The Three Kings

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In an alternate 1960s America, crime has taken over the entire world. Nothing of the old world remains, except for three friends. Together former cops Simon, Yen, and Shoki will make the ultimate gamble as they take down the crime families of becoming gangsters themselves. They will become the Three Kings

Gabriel Garcia
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In the year 1960, world governments no longer govern their countries and nation. After the second world war, the world was broken and left in shambles. It was at this time that members of organized crime families and crime organizations took over. The years before this were filled with violence, riots, and revolts. When governments could not provide, organized crime offered a new alternative for the people of the world.

Crimes leaders and crime families told the people that they knew what was best for humanity. In a matter of a few years, people from all over the world began to follow local gangs and build new powerful crime families. Governments and regimes could not compete thus fell into disorder. By the year 1950, only a few handfuls of governments from the old world still existed.

Soon the local crime families began to rise in power and stature and became the new world leaders of the world. In Great Britain, the Irish mob and the English mob worked together to take down Parliament and members of the Royal family. Those that weren’t killed were captured and locked away in the infamous Tower of London, which became the new prison for what the Irish mob and the English mob “political prisoners.”

All across Europe, it was hell on earth. All previous heinous acts could not compare the actions that are happening all over Europe simultaneously. In a matter of a few short months, gangs from the Baltics, Euro Asia, and the Middle East soon swept into Europe and dominated their political rivals. As Europe was still recovering from the effects of the second great war, crime families began to carve out new territories all across the country.

Like the domino effect, Russia, China, Japan, and all of Indochina soon fell under the control of the Russian mob, the Triad’s, and the Yakuza. China was divided into separate territories amongst the various triads and other international crime families. Finally, the last country to fall, a symbol to all who still believed in democracy, was America.

Like China, America was divided amongst the various crime families that had lived there for centuries. On the West, Coast territory was divided between the Cartels and the Triads. In the central heart of America became a buffer zone. Lastly, you had the East Coast. The East Coast was the central hub for organized crime all over the world, especially in the new capital of this modern America, New York City.

As history tells us, New York City has been home to numerous gangs for centuries. You had the American mob, the Italian families, Triads and the Tongs, the Irish crime families, and much more. When organized crime families took over New York City and established it as the new capital, nothing changed. New York still stayed the same as it once did before all this carnage existed.

However, the one thing that did change was the building of the new capital of the New World. Resembling the White House in Washington, DC, the crime families of New York created the world’s largest administrative building that ever existed in the modern world. This building housed representing members of all crime families and crime organizations all over the world who discussed how to even tighter their whole on the planet.

It was also the building for the UCN or United Crime Nations. Now in the year 1960, organized crime has solidified itself as the new government of the whole world. Mirroring some elements from old government systems long ago: such as healthcare, retirement funds, benefits, etc. people now respect their new masters and Lords. If the organized crime took over the world, where the cops and all of this?

Well, you see, members of SWAT, GSG9, and other forms of police have been fighting a guerrilla war against the new governments all over the world. To the new government, cops are considered criminals and terrorists who should be arrested and killed by those who are loyal to the government.

In America, there are small pockets of cops that fight against these criminals; one cop, in particular, is named Sgt. Roberts. He has been fighting this war longer than any cop in the world and has been labeled a public enemy by the new government. To avoid detection by the new government, Robert and other members of the police live underground in shelters scattered all across America.

To those that lived before the years of the new government, he is a symbol of hope and is admired by all, especially by his son Simon. Simon is a rookie cop under his father and has been on many political and sometimes violent strikes against the new government. Soon Sgt. Roberts’s admiration reached to those who lived on the surface and those who were “loyal” to the new government. Everything seemed perfect until one day when Simon and his father were out on a usual reconnaissance, Sgt. Robert was shot dead in the head by a new government sniper. Simon was horrified, shocked, and saddened by what happened.

In a matter of months, Roberts’s masses began to dwindle until it was nothing. There was no Kindle hope left in the world, except Simon. On that day, he swore to wage a one-person war against the new government and take down the members of the United Crime Nations. Simon knew that one cop couldn’t change anything and so he made the decision to change his life forever. If he wanted to stop crime and destroy the UCN, he had to become a crime boss.

When Roberts told his plan to his mother, she slapped him across the face and yelled at him, telling him that it was a suicide mission and even as a more suicidal idea. Simon’s determination would not sway any other way and thus left the underground with nothing more than a Tommy gun, few grenades, and a crime suit dating back in the 1920s. Simon set his sights on New York City and decided to attack the head of the snake. However, before he even reached New York City, he was captured by the new government agents and immediately thrown into prison along with other “political prisoners.”

In that prison, he met two new people who had the same plan as he did. One was named Shoki, a former Japanese Self Defense force officer. The other was called Jian Gu Yen, son of a deceased Hong Kong police officer. While in prison, they discussed how to escape and what their plans were once they got out. On that day, Simon, Yen, and Shoki swore to take down the new government at any cost.

One night in prison, the three inmates devise a plan on how to escape this prison. Simon then called to the guard and distracted the guard long enough for Yen to grab the keys and Shoki to stab the guard in the liver with a homemade Tanto. The guard falls to the ground clutching his wounded side, and Simon quickly opens the locked gate allowing freedom to the three inmates. They then make their way to the weapons around, which also included very traditional crime clothing. Shoki grabbed a Walter P-38, British Sten submachine gun, as well as a Japanese katana that belonged to Mori’s father. Yen stole a Soviet-made PP 36-H submachine gun and the standard sidearm Makarov of Soviet soldiers. Lastly, Simon took a classic model 1911 handgun and a sawed-off shotgun.

They then hear the sounds of more guards coming towards the weapon room and thus continued their escape from the prison. They then reached the top of the prison walls and looked below and saw nothing but water. They decided to take their chances with the fishes and jumped into the water. To avoid detection, they swam underneath the water until they were far away from the prison and any new government agents that were around looking for them. Reaching dryland, they got out of the water and found shelter and abandoned warehouse in the city of New York. Once inside the warehouse, he found some clean clothes and put them on and burnt their prison outfits. Now in dry cleaned clothes, they then look at each other and see that they look like former mobsters in the 1900s.

Shoki had the resemblance of a 1940s style yakuza complete with the red tie, striped shirt, overalls, overcoat and pants, and stylish black shoes along with a secret tattoo on his back. Yen modeled after a 1930s triad with a black shirt with a white vest and a red tie. Lastly, Simon looked like the 1920s American mobster complete with an all-black overcoat, shirt pants, belt, and black and white shoes along with a white tie.

After a few hours, they decided on what to do next; the group knew they could engage the new government and asked cops, they will be killed on site. However, they decided that if they wanted the destruction of the new government, they had to become crime watch themselves. It was in that warehouse that Simon, Shoki, and Yen became the Three Kings.

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