My Best Friends Brother

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“Brookelyn. Why him? Why my brother? I thought you were my best friend.” Lily says. Brooke always had a crush on her best friends brother, Ares, since freshmen year of high school. Brooke and Lily made a promise to each other, never date each other’s brothers. What happens when Ares puts his eyes on Brooke? It’s been two years since they saw each other, a lot has changed since high school.

Drama / Romance
Dakota Byron
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Chapter 1

Today is the day that I’ll move in with my best friend, Lily. I’m so excited, we’ve been friends since the eighth grade.

“Brooke, you ready to see the house?” Lily Ask. “Yeah, I’m so excited!” I explain. “I can tell, you can’t sit still.” Lily drives off.

We drove from Alberta to British Columbia, since we’ve been waiting to leave Alberta since freshmen year of high school. It’s been a few hours and we finally reached British Columbia, and got to Ocean Falls, which is where we moved.

“Finally!” Lily yells out. “Oh my god, this house is huge!” I yells. The house when you first come to the property there’s a gate, once you drive a little more, you’ll seee this huge mansion. There’s a bridge that leads to the house, and under it is a little lake. The house was beautiful.

“Also Ares is going to stay over for a few, are you going to be okay with that?” Lily asks. “What, yeah I’ll be fine. I haven’t seen him since high school.” I explain. “Please tell me you don’t still have a crush on Ares.” Lily says. “I don’t. Like I said I haven’t seen him since high school.” I say. “Good. Because he’s gonna stay here with us for business.” Lily says bringing her bag upstairs. “Let’s make a promise. We don’t go with each other’s brothers ok?” I say.

“I won’t go with Ares, and you won’t go with Blade, Ryder, Dagger or King.” I say. “I always forget that there’s five of you.” Lily says. “Six, you forgot Raven.” I correct. “There’s a lot of you.” Lily says. “Also is it fine if my brothers live here for a while Lil?” I ask. “Of course, this house I huge, also Ares would love to see his friends.” Lily says.

A few hours went by and Lily and I unpacked our clothes and put them away, and my brothers came.

“Ohhh! Look at this!” Blade yells. “You love the sound of your own voice, huh?” King says. “Stop fighting. BROOKELYN!” Ryder screams. “What!” I come walking down one of the staircases. “Nothing I just wanted you to come here.” Ryder says, giving me a hug. “Where’s Dagger?” I ask. “He’s coming over in a little. So it’s just us.” King says. “And mom and dad didn’t bother wanting to see me.” I say.

My parents are alcoholics, they used thier money to buy alcohol not even food for any of us. My brothers had to drop out of school and get a job to support me, so I didn’t have to drop out. My brothers have been trying to get them to stop for years, but didn’t work.

“You know Brooke, we’re trying.” King says. “You don’t have to anymore. If they want to get better, they would’ve.” I say. “Brooke..” Blade says giving me a hug. “I just thought that... they would’ve wanted to see me.” I say tears falling down my face. “Hey, they do it’s just...” King says, losing the words.

“It’s fine, I’m going to get over it.” I say putting on a smile. Since my parents became alcoholics, my brothers and I became closer than ever. Raven moved out when she turned eighteen, we haven’t seen her since. That was six years ago.

“Are you sure?” Blade asks. “Yeah..I’m fine..” I say. “Anyways I know how to make you feel better.” Ryder says. “What’s that?” I ask. “I’ll call Santos and make him bring Blair and Blaze.” Ryder says. Santos is Ryder’s best friend, Blair and Blasé are my friends. They are goofy all the time.

“Hey girl!” Blair runs into the house tackling me to the floor. “Hey little tiger.”Blaze says. Blair and Blaze are twins. Blair, she’s more crazy, Blaze he’s more chill, kind of. “We heard what happened, are you okay?” Blair asks. “Yeah Im okay.” I say smiling. “Also we heard that Ares is gonna be living with you and Lily soon.” Blair says winking at me. “I promised Lily that I wouldn’t go with him.” I say drinking my water. “You know that’s going to break right?” Blaze says. “I can’t break that promise, she’s my best friend.” I say. “I know sweetheart, but you had a massive crush on him since high school.” Blaze says. “I haven’t seen him since high school.” I say.“Well, when we were in America, we saw him and he got hotter, so I would rethink that promise you made to Lily.” Blair said. “Well, sorry Brooke but we have to go, we’ll see you soon.” Blaze says giving me a hug along with Blair.

A few days passed by nothing really happened in that time. My brothers were just running around the house like normal. There was a knock at the door.

“Hello?” I say to the very handsome man in the doorway. “Brookelyn?” The handsome man says. “Yes, do I know you?” I ask.

“It’s me Ares.”

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