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Outcast and lonely girl,Jade Adil,goes through 3 years of sadness at Queen Street Academy. Just one more year of school and she is out to chase her dream of being the greatest singer in all of America. But a tall and greek-god like boy,James Holt,jumped into her life and teach her the art of love and heartbreak. But not everyone has good intentions of being with you... From dark family secrets to unloyal companions,will she be able to forgive those who hurt her? *All characters,places and events are fictional. Any persons that are similar to characters are coincindental* IN EDITING PROCESS

Drama / Romance
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Chapter I

Song suggestion: You can't stop the girl

Bebe Rexha


Getting off my bicycle with my violin case on my shoulders, I scanned the perimeter of Queen Street Academy. Everything is still intact before summer break. The well-kept garden,the beautiful fountain,the cars of the riches. The prestigous school is for the rich,but I manage to get a scholarship to attend school through a music programme.

As usual, Jessica Queen and James Holt are sucking each other faces in his car,their freinds talking and laughing at another poor kid that they were making fun of. They call themselves the Clique. Why? Easy,they don't allow just anyone to be part of their small group.

I wonder when will they ever learn the term manners. Being in this school make you feel either powerful or weak. It is either you're very rich or very smart to attend this school.

I was neither smart nor rich. I was just the lucky few that was able to atted this school.

Making a beeline for my locker,I punched in my password and took out my books for the day. Ah shit! My elect music lesson is during lunch break. When this happen,there will a number of immature students trying to break in into the theater to do god knows what. Welp, theres nothing I can do about it. Keeping my violin case in my locker, I locked it safely. You can never be safe when carrying your instrument around. First, Chemistry. Yay! (Sarcasm)


Lunch break comes around quick and next is elect music. Hell yeah! The only lesson I probably give a damn about. The bad part was that I have to wait after music to get a free period then I could eat. Going to my locker to retrieve my violin, I was pushed against the wall forcefully.

Blonde hair,blue-eyes,killer body. I can already guess who is it.

"Hi purple-eyed freak! Its been a long time since we had fun. Why not refreshing your memory hm?" Jessica snarled.

One thing about me is that I'm half Egyption,inheriting my mom purple eyes and my dad dark skin tone. Yeah that sucks for me being a minority in an all-American school. Like come on,we're in the 21th century it's not possible that all white people are smart right?

"Really Jessica? This again? Aren't you getting a little bored? Besides,you're obnoxious makeup is really killing my mood." I stated nonchalantly.

Jessica is naturally beautiful. Now, I'm not having a gay moment if you're wondering but the reason everyone loves her is due to her beauty. However,she has an attitude that could compete with horse shit. That was the downside of her.

"Well,if you didn't go out with my boyfriend,this wouldn't have to happen.I'm telling you bitch,stay away from him!" She huffed out,her face literally look like the angry people you see in cartoons.

Please, I was trying to serve him at Coffee Café. I was working idiot!

"You don't have to worry,I'm not even interested in him. Now if you excuse me,I have a class to attend and grades to achieve unlike you brats." I said,feeling irritated.

Her embarrassed face satified my horrible day as I wiped off any dirt from my plaited skirt.

Realizing I'm late for class, I quickly grabbed my violin and music scores and made a dash for class. I didn't missed the hint of rage on her face as I dashed to the theatre.


"Good morning Mrs Walsh." I greeted with a small smile.

"Ms Adil,don't be late next time," Mrs Walsh know about my situation. She tried to help but she's just a mere teacher.

Little back story,I had a minor case of anxiety back when I was freshman and Mrs Walsh was there to help me. So yeah,everyone sees her as a grumpy teacher that hasn't get laid for a long time but she's nice.

Starting of with theory, we went through the assignment assigned during summer. In the class was just the 8 of us. Me and one asian girl and a few others. Taking down notes,I tried to understand today's topic;intervals. Damn it why?!

An hour later,it was time for my favourite part.

"Ok class, as I said before summer break, you all are expected to prepare a piece to play for today. The piece was suppose to express the moment where you at your most relaxed self.Who would like to go first?" She asked.

As usual, I raised my hand maybe too enthusiasticlly. I'm not a teacher's pet but whenever I had the opportunity to perform I would gladly take it. I mean that's what we all look forward to as musicians no?

Mrs Walsh smiled at me as I went up the stage and prepared. Tuning my violin and putting rosin on the bow,I sturdy my posture. Placing the bow on the string,I started playing. Bach violin sonata number 3 and I tried my best not to mess up. Listening for my intonation and my dynamics,I allow the pleasure of the piece race through my mind. This was why music never failed me.

I was able to be lost in my own world,ignoring all problems and just able to be myself. Never underestimate the power of music.It helped me through the darkest moments in my life,well I could thank my parents for gifting me this in my early childhood.

Ending the piece, I gently dropped my bow from the strings as I bowed. Nailed it! The class applaud for me and then I heard a bigger applaud as I narrowed my eyes to the second floor podium. Holy fu-

"Seems like there is an audience here," Mrs Walsh stated. But the only thing going in my mind was seeing a specific someone among the group. James Holt. Of all people why?

His jerk face is ruining my mood already.

As others took turn to perform,I'm still annoyed from what I saw. Now that they knew I wasn't as rich or smart as them,they would definately tease me about it. That's what they all do,prey on the poor until we break.

Bullying in this school seemed to be a tradition or some bullshit that that teachers don't give a damn.

"Ring!" The bell ran off and the class was dismissed. I bolted for the door and for my locker. What am I going to do-

"Hey wait up! Wait!" It was as if I had no control of my body,when it suddenly stood in its place.

I meekly turn around and the four kings of the school was in front of me. Woah their so hands-

"Hey your name's Jade right? Wow your performance was beautiful!" The funny one, Hunter Brent, commented. Holy fudge,this is the first time someone in this school complimented me. I mean my performance not my face-

"Um...thanks I guess?" I was blushing hard as my face turned hot. Save me god! I need to escape.

"Look her face turning red," the other one, Noah River, snickered. I was glaring at him when someone interrupt.

"Don't be mean,she's kind of cute," the flirt, Ethan Lee, said with a wink. Okay, today is such a weird day.

"Um I'm just gonna go now.....Bye!" I run to my locker and quickly placing my violin, I went to the cafeteria to grab some food. However,one specific boy hasn't spoken.

Well,it's not like I wanted him to open his unfiltered mouth anyway.


Entering the practice room with a potato chip bag in my hand and the other with Chopin score book, I went to the piano. Yes, I play the piano too. With these two instrument,I can compose songs and be a singer. Ah my dream!

Everyone says that you can only choose one instrument to play. Well my very existence prove them wrong. Yeah it's to be multi-talented but only those with determination will strive.

Seating at the piano, I flipped to a page. 'Chopin Etude Op 25 No.11' it stated. Well my fingers are gonna get cramps tonight. I have been practising this piece for the last 6 months. It was one of the hardest piece I've every played.

I don't know what the composer were thinking when he was composing this song. He was probably trying to make us suffer with hand cramps and driving us to insanity.

But my Mama did not raise me to be some weak girl that's afraid of everything and anything. As my hands gently pressed the first chord,the notes came to live quietly.


Hi! How is it? I know there are some musical terms here and being a writer,I'm gonna put a glossary at the end to help yall out!

Pianossimo-pp/ very soft

Intonation-the accuracy of a note

Dynamic- how loud or soft

Bach and Chopin-reknown composers.

Google the two pieces,they are good! And comment on the first chapter! Imma practise to reach ling ling level;)(Two setters would understand)


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