Secreto Amor

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Daninikita, The heir of the top most dangerous and powerful mafia gang in the world, The Grim Reapers. What happens when she meets the second most dangerous gang? Damon and Daninikita weren’t supposed even meet each other, but rules are meant to be broken. Will they find a way to be together? Or will their empires fall along with them?

Drama / Romance
Dakota Byron
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Chapter 1: The Grim Reapers

Love. The most powerful feeling in the world. Once you’re in love, you’ll do anything for that person. Love can be the best thing in the world but also the worst. I loved him, because of that it got us here. We weren’t supposed to meet or even fall in love, but we did. He was the heir of the second most feared gangs in the world, and I am the daughter of the most powerful and ruthless man in the world. You might think that’s great, but not when both your gangs are rivals. My name is Daninikita Bojórquez, and Im the heir of the most feared gangs in the world, The Grim Reapers.

Damon González, one of the most ruthless cold killers in England and the heir of the second most freared gangs, The Bloodhounds. Damon was my lover, but someone took him from me. Before I talk about how our story ended, I’ll talk about how it started. It was my 19th birthday and my two best friends wanted to throw a party. My father (which I’ll tell you about later) told me that once he retires, I’ll be the capo. Well, technically my brother is since he’s two minutes older then I am, but he turned it down. He wants to be my right hand man. There’s a difference between other capos and I, I never killed anyone, but that’s what happens when you’re born into the mafia, you’re gonna have to kill someone sooner or later. The day of my birthday my best friends, Aidan and Keturah, planned everything...everything.

“Wake up sleeping beauty.” Aidan says soothingly while moving the hair out of my face. “Your voice is too soothing she’ll stay sleeping. WAKE UP DANI!” Keturah yells, making sure I’m awake. “Holy crap, I’m up, no need to be absourd.” I say quietly. “Your dad called earlier, he says we go to the warehouse, it’s urgent.” Aidan says placing fresh clothes on my bed. Aidan and Kenny knew about my family since we were 13, they didn’t see me differently which was a relief.

“We should go, he hates it when we’re late, I’ll get dressed.” Almost thirty minutes pass and get into my car and pick up my brother. “Hey Dani, do you have any idea why dad called us?” Caleb asks while getting out his phone. “Nope. Probably another shipment was stolen.” I say unsurely. Caleb is like a bodyguard for me, anyone who wants to talk to me has to get through Caleb first.We get to the warehouse, and it’s very dark.

“Happy birthday Dani and Caleb!” The whole gang yells in excitement. There were decorations everywhere which made the place more appealing, presents were all over from everyone, and the cake was nice and fresh.

“Happy birthday my little one.” My dad says while getting a slice of cake. Jaxon Bojórquez, a.k.a my dad. He’s the most ruthless guy you’ll ever meet. If you mess with anyone he cares about you’ll end up in a body bag, but once you’re in his good side he’s like a big teddy bear.

“Well I haven’t seen you in a little.” Caleb says giving me a hug. “Yeah well, how do you like our nice party?” I ask taking a seat next to him. “Oh it’s great, we haven’t had a birthday like this in a while. We needed this.” Caleb says taking a sip of his drink. After an hour of having fun, it was time for work.

“You ready to look at the footage from the cámaras?” Dylan asks getting my computer. Dylan is the craziest person you’ll ever meet, literally. He lived in a asylum for fourteen years before he escaped (he’s also the hottest, not gonna lie). “WAIT FOR ME!” Adrian yells running toward my class. “Are you for real right now?!” Dylan says with hatred, while grabbing his legendary knife. “You won’t do anything with me with that” Adrian says competitively. “Say I won’t again, and I’ll show you why I ended up in an asylum.” Dylan says with a cold tone in his voice. “Guys, stop” I say commanding. Dylan and Adrian never got along. Dylan always said that there’s something up with him ever since he got transferred to London. When we looked at the cámaras we set up a few weeks ago, we saw more drugs than we ever seen.

“Holy crap.” Dylan says grabbing another chair to sit in. “That’s a whole shit ton of cocaine.” Adrian points out like we don’t have eyes. “Well they do have one of the biggest drug empires in the whole country, but ours are at the top.” Dylan says all happy. While Dylan goes on about how we have the biggest drug empire in the country I spot my dads biggest enemy, Calum Gonález. Calum is the next on the list of cold killers.

“Alright guys, you can take it from here, I’m gonna head out.” I say packing my things. “Alright, I’ll see you tomorrow Dani.” Dylan pouts like a puppy giving me a hug. Since I’m older than eighteen I can finally buy alcohol without using a fake ID.

“Well, you look a little..beat” a deep husky voice comes from behind me. “Well, I had a very long....” oh..My. GOD. When I turned around I saw a guy. A hot one. He was roughly around 6’2 and probably twenty or twenty one years old. He had black hair, brown eyes that had a bunch of secrets, tanned skin, and a scar through his eyebrow. He’s wearing ripped black jeans and a very tight shirt that you can see his abs through. He at least works out five times a day.

“Are you don’t staring, love?” He asks very quietly but loud enough. “Sorry. I just didn’t expect anyone to talk to me.” I say being honest. At least an hour went by and we hit it off really well, but of course he has to bring up the question.

“What do you do for a living?” He asks. Oh you know, I just hack into peoples bank accounts, selling drugs, shooting people, all that kind of food stuff. “I babysit...” I really can’t believe that I just said that. One minute we were at the bar drinking bourbon and the next we were at his place making out. “I still haven’t gotten your name, love.” “It’s Daninikita” I say thinking that this is a bad idea. “Beautiful name for a beautiful girl, I’m Damon.” I can tell he’s dangerous and of course, I’m attracted to it.

The next morning I went back to my place and of course, Aidan has two girls all over him.

“Oh, hey Dani.” Aidan says not minding that two strippers are all over him. “I’m going to bed, I can’t deal with this right now.” I say trying to sneak before Kenny sees me. “Oh hell no you’re not!” Kenny says running toward me before I can walk any further. “Are you serious Aidan?!” Kenny yells taking full attention toward Aidan. I snuck back to my room to look up some recipes on google, until Caleb calls.

“Hey, what’s up?” I say staring at the cake on my computer. “Can you come to the warehouse as fast as you can please?” Caleb says like he just saw a ghost. “Umm..yeah sure, why is something wrong?” I ask getting my car keys. “Just get here okay.” Caleb says before hanging up the phone. When I get to the warehouse, everyone was very nervous.

“Okay, as you guys know, the Lorenzos have been our enemies for a few years now, there also enemies of the Bloodhounds.” As my dad says that, the Bloodhounds come into the main room and the temperature dropped. “Reapers! Don’t shoot, there gonna be on our side for the next six months. Daninikita, you’re gonna serve as my right hand man along with your brother. You are gonna work here full time for the time being.” “You’ve got to be out of your mind, we have to work with our biggest rivals!?” I ask yelling. “Aww your daughter doesn’t want to work with us, we’ll get used to it love.” Calum say with a spiteful tone. “Dad, leave her alone.” A pretty girl says. “Don’t listen to him. He likes to get people mad, I’m Devinity, but you can call me Dev.” Devinity says very confidently. “I’m Danikita, but you can call me Dani.” I say smiling. “Remember after six months you guys won’t be besties.” Calum says. “You know that’s not gonna happen right Dani?” Dev say laughing. I like this girl.

I go to the far left corner of the room and I hear the same deep husky voice form the bar. No, it can’t be. “Babysitting, huh.” Damon

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