before I could finish, the girl interrupted.

"Mr. Morgan is waiting for you, down the hall to the left and the last door on your right." Nodding, not giving her any more of my time, I turned and followed her directions. Walking down the long hallway, there was no pictures, not one detail that screamed "Home away from home" so I know I have my work cut out for me if they choose to sign a contract.

Making it to the door, I knock twice, hearing a deep voice that sent shocks right down between my thighs. Damn, that was sexy. Shaking my head to clear my mind, and put on my professional mindset, I opened the door.

Walking in, I immediately tried to correct my tardiness. "Hello, Mr. Morgan. My name is Ms. Montgomery and I apologize that I am late. I do hope you will still like to speak with me."

I knew I was talking fast. I always did in the beginning of meeting before I could feel on if the client was leaning towards signing with our company. I spoke all of that before I even shut the door completely, and turned around.

However, when I turned around, there stood the one man I never thought I was ever going to see again. The man that made me forget how to breathe and the one who still has a certain effect on me that I just cannot explain. Who might that man be, you may ask?

Well, none other than the man that has been plaguing my mind for years, Sean.

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