Would You Die For Me?

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Chapter 8


*President’s Official Office*

This is not necessary but ... it’s better to be few step ahead of your enemy I guess. I even brought Brian and Billie who has no idea how politics work. The new appointed president has been changing the way the former president run the country. In my end, it’s not doing so well. And if it consist until I took ever the Bridget Financial Group, it’s going to be harder to convince this conman to be on my side.

“Lady Freya! You’re earlier. The president are entertaining another guests in this office. I’m afraid you have to wait for a while.” I clicked my tongue in annoyance. I was not early. Lily placed a hand on my shoulder before we followed the secretary to the waiting lounge.

“Mr President, it’s been a treat to have this conversation with you. I just hope that you won’t be someone who let a couple of 18 year old kids talk you into betraying me.” That voice. It’s the senator. I crossed my hands and legs when I watched him walked out from the president’s office.

They’re clearly talking about me. The expression he had on his face was priceless when I glared at them.

“Lady Freya! And the princess from the Glendale family too.” He’s obviously speechless.

“Mr President, your 2 o’clock is here.” The secretary announced.

“Of course. Please, Lady Freya, Lady Lily, come in. I’m sorry for the wait. Your friends can stay here while we discuss.” Friends? He meant Brian and Billie?

“For some security reason, I can’t allowed that. I’m sure you were notified about my recent incident with a group of assassin. I can’t be too layback even if I’m in the presence of the president.” He’s tick off by my words. Good.

He lead us to his office.

“It’s an honour to finally meet the princesses from the Bridget and he Glendale family. To what I owe this pleasure?” He smiled.

“We just want to make sure that we have the same perspective in many things. My grandfather has been developing this country together with the former president. I just want to know if we still have the same benefit like before.” His reaction changes. I see.

So the senator has his own plan in motion already? I was told that my uncle has been in contact with the senator. I didn’t expect them to work this fast.

“Benefit? The same perspective? What are you trying to imply here, Lady Freya?” And now he’s playing dumb with me. Lily was right. Luckily for us, Lily had already prepared a counter measures against this.

“My grandfather built Bayshore Academy to make sure that this country will produced the best future politician and business mogul when they graduated. But of course, in every batch has it owns bad seed.” The President smiled.

“From what my intelligence had gathered, your school has been the headquarters for problematic students. Processing drugs right under your noses. If that information managed to get into the hands of untrustworthy group of people, only God knows how your family will be view as by the public. Are you certain that this is a smart way to start a conversation with me, Lady Freya.” For him to know such confidential information, I’m surprised.

“I’ll be damn. How was it possible for the president of this country got the information that only the four of us has knowledge on? That’s rather suspicious. What do you think, Freya?” His expression changes yet again but this time he’s in the state of panic.

“I ... I ...” I raised a hand for him to stop making things worse.

“Mr President, I’ve done my investigation thoroughly about the things that happened in the academy. According to my reports, your daughter is one of the people that responsible for bringing such vile material into the academy.” He didn’t say anything.

“Now, my question. Did the senator asked you to give out the order to used your own daughter in such way?” His eyes reacted to my question but he kept his mouth shut.

“If you’re honest, I won’t let my friends force the answer out of you. I’m sure you were notified about the incident where my servant here beaten the crap out of the mayor’s son. Do you wish to have the same faith of him?” I know I shouldn’t be threatening the president but what other kind of method I should use?

Lily wasn’t fond of my decision but she let it slide for once.

“It wasn’t the senator. He‘a merely the scapegoat. It’s your uncle. He wants to destroy the academy so that the elders would blame you for your negligence. You’re still 18 years old. For now the elders favoured you to be the next head of the Bridget Financial Group but if this scandal was exposed, they can changed their mind and they have the power to rewrite the will. That’s when your uncle will have the perfect chance to set his plan in motion.” My uncle again.

Just how low is he willing to go just to have my position in the family?

“Will you bring justice to my daughter? She’s only acting under my orders. Please don’t hurt her. I have no choice but to comply. I’m the new appointed president of this country. And I have enemies behind my back ... your uncle swore that he would exposed my past if I disagree to help him.” What a sneaky little snake he is.

Did he really think that he could overthrow me with such simplistic way? Naive. So naive.

“As long as you work under me, I won’t do anything that will affected you and your family. But ... if I ever find out that you’re lying to me, I’m sorry mr president but ... you have to deal with my servants if that ever happen.” Both Brian and Billie cracked their knuckles in front of the president.

“And if you try to hurt Freya, you have to deal with the Glendale family as well. Not to mention the Wesley since Freya is engaged to their eldest son. Are you willing to make enemies with the 3 out of 4 great family?” Lily voiced our. He shake his head no.

“Good choice. Now, I assumed the Bridget family will have the same benefits like from the former president?” He nodded.

