The "Sluts" POV

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Chapter 8

Sean all but dragged me out of the club into a car that was already waiting. As soon as we took our seats in the back, we were all over each other. Kissing heatedly, hands roaming shamelessly. What I meant as a joke, was actually happening.

We were revisiting the past and I am too turned on to overthink anything. I couldn't care less in that moment. The thought of being with Sean again is exhilarating. All too soon the car was stopping, and I realized we were outside a super fancy apartment building that faced the ocean. It was beautiful.

Without a second thought, I climbed out behind Sean and let him lead me to an elevator. After we were in, he pressed me up against the wall and continued to place torturous kisses down my neck until he got to the one spot that drove me fucking nuts. I moaned out, tugging on his hair and slamming my lips onto his.

Even though it has been years, I can tell he can remember all of the spots that I'm most sensitive at. And I would be willing to bet money that he planned on using that knowledge against me. Not that I’m complaining one damn bit. His lips felt so good on mine, and the reaction that we had to each other was unreal. It’s like our bodies were programmed to know what the other wanted and how to please each other.

Every little place his fingers skimmed over, ever place that his breath glided over left tingles behind that only happens when I’m with Sean. I barely noticed when the elevator stopped and he walked backwards, pulling me with him, our lips still locked and our tongues battling for dominance.

He finally pulled away for a moment only to unlock the door. I took that time to glance around and noticed it was one of two doors on this floor. Once inside, it was breathtaking with floor to ceiling windows and black leather furniture. However, I barely got a decent look around because Sean came behind me and picked me up bridal style and walked down a hallway to what I soon found out was his bedroom.

He had a large California king bed in the center of the far wall covered with dark grey satin. Sean gently laid me down in the middle of the bed and stood up at the foot of it, staring down at me for a moment. Now don’t ask me why, but in that exact moment I was feeling shy? I’m never shy when I hook up with someone. What the fuck is my problem. Biting my lip, I tried to mentally shake the nerves away and pump myself up. You’ve got this, Ava. You’re hot and you look hella good in this dress.

I unzipped my dress, keeping my eyes glued on him. Sean groaned as my bra covered breast were uncovered, pulling his shirt over his head with a predatory gleam in his eyes. Slowly, he climbed up, crawling over me and pulled my dress the rest of the way off. He gently grabbed each of my legs and pulled my heels off. Hands on my ankles, he gradually inched them up, causing goosebumps to litter my body.

Something about his touch told me that he is going to take his time, and I was perfectly okay with that. It took me by surprise when he leaned over me taking my lips in a light kiss before asking in a deep lust filled voice, “Are you sure this is what you want?” God he is so sexy. The simple fact of a man making sure it was consensual is so fucking appealing to me.

“Yes, Sean. I want you inside of me please.” I was aching and I knew the only thing that could subside the ache was him. I could care less how desparate that sounds. Sean growled before kissing me as desperately as I felt. Like a man stranded in the desert that finally came across water, and I was the water in the scenario.

His hand slid up the inside of my thigh and immediately found my dripping wet center. He rubbed in soft circles, teasing me, bringing out soft moans from within me. His lips leaving mine and soon latched onto my left nipple, sucking and licking and grazing his teeth over it. I slid my hands down his toned abdomen and found the top of his pants. Working the belt and soon pushed his pants, along with his boxers, down as far as I could reach before taking him in my hand.

He gasped out as soon as I made contact with his throbbing cock. Giving me the perfect opportunity to shove my tongue in his mouth, exploring as if it’s new territory. He moaned out as my hand worked him, up and down. Hearing a ripping sound, I looked down to see that he just tore my panties completely off.

Normally I would be a little mad, but that shit turned me on so fucking much I couldn’t help but guide his member to where my enterance was. Silently begging him to fuck me. His lips landed back on mine before he moved off of me entirely, leaving me confused and burning with desire. My eyes followed him, watching as he pulled out a condom from his bedside table, slowly sheathing it onto him, watching me with hooded eyes. Licking his lips, he climbed back on top of me and pushed at my enterance.

I sucked on his neck as he inches his way in, gasping at the fact that I had long forgotten how blessed he was. He was stretching me and it felt so damn good. Once completely in, we were both panting. Sean dropped his head to the crook of my neck. Placing small kisses while giving my body a moment to adjust to his size. “Damn, baby. I forgot how tight you were.”

I moaned into his ear, his voice was so deep it sent shocked right down to my pussy. Sean finally began to move, moaning softly into my neck. My eyes rolled back as I clutched onto his back. “Please!” Was all I could get out. “Please what, baby? Tell me what you want, Ava.” He was torturing me with his pace, driving me wild.

“Please- fuck- Sean, please. Faster.” Groaning he obliged. Going faster, it felt amazing. “Sean baby, harder! Oh... Please!” Cursing he grabbed the back of my neck, wrapping me in his arms as he started pounding into me, faster and harder as I screamed out. Gasping, I felt that all too familiar pressure building.

A few more thrusts and he became erratic, as we both were pushed over the edge, my body convulsing and his cock jerking as we both reached our orgasms. We remained in each other’s arms for a few moments after trying to get our labored breathing settled.

He pulled out of me gently, throwing the condom into the garbage can on the opposite side of the bed, then coming back to pull me into his chest. That was amazing and my body was still humming. It’s as if I can’t get enough of him. I thought maybe if I just revisited this with him I’d be done with thinking about him, but we literally just finished and all I wanted was to do it again and again and again.

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