Would You Die For Me?

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Chapter 7


“Billie ... they’re here. Right on time.” Billie Black smiled as she put on the brass knuckle that she borrowed from a bouncer.

“Once they are all in the VIP room, we’ll commence. No one left behind. I want them all to suffer greatly.” Brian sighed mentally before looking out at the VIP from the monitor inside he owner’s office.

“Brian ... seemed like Billie is a bit work out about this. What’s wrong? Sure they did something terrible but she’s different than usual.” The nightclub owner whispered into Brian’s ear.

“Mara is the youngest sister of our late mentor. We made a promised to our mentor that we will protect his family when it comes to it. Billie blames herself for what happened to Mara because that day, she did tried to called for help ... but Billie was on a date with Freya Bridget.” The owner’s eyes widen.

“THE Freya Bridget?! You’re not joking?” Brian shakes his head no.

“I’m serious. We’re actually working for Freya. I don’t know how Billie got that gig but ... we’re the blade and shield of Freya Bridget. We swore to protect her from harm even if we have to risk our own life.” The owner was surprised. She never had expected that both Brian and Billie would associated themselves with the Bridget family.

“I’m going.” Billie turned to the owner with a small smile.

“You can call for the police when things get out of hand. If anything happen to me, please take care of my father.” Brian was about to catch on when he realised that Billie had locked the door from the outside.

“BILLIE! This is not funny! Open the damn door!” Brian tried to forced himself out but it’s futile.

“Billie! Where is she?!” He asked the owner’s who kept her attention at the screen.

“She’s ... on her way to the VIP room. Don’t worry. I already asked some of my people to unlock the door room the outside.” Brian went to the owner side and watched as Billie made herself known to the group of guys whom hurt Mara.

“Billie ... I hope you know what you’re doing!” Brian was agitated.

Billie forced herself into the VIP room where her target had gathered. She smiled at the first guy who noticed her present while the rest seemed a bit occupied by something.

“Hello.” Billie didn’t wait for him to respond to her greet when he punch the living daylight out of him. With a single punch, she managed to knocked he guy out cold.

His friends were surprised to what just happened. Billie kept her smile on her face.

“I hope you prayed to your God before coming here. Because what you’ve done to my friend is not acceptable.” Billie send another guy to the floor when she did a spinning heel kick on his face which lead him to bleed profusely.

“What is your problem, bitch! We have no idea what you’re saying!” Billie made her way swiftly towards the person who spoke in such manner. She grabbed the guy by the neck and raised him up. The man was struggling to breath but Billie kept a firm hold on his neck.

“No idea?! Did you just said you had no idea what I’m saying?!” Billie slammed the guys’d back on the glass table, breaking them in pieces. The man screamed in agony while trying to break free from Billie’s grip.

Billie smirked before she dragged the man’s body across the shards glass that scattered on the floor. When she finally let go of the man’s neck, she divert her attention to another man whom watching from his seat.

“Why did you guys decided to hurt a couple of 16 year old girls? Why did you guys have to destroyed their future? Choose your words wisely.” Billie glared at the guy whom open and close his mouth.

“So you’re here because of them? Don’t you know who I am?! My father will make sure you and your family suffer the consequences if you hurt me! I’m warning you!” He was scared to his wits when Billie walked towards him.

“I don’t give a damn who your father is. He can be the king of this world and it will not stop me from avenging my friend. What you’ve done to her is unacceptable ...” Billie leaned into the guy’s body with her hands rubbing his crotch.

“Are you getting excited? Seeing your friend being beaten by me excite you?” Billie leaned into his ear.

“Why don’t I show you what real pleasure feels like?” She whispered seductively before grabbing a handful of the man’s genital as hard as she could.

“I ... see now ... you came here just to tell me that you want me?” He started to laughed.

“Bitches like you always wants more. To hell with your righteous act. Avenging your friend? You just want me to do the same to you, am I right?” Before the man could wrapped his arms around Billie, she grabbed his neck, preventing him from breathing.

“I’m gay.” Billie whispered before repeatedly hitting his face using the brass knuckle until he’s unconscious. Billie didn’t stop even after he’s unconscious. She kept on hitting him until she heard a voice calling for him from behind.

“The man is completely disfigure now. Do you want to be deemed as a killer?” Billie’s grip loosen and when’s he turned around, she was surprised to see another Freya and Lily standing in the middle of the room, looking at her with their eyes widen.

“Lady Freya ...” Freya looked to the side where the mayor’s son is before sighing hard.

“Brian, Lily, please take care of these mess.” Freya then proceed to pulled Billie’s ears.

“How dare you disobey my orders. I thought I had explained to you that whatever you’re doing will reflect on me!” Billie apologised for disobeying orders. She explained her reason for her action.

“My father ... will be notified about this! How dare you hurt us! Don’t you know who we .... are,” his eyes widen when he saw Freya staring at him.

“The princess from the Bridget family?! What are you doing here?!” Freya sighed when she heard the usual speech from a typical snobby rich kids.


“What have you done my son?! Lady Freya, we’ve been in good terms. What drove you to let your servant do such thing to my son like this?! Look at him and his friends!” Freya rolled her eyes.

