The "Sluts" POV

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Chapter 5

Breathe Ava, Breathe. I took a second to see if he by any chance notices who I am, but he remained completely cryptic. "Please, take a seat, Ms. Montgomery." He was sat behind a big oak desk, with papers scattered across it in an organized manner.

There was two black comfortable looking chairs, so I took the seat closest to me. Placing my bag on my lap. I couldn’t stop thinking about the night Sean and I shared. While it may have started with bad intentions, it ended up being everything I needed.
Skimming over him, I couldn't help but notice that he looked almost exactly the same as he did in high school. He was more built, you could tell by the straining of his button up shirt. He had short stubble and his hair was a bit longer but other than that, the same. He looked sexy as hell, if I'm being 100% honest with myself.
"So, Ms. Montgomery. Why were you late? Isn't this a meeting for you to convince me to sign with your company? Being tardy is not a great first impression." He sat back in his chair, looking at me with a smug look on his face. Wow, his looks may have stayed the same but his attitude sucks now.
"Mr. Morgan, I do apologize for not being punctual. However, if you hear my case, and look at a bit of the work I've done, I'm certain that you will be more than pleased with what I can do for you." He raised a perfect eyebrow at me, looking over me as if to check if I'm really as good as I'm claiming to be.
"And what exactly do you think you can do for me?" He replied. I didn't miss the double meaning to his question but I decided to reply in the most professional way I could. "I could turn your hotel into everything you never knew you wanted it to be."
He seemed pleased with the way I was handling myself, but I'm sure he didn't miss the slight tint of pink to my cheeks when he smothered me with that hot gaze of his. He finally agreed to look over my portfolio and talk with me about the plans I had for his hotel. All and all by the end of our meeting, I was more than positive he was going to sign with our company.
"Thank you Mr. Morgan, for making time to meet with me. I hope you do decide to sign with us. I look forward to hearing from you." I stood as he rounded his desk. Sticking my hand out for him to shake. He grasped it firmly, tilting my hand up to kiss the back of it.
Smooth Sean, real smooth. Mentally eye rolling, I shook off the images of his lips on other parts of my body, before turning to leave. His grip on my hand didn't loosen, however, as he continued to hold it. "Yes. Thank you, Ava." Freezing in my spot, I never told him my first name.
That little shit. He remembers me. I knew he couldn't have been completely oblivious to the tension between us. Turning slowly to face him again, and by face him I mean his damn chest because he was a lot taller than I remembered. My eyes found his, my chest rising and falling quicker as the shock overtook me, and all I could manage was a "You remember?"
He smirked, stepping even closer to me while never breaking eye contact. "Of course, Ava. You're not easily forgotten." Sean reached up and brushed his knuckles across my cheek, causing me to unconsciously lean into him. He bent down and placed a feather of a kiss on the side of my mouth, before pulling away completely. Heading back to sit behind his desk.
"Tell your boss, we will sign with your company and I want you personally to bring the contract by when it's done. Have a good day, Ms. Montgomery." I could do nothing but nod in response prior to leaving his office and heading back to mine.
The way my body was buzzing was as if I just drank a fifth of vodka, or took a hit of some very good weed. The way my body reacts to his renders me speechless. After all these years, I still feel the same pull to him that I did that night. That same attraction. It was a rush to be with him that night because I knew that it would only be one night.
But now that we have entered each others lives again, I couldn't help but think, does that have to be the only night? Could I possibly revisit the lust and the rush of being with him? Could we reenact it, and still have the no strings attached that we did back then?
Quit it, Ava. He probably doesn't even want you like that. You were a one night stand for him as much as he was for you. Plus he probably has a girlfriend or a wife... Although I didn't see a ring. Regardless, we are now working together, so nothing can come of it.
And that is that.
Seans POV
The moment she walked into my office, I knew who she was. I mean you can't just forget someone like her. Those legs, her eyes and those sexy as hell lips. She was every mans wet dream and I was fortunate to have a night with her.
But I want more. I want her again and I didn't realize how bad I did until I seen her. My cock ached for her, and my brain couldn't get the images of her naked body under me, moaning my name, out of my head.
I know for a fact that with us working together that it will be difficult for me to ignore this attraction to her. But did I really want to ignore it? The honest truth, hell fucking no. I want her.
I want her as bad, if not worse, then I did back then. Back then I wanted her maybe because she was forbidden. Maybe because she was Mason's girlfriend and it would have been wrong for me to be with her, or maybe because she was the most beautiful girl I ever laid eyes on.
But now. Oh, but now, there is nothing stopping me. I will have her in my bed again. Mark my damn words. I will have her screaming my name all throughout the night. The only difference will be I won't let her wake up and walk out of my life this time.
I know for a damn fact that one more night won't be nearly enough time for me to ravish her the way that I want to. To properly memorize every curve, every sensitive spot on her entire body. I believe I can get my fill of her during the duration of the interior remodeling. It will be several months at least, and I intend to get what I want.
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