The Girl Who Runs

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“If you want to be in this pack, you have to leave him!” Tara thought that everything happens for a reason, until she finds out that if she wants to run her pack, she has to leave the guy she fell in love with or she thought she did, until another guy catches her eye. Everything that Tara thought she knew everything about her pack, just turned on her. Secrets never stay hidden underground, they will always crawl back up. She has to make decisions that’ll change her perspective on everything.

Drama / Romance
Dakota Byron
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Chapter 1

“Tara you have to go out, you’ve been in the camp for two weeks.” Oliva says, taking my phone out of my hands. “Tara.” “I just want to stay in for a few more minutes.” I say pulling the blankets over my body. “You said that two weeks ago.” Olive announces pulling the blankets completely off. “Get up, Blake and Vanessa are worried about you.” Olivia says pulling my arm. “Alright, I’ll go.” I surrender.

I got up and left my room. Right now, my pack, the Dark Moon Pack, is on vacation at a log cabin in the middle of the woods in Epping Forest in London. You’re probably wondering why we’re here, we’ll it’s simple, we have new wolves in our pack, so we have to train them about their wolf form. When I left Blake and Vanessa were waiting for me since I stayed in my room for two weeks.

Olivia is one of the betas, along with Blake. Blake is my older brother and Olivia is my twin sister. I have to say Blake and I are the closest out of my siblings. Vanessa is Blake’s girlfriend also my best friend. My father and mother are obviously the alphas of the pack, and I am also a beta wolf.

“Oh, look who’s alive!” Vanessa shouts giving my a huge hug. “Not really, but I’m better then before.” I assured her turning toward Blake. “You okay? I was worried.” Blake says giving a long huge. “Yeah, I’m okay.” I answer. “I’ll kill him you know, just say the words Tara, I have a lot of ideas.” Vanessa yells jumping up and down. “I still don’t get how you’re not in a hospital, but anyways, I’m fine you don’t have to kill him.” I say.

Before we went to the cabins in the woods, I was dating a guy that I really did like, but apparently I wasn’t enough for him. Long story short, I walked in on him and another girl. My brother, sister, and Vanessa despise him. They will hunt him down if they could. I was with the guy for six years, disappointing.

“Ugh you’re no fun, we need food anyways.” Vanessa points out. “I’ll get food for us, now that my sister is alive, we can stay in her room until she screams at us.” Blake says getting ready to transform. “Just be careful.” I say. “I’ll be fine.” Blake says. Blake turns to his black wolf form and takes off after a deer, while Oliva leaves to her own cabin.

“Well, I haven’t seen you around at all.” Ryder announces walking up to Vanessa and I. Ryder is probably one of the hottest guys ever. He’s six foot three, brown messy hair, brown eyes, very fit, deep husky voice, that man has everything. All the girls always fall at his feet, but I haven’t which I’m surprised at.

“I swear, if I wasn’t dating your brother, I’ll be all over that man.” Vanessa whispers to me before turning toward Ryder. “Well, she wasn’t feeling well, she had the....flu.” Vanessa says trying not to say why I was in my room for two weeks straight. “If Tara had the flu, she would still be in bed.” Ryder says stretching his arms and making his shirt go a little up to were you can see his underwear band and part of his abs. Oh Jesus he’s just.. great.

“Tara.” Ryder says making me snap out of my head. “Yeah?” I ask. “Are you feeling well? You look pale.” Ryder says looking concerned. “I’m okay, trust me I’m fine.” I say giving him a hug. “Alright I believe you. It’s time to catch up to your brother.” Ryder says getting ready to transform.

After a few hours out hunting for food for the whole pack, Ruder, Blake and I got back to camp. The cabins that we all have there small so only two people can sleep there and lucky for me, I have to share it with Ryder. After we go in our cabins it’s time for bed and we go in as wolves since if we turn back we’ll be naked

“Crazy hunting, there was no deer at all!” Ryder says putting on his pants but no shirt. “I know, we had to go across the whole entire woods to get one deer.” I say trying my best to not look at his abs. I put on a tank top and sweatpants. Ryder was only wearing sweatpants with no shirt, hot. “So, I have a question, why were locked in here for two weeks?” Ryder asks while sitting next to me on the bed. “Remember I was with Joe?” I ask. “Yeah, what about him?” Ryder asks. “I caught him with another girl.” I say looking down to my hands. “Oh, I’m sorry Tara, I didn’t know.” Ryder says petting my shoulder. “No it’s fine he wasn’t the best boyfriend anyways.” I say. “Hey, it’s going to be alright.” Ryder says while pulling me in his chest.

After a while I fell asleep in Ryders muscular arms and chest. Not for nothing but that was the best sleep I’ve had in a while. After I woke up I left the cabin and it was dead silent. Which is bad since no body knows how to be quiet.

“Ryder wake up!” I yell panicking. “Hey, whats wrong?” Ryder says trying to calm me down.

“Everyone’s gone. I don’t know where they went.”

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