Who Says I Can’t Play Rugby

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16 year old Jess, moves with her incredibly wealthy parents, to a new town. Jess had to move away because her parents had gotten a new job promotion. Everyone mistakes Jess to be spoilt and mean. But she’s the complete opposite. When she moves to her new school she takes an interest in rugby, in her old town she used to play rugby with her friends. Without her parents knowing. They think that it’s no way for a young lady to act. So what will she do, tell her parents, or will she keep it a secret, just to complete her dream. Oh, did I forget to mention that there’s no girls rugby team, only a boys team. Jess has to fight to prove to everyone, she deserves to be on the team. And that just because she’s a girl shouldn’t limit her options on sport. Will they accept her for who she is? Read to find out. I’m sorry I will probably get a lot of things wrong, about the locations. Because I’m not from there.

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Chapter 1

I was currently sitting in my parents’ car as we drove, off to a new town. Yay. Note the sarcasm. “This will be good for you, make some new friends.” My mum tried to convince me.

“Instead of them other friends.” My dad said, disgusted. As you can guess, my parents hate my friends. Just because they weren’t as wealthy as us. Who does that now a days, seriously.

I rolled my eyes, put my earphones in and looked out the window with music blearing in my ears. I eventually fell asleep, because I was woken when the car stopped. I immediately jumped out of the car, when it fully stopped. Moving from New Orleans, Louisiana to Crystal River, Florida takes around eight hours. It was now nine o’clock. I grabbed my bag that I had all my necessities in, the rest of my stuff was already in the house, Mum and Dad had organised for people to bring our stuff in. I ran up to our new house. I couldn’t see what it looked like outside, it was to dark. I would just have to wait until morning.

“Jess you do not run, you walk.” Mum scolded.

I rolled my eyes, everyone has something made up in their mind of who they want me to be, but in reality I’m nothing like that. Mum and Dad think that I need to be more lady like.

Dad twisted the lock on the door with the keys and we walked inside. When we turned the lights on, all our furniture was already here. It had a massive modern entry way with stairs leading up to what I assume are the bedrooms, and a hallway near the entry way, which probably goes to the lounge room. Yes, my parents did have more money then they needed. And I often was mistaken for a spoilt rotten little girl at school. But my friends didn’t see me that way. The flooring was made out of dark wooden floorboards, the walls were white everything looked brand new.

“I’m going to find my bedroom.” I sighed and started walking up the stairs.

“Good night Jess.” My parents said.

“Good night.” I said with all the attitude I could muster up. I didn’t want to move here. We were fine where we lived. I loved New Orleans.

“Watch the attitude, young lady.” Dad scolded.

I walked down a hallway, I passed around seven doors, before I found one open. I walked inside and all of my belongings were there.

It was a nice spacious room, my king sized bed with a grey cushion head rest was in the middle. A few small couches and a tv. There was also an en-suite, plus a walk in wardrobe.

I grabbed out some pajamas, had a shower and put my pajamas on. I then brushed my teeth and hair, before finally going to bed.

I woke up to my alarm, beeping in my ear. I groaned and rolled out of bed. I was not looking forward to a new school. I begged my parents to not make me go today, because of the long drive and how I would be so tired. Which is true I am really tired. But my Mum said it’s the first day for everyone considering it was the start of the year, that’s not going to matter though, because I don’t know anyone there. Every other student would already know each other, from the year before.

I had a shower and changed into a pair of black ripped skinny jeans, a white t-shirt that had #love written in black, a cropped jean jacket, black and white converses, a grey and black cap that said Chicago on it and left my hair down in its natural waves. I grabbed my Caraa Athena backpack and headed downstairs.

After wondering through the house for a few minutes I finally found the kitchen. Mum and Dad were already there. Mum was cooking breakfast while my Dad sat reading the newspaper. “Morning.” I said, dropping myself onto a stool, at the kitchen island.

“Morning.” Mum turned and said.

“What do you think you are wearing?” She asked eyebrows raised.

“Clothes.” I shrugged. Mum and Dad always try to make me wear something like a dress, and to elaboratess, they always go for the most elegant looking ones. Which turn out to be the most uncomfortable.

“That’s not what you should be wearing, you should go upstairs and change. Right this instant.” Dad said looking up from the newspaper.

“This is what I’m wearing, it’s comfortable. And I hate dresses.” I said.

“That’s very inappropriate for a young lady, you should be wearing a dress, with nice heels. And a handbag, not a....a.” Mum said gesturing towards my backpack.

“Not a backpack?” I finished for her.

“Exactly, now go get changed.” She huffed.

“No I’m wearing this.” I said.

“I’ll let it slip for now. The bus stop is down the road a couple of minutes walk. We’ll see you this afternoon. Love you.” Dad said.

“Love you too.” I said giving them each a peck on the cheek. And walking out the front door.

Once I got outside, I finally got to admire how big my new house was. I walked for a few minutes down the road, until i finally found a bus stop. I took a seat and sat patiently, waiting for the bus. A while later the bus pulled up and I hopped on.

“Hello.” The old bus driver said. She was nice and looked like she loved her job, sometimes I couldn’t understand how anyone would love driving a bus.

“Hi.” I responded, giving her a warm smile.

I sat down in a seat at the very back and put my earphones in. Five minutes later the bus reached the school. I waited for everyone to hop off and then I jumped off, as well. People started staring, so I stared back, there were whispers. “That must be the new girl.” I heard someone say.

“Yeah, I heard her parents are really rich.” I heard another voice say.

“She’s spoilt I can tell, look at her, yuck.” I heard the first voice say. I kept on walking, into the school and glared at the people who were staring at me. Who do they think they are to judge me like that?

I haven’t even said a word yet. I came around a corner following where a sign said ‘office’. Until I bumped into someone. I dropped my back pack. And who ever it was dropped all of their books.

“I’m sorry I didn’t see you there.” I said picking my backpack up and helping who ever it was that dropped their books. I looked up to see a girl with light brown hair and glasses.

“Hi, my name’s Gia, Gia Scott.” She said extending her hand. I took her hand and shook it.

“Hi I’m Jess, Jess Anderson.” I said, smiling and passing her books back.

“Oh my goodness, your the new girl.” Gia said excitedly.

“Yeah.” I laughed.

“Everyone was saying that your parents are really rich and your spoilt and mean. But don’t worry about them. They’re the ones that are spoilt and mean.” She said.

“I can already tell that we are going to be best friends.” I said. Her face lit up, with the biggest smile I had ever seen.

Really? Everyone labelled me as the weird kid with no friends.” She mumbled.

“Well if they call you weird, I wonder what that makes them?” I said, tapping my chin. We started laughing.

“Would you like me to show you to the office?” She asked. I nodded.

“Thanks.” I said.

“No problem.” She said, as we walked further down the hall. Everyone was still giving me weird looks, but me being me, I glared at them and stuck my tongue out. Most of them cowered back, some grew even angrier.

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