“Mayor, be a good dog and sit.” The mayor was astounded by Freya’s words.

“I am aware that my servant might have crossed the line this time but, hear me out. There’s always a reason why she reacted that way.” The mayor didn’t say anything.

“Your son and his group of friends has offended my servant in a way that only the death of your son will compensate what he had done. That boy ... and his friends raped someone my servant acquainted with in turns. Do you think my servant would just let it slide?” The mayor stood up abruptly.

“Blasphemous! Where’s your proof! You don’t even have solid proof to prosecute my son! Where’s your son of rationality?!” Once again Freya glared at the mayor.

“Mayor. There is no need to pretend to be righteous. Now be a good boy and sit.” The mayor was enraged by the way Freya had treated him.

“Who do you think you are! Giving orders to me!” He was about to swing his hand to Freya when Billie intercept by grabbing his hand.

“If you even touch a single hair of milady, I won’t hesitate to do the same thing to you like I did to your son.” The mayor pulled his hand forcefully before sitting on he chair again.

“Now that you’re being civilised, I would like to propose a suggestion. We’ll let this matter slide or if you decided to use your power against me, we’ll see how well you can keep with with me. Mayor, I’m sure you’re well aware of my capability. Do we really need to remind ourselves how I destroyed your brother’s company?” The mayor shake his head no.

“You should be lucky that I let your son received the best treatment my hospital has to offer for free. Mr mayor, if you wish to have a steady career in this city, you have to obey and follow the rules. Your son has offended the wrong person this time.” The mayor looked down on the floor while Freya lecturing the old man.

“Do you still intend of bringing this matter to the police?” The mayor shake his head no.

“My son ... has done something unforgivable. I will let this slide.” Freya smiled.

“Good. Since you agreed to be obedient, I’ll make sure to give you a good word to the senator when I have the chance to meet him.” Billie was dumbfounded. She asked herself repeatedly, how could this 18 year old blonde beauty be this powerful?!

She even treat the mayor of this city like a ... like someone ... younger than she is.

“Thank you, Lady Freya.” Freya smiled before excusing herself. Billie followed her closely from behind.

“Billie, the mayor decided to dropped his report about you hurting his son. How would you repay me for talking him out of it?” Freya asked the obviously confused Billie.

“I ... I don’t know.” Billie said lowly.

“You don’t know? You have the guts to disobey me and now you said you have no idea how to repay me? What insolent.” Freya pressed on a button for the elevator.

“You’ll be paying the mayor’s son hospital bill. That’s how you repay me. This hospital belongs to Bridget Financial Group. I don’t care how long it takes for you to pay the debt. As long as you pay it, everything should be fine.” Billie nodded.

“Yes ma’am.” Freya walked into the elevator and pressed for the ground floor where Brian and Lily is.

“From now on, both you and Brian will be by our side every time we leave the comfort of our home. Both of you need to protect Lily like you did to me. She’s a dear friend of mine and also my future business partner. The Glendale family is crucial in my plan. I don’t want to risk it.” Billie nodded.

“What about Mr Damon? Should we protect like as well?” Freya laughed.

“He can take care of himself. He’s just my fiancé in front of my the public eye. He’s nothing but a tool my father wanted to use in the future. After all, Wesley family is among the 4 great family. The union between the Bridget and the Wesley will only lead to great things in the future.” Billie didn’t respond.

“I see. Whatever happens, you two will have to marry each other because of your family?” Freya didn’t get what Billie was trying to say.

“Pardon?” The elevator door opens and revealed the ground the floor.

“Nothing.” Freya shrugged her shoulder before she walked towards Brian and Lily. When Billie stood beside Brian, Freya can’t help but to disapprove of their choices of attire.

“Where should we go next? We have few more hours before meeting the president of this country. It’s hard for me to used every single connection I have to nailed us an appointment.” Lily sighed.

“The mall. We need to find proper attire for our bodyguard. You don’t expect them to see the president wearing jeans and shirt.” Freya made her way towards the front entrance where their car is waiting.

“We’re meeting the president? Like the real president who take care of this country? Why?!” Brian can’t believe his ears when he heard both Lily and Freya’s conversation.

“The Bridget family is one of the main benefactor of this country. Almost all of the facility available for this city and in other parts of this country was built by the Bridget family. Freya just want to make sure that the new appointed president knows what he’s doing.“ Lily sighed.

“What’s wrong Lily? Why did you sigh?” Brian asked. Billie squinted her eyes when her friend seemed friendlier to Lily than usual.

“Guys, from now on it’s going to be more dangerous than usual. We’re meeting the president and with Freya’s anger issues ... we need to make sure nothing bad happen to her when she meets the president. After all ... the new appointed president came from one of the great family. They always wished to be better, more Influential than the Bridget family.” Billie get it now.

“They want her dead as well huh?” Lily nodded.

“I’ve called a group of experienced bodyguard to help us when we needed it. But they will only show themselves when the situation gets dire.” Both Brian and Billie understood.

“Let’s go. We don’t want to keep her waiting in the car.”

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