The "Sluts" POV

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Chapter 7

Getting ready for the club, I put on a red strapless dress with a silver sequence strap under the bodice with the material under the strap fanning out and flowing freely to reach mid thigh. I paired the dress with some black pumps and curled my hair. I felt like dressing in the colors of the holiday even though I couldn't give less of a damn about it.

Walking out the the living room, Liam was waiting patiently with a line of shots in front of him. Laughing I went over and gestured to them. "You taking them all yourself, or are you sharing?" He slid half of them over to me, smirking as he counted to three.

We downed them flawlessly, before heading out to some club I've never been to before. It was packed and by the time we got to the bar, Liam has already caught the attention of a few different men, all who have stopped him and asked for his number or to dance.

Liam always receives so much attention every time we come out, it was actually surprising he hasn't been snatched up yet, but I like to think he is like me and just wants to live life for a while. Not that I didn't get attention, but I am not as hard to please. Especially when alcohol is involved.

Ordering our drinks, I began to bounce to the beat of the music, while Liam was talking to another guy that has approached him. This guy was cute, he was dark with big brown eyes and amazing taste in fashion. They were laughing about something and I had a feeling this is the guy that Liam will decide to to bring home tonight.

Turning back to the bar to see the cute bartender sliding me my drink. Saying my thanks, I walked off the the dance floor, swinging my hips and getting lost in the music. My mind wanted to wonder to my situation with Evan. Do I tell him I'm ready for more?

I don't even know if I'm able to commit to something again. I'm fucking terrified to get hurt. I mean to put your all into someone to only turn around and have them toss it right back into your face. To make a mockery of you. I just don't know if I can do it.

Downing the rest of my drink, I continued to dance, letting the worries wash away. I'll have to revisit these contemplations later, possibly when there isn't alcohol clouding my judgement. Looking over, I found Liam dancing with Mr. tall dark and handsome.

Rolling my eyes, I made my way back to the bar and took a seat. Ordering another drink, I pulled out my phone while I waited. I had a text from Evan, so I opened it. Going to that club I told you about. If you need me, just let me know. I'll come to you. Biting my lip, I knew what he was insinuating. He is going to look for a sub.

I'm so confused on if he wants more from me or not. Earlier his eyes held hope, as if he wanted more than just sex from me, but now. Now I don't know. Why would he go looking if he was wanting me? Typing a quick, Good luck. I put my phone back in my purse and waited for my drink.

Taking a look at the bartender, I couldn't help but notice his boyish charm. He was cute, Blonde hair and playful blue eyes. He definitely looked like he recieved a lot of attention. Smiling at him while he set 2 drinks down in front of me, pointing at a man down the other side of the bar. "These are on that gentleman, beautiful."

I could barely see who the man was, but I smiled in that direction anyways. Turning the seat around, I started drinking one of the two drinks, while watching Liam, now making out with the man. Chuckling, he is such a slut sometimes.

Feeling someone take the spot beside me, I turned slightly to be met with a pair of golden orbs that were all too familiar. Not willing to be the first to talk, I waited. However, he didn't mutter anything, he just sat there, staring at me with a smirk dancing on his lips.

"Why are you staring, Sean?" I muttered. I was starting to feel self conscious under his gaze. He tilted his head to the side, making him look like an adorable puppy, before leaning closer. "You're incredibly stunning."

Damn him. Damn him and everything about him. I just want to pull him to me and feel his lips on mine because I'm 100% positive that he will feel just as good, if not better than he did back then. Biting my lip to stop myself from doing what I really want to do, I downed the rest of the first drink.

Sean stood up, coming impossibly close to me, and whispered the one sentence that I once upon a time spoke to him. "Dance with me." He didn't give me time to answer however because he pulled me up by my hands and led me to the dance floor, in between the rest of the sweaty bodies that bounced together.

Coming to a small opening, he pulled me to him. He placed my hands around his neck, well as much as he could since he was so tall, and placed his around my waist. He had one leg between mind and we started grinding together. I couldn't help but notice that we fit perfectly against each other.

His smell was wrapping around me, overwhelming my senses. His cologne smelled of citrus and tobacco, and it was so intoxicating. I tilted my head up, looking into his eyes I couldn't get an accurate reading on what he was feeling. But in that moment, the way our bodies were moving I could only imagine he was feeling the same as me.

So, as if to remake the first night we spent together, I figured I would jokingly muttered what I said to him all those years ago. "Let's get out of here."

Before I could fully comprehend what was truly happening, he was dragging me to the door, and we were off, to make another memorable night that neither of us will be able to forget.

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