Memories of her first

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Memories of her first

The sky was painted black with beautiful starry night. I was gazing at the stars through the open window from my bed when my 10 years old daughter suddenly came and asked.

"Mom, did you ever had a crush or may be like first love?"

"Yes I did had a first love." I replied tenderly.


"Haha, no my dear."

"Then who did you fell in love with?" Her innocent eyes were filled with curiosity.

"My dear, he was the one who taught me how to love."

"Was he that special?"

"Yes and he will always be."

"Mom, how did you fell in love with him?"

"The moment I first saw him my heart told me he is the one."

"Than what about him? Did he also loved you back?"

"He was the one to love me first very dearly."

"Tell me more about him mom." My daughter said laying her head to rest in my lap.

"He was a very handsome men. He always had my back. He made sure that I had everything I need forgetting himself." A couple of tears rolled down my cheeks as I remembered those days.

"Where is he now?" Unknown of my tears she questioned.

I wiped off my tears and continued. "God loved him dearly that he took him. I'm sure God did what was the best for him and me." My daughter got up and stared at me.

"What is it my dear?"

"Did he loved you more than dad?" Her question flustered me but made me smile at the same time.

"Hmmm, I guess he loved me more than your dad. But your dad loves me very much and I love him too."

"Who is he? I want to know." She demanded. Caressing her messy hair I assured her "Well, you see he was my father. Your grandpa!"

Laying back on my lap again my daughter gave me a smile and said.

"Though I have never seen him I'll forgive him because I know my dad loves me the way he loved you."

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