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She hates him because he played with her feelings. He hates her because she changed. She's the head chearleader. He's the quarterback and captain of the football team. She used to be a nerd. He used to love a nerd. She starves herself to fit in. He's willing to hold her down and force feed her if it means she'll go back to the way she was before. Their parents are best friends. They're enemies. [PLEASE DON'T ASK ME FOR UPDATES]

Drama / Romance
Dat Bitch
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Brooklyn Hughes

I’m not quite sure where to begin to tell my story. Do I start from way back when I first met Maxwell Slater or do I jump ahead of the series of unfortunate events that has been our relationship for the past almost 17 years? All of the bullshit he puts me through for no reason, all of the times he’s called me shallow for hanging out with my friends. All of the times that asshole made me want him with all of my heart and soul. But if anyone asks... 1you never heard that last part.

My name is Brooklyn Hughes and the day I was brought into this world is also the day that the devil himself was born. Max’s dad, Paul Slater, is my father’s absolute best friend and a partner in his law firm. So needless to say they were psyched when they both had their first, and only, children on the same day at the same hospital, three minutes apart. He never lets me forget that he is three minutes wiser than I am. I get the better grades and hang out with the more popular people. He’s very content with his position as the captain of the basketball team, he spends every waking minute on that team. When it's not football season that is.

I’m nerdier than he is and he parties a whole lot more than I do. He's also the quarterback… yeah that’s right the quarterback and captain of the basketball team holds a special place at the top of the head chearleader’s shit list.

He used to make fun of me for my good grades and glasses, back when all I ever did was read then I became one of the most popular girls in Boulder High and he started insulting my character. All he’s done is find any flaw I’ve ever had and make me feel like I didn’t deserve anything good because of it. I don’t know why he hates me so much. Does he even have a reason?

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