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This unexpected change in weather managed to turn my mood around badly. I can't deny that I love rain, but when you have no place to dry up in after enjoying the raindrops as they pelt down against your skin, you can't help but dread the rainy days. But, I guess I'm somewhat lucky, for the rain didn't decide to fall while I was making my way to 'The Heaven'. And, as soon as I came to a stop in front of the store's door, I felt the first drop of rain fall onto my skin, and for the first time in my life, I looked up and made a wish before opening the door and stepping into a store that could help in deciding my fate. ------------ Leila is a teenager who has nothing at all, yet alone have anything to lose. After getting thrown out of the orphanage, that her mother left her in as a baby, on her eighteenth birthday, she has to make a living for herself out of her high school diploma and what little money she has saved over the years. Will Leila be able to go against all the obstacles that get thrown her way in order to improve her life? Or, will she have to be forever miserable and homeless? She has only one hope and that hope could be her only chance at survival.

Drama / Adventure
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The woman hid in the shadows of the darkness that loomed around her while holding her precious new born baby in her arms. She really didn’t want to do this, yet she had to, for how could she care for her baby when she didn’t even know how to care for herself.

It was all too complicated, and she wasn’t mentally ready to take care of a baby. So, after searching for the best orphanage in the next town over, here she was standing in front of it. Without a second thought, she quickly put the baby in front of the orphanage’s door, then she took out a pen and a piece of paper and wrote down the girl’s date of birth along with her name.

It was the first name that came to her mind when she first held the baby. She wanted to add a last name though she just couldn’t. How could she give the girl a last name when she’s abandoning her?

Attaching the tag to the baby’s hand, she took one last look at her before wiping the tear that fell out of her eye and turning around to go home. Hearing the girl’s quiet cries tore at her heart, but this was her only choice right now. However, she just couldn’t leave the baby alone in this darkness, so with doubts clouding her thoughts, she turned around and decided to sit with her daughter until the light of the day started appearing.

However, the more time she spent with her baby, the more it pained her, as she knew that it was only a matter of time before she had to leave. So, when the dark sky started to brighten up, she stood up, and in a moment of weakness, she decided to leave a small picture of herself with the tag she attached to her baby’s hand even though she knew that this was a big mistake. Turning around, she suppressed her sobs and disappeared into what little darkness there was before the beams of the sun started appearing and with that, the mother was gone along with the darkness.

Feeling the loss of her mother’s warmth, the baby started crying loudly as if she could feel that there was something wrong, as if she was begging her mom to come back; however, her mom was unfortunately too far away to hear her baby’s desperate cries.

And, this was the beginning of the story of the girl whose mom left at an orphanage’s door in the middle of the night. This was just the beginning of Leila’s story.

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