“And I think our visit here has concluded. Remember, mr president, we’ll be watching your every move.” I stood up from my seat and made my way towards the door.

“I’m sorry if we came here like ruffians. It’s the only way to make sure that no one will betrayed us. Although, it always happened in the end. But we have our own way to deal with betrayers. I hope you won’t suffer the same consequences, mr president.” Lily smiled before following my steps out from the office.

I’ve done dealing with external affairs. Now ... I have to fix the Bridget family internal affairs as soon as possible. If this keeps up, I might lose my life before I turned 21.



“Hey Billie, do you have to work today?” My father asked me as he prepared breakfast.

“Nope. Today is my day off. Why dad?” He smiled as he pour the omelette on my plate.

“Good! Since it’s Sunday, I was thinking that we could spent the weekend together. Like watching a movie or just have fun at mall. What do you think?” Huh? He’s not working today?

“You’re not working?” He shake his head no before sitting next to me at the kitchen island.

“No. I’ve been working for 2 weeks straight. The hospital gave me two days off. So, what do you think? It’s been such a long time since we had the chance to have fun together.” That’s true. And I do want to watch This movie that just came out.

“Sure dad.” We enjoyed our breakfast together until my father asked about the new bike and luxury car that was parked at the driveway.

“I thought I was dreaming when I came home the night before seeing a luxury car parked on my driveway. When I woke up the next morning, the car was still there. Billie ... tell me the truth ... you’re not seeking yourself to those ruffians, right? You’re not using your body to have all those things, right?” What kind of Korean drama has my father been watching?!

There’s no reason to keep it as a secret anymore. He is my father and ... he’s bound to know sooner or later. His reaction were priceless. At first, he thought I was bluffing when I told him that I was selected to be the head of the disco committee in Bayshore Academy.

“I even had the chance to meet the new president of this country yesterday. We even ... Well ... We kinda threatened the president to follow orders.” My father’s eyes widen.

“You ... threatened the president of this country?! Where did I ever do wrong? Was it because I was too doting? Is it because I was not strict while raising you? Billie ... I let you learned martial arts for helping others. Not threatening states officials.” My father was about to hit the back of my back when I intervened.

“I was just following orders.” My father sighed.

“Well ... if you’re really working under Freya Bridget, that’s bound to happen. Even the hospital I’m currently working for belongs to Bridget Financial Group. There are rumoured that has been going around in the gynaecology department where Lady Freya frequently visited the department few months ago. They believed she went to abort her child.” Wait ... What?

She did mentioned she have to do what her parents told her to do and that includes ... using her body but ... did she actually got pregnant? No ... I can’t just simply believe that kind of rumour. It’s baseless and ... and ... my mind turned blank just from thinking about her.

“Billie! Are you okay? You seemed distant for a bit there. Is there something going on between you and Lady Freya? Billie, she outrank us in terms of status. She’s a lady ... and we’re just commoners.” I know dad. You don’t have to tell me. She’s engaged to begin with.

What ever happens, she’s bound to marry that guy. That ... useless and overly protective guy.

“Your food is getting cold.” I was hungry before but now ... I’m not. I forced myself to finish my breakfast before I went to get ready for our father and daughter outing today.

“Ugh ... finally. I’ve been waiting for so long. As punishment, you’re driving today. Here.” My father threw his keys to me. When he opened the front door, I was surprised to see both Lily and Freya standing in front of my door.

“Umm ... hello?” Lily was the first to smile at my father.

“You must be Mr Alexander Black. We’re friends of Billie. My name is Lily and this is Freya. I’m sorry if she seemed a bit rude. She’s the type to be shy in front of strangers.” My father was speechless. He turned to me and our guests back and forth.

“It seemed like we’re at a bad time. We’re sorry for interrupting your precious moment.” Freya was about to leave when my father called her out.

“Since you’re here, why not just join us? The more the merrier. We can even invite Brian to go with us.” Freya was about to decline when Lily interrupted her.

“We would love to join you guys. I’ll give Brian a call.” Lily smiled from ear to ear when she reached for her phone.

“Is there something going on with Brian and that girl?” My father whispered loud enough for me to hear. I shrugged my shoulder because I have no idea myself. Looking at Freya, she seemed to be dressed to attend an important meeting.

Once Brian here, we decided to drive towards the mall and went straight to the cinema to buy some tickets before there’s a lot of people in line. Since we have few more hours before the movie start, my father decided to bring us all to a ... family restaurant.

Not only it’s loud and uncomfortable. I’m afraid both Lily and Freya aren’t accustomed to this kind of place. They seemed so lost!

“What is your father thinking treating them like ... kids?!” Brian whispered to me. I ... I have no words how to describe how embarrassed I am!

“So this is what they called as father daughter bonding time huh? It’s fun.” Did I just ... heard Freya chuckled?!

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