Would You Die For Me?

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Chapter 9


Watching Billie and her father interact with each other reminded me of how distant i am with my own parents. They are alive but ... it’s been forever since they treated me like their own daughter.

“Something on your mind, Freya?” It’s Lily. When did she got back from the restroom? I don’t even realised she’s been next to me.

“Nothing much. The movie was good. I like how the female protagonist aren’t weak and didn’t expect some Prince Charming to save her from any sticky situation. It’s rare to see that kind of masterpiece in the silver screen.” Lily chuckled at my answer.

“I’m going to pretend that you didn’t just lied to me ... for now. By the way, was it a good idea to suddenly appeared at Billie’s home this morning?” Yes. It was a good idea but now we’re in the way of a father daughter bonding time. And I can’t help but to feel guilty about this.

“There you are! I’ve been looking all over!” Brian suddenly appeared out of breath in front of us.

“Come on! I want to show you two something.” Brian grabbed on Lily’s hand while lily grabbed on mine. Brian dragged us to another part of the mall where Mr Black, Billie’s father and Billie interacting with a bodacious looking girl.

Billie seemed a bit on the friendly terms with her. What exactly is their relationship with each other?

“Who is that woman?” Lily asked.

“Billie’s ex girlfriend. She’s a year older than us. Uncle Alex fond of her because Billie only listen to her when she was out of control. Now that I thought about it, Lady Freya, you managed to stopped her at the nightclub. How did you do that?” He asked.

I have no idea myself. I was just telling her to stop whatever she’s doing and she did.

“Why did they ended their relationship? They seemed friendly with each other.” Lily asked.

“Well, Billie ended their relationship because of her family. They love each other to the point that Billie willing to let her go even though it means she’s going to suffered.” I see. It always comes to the family where every relationship has to end just because they aren’t up to par.

“How did Mr Black take it when he knew his only daughter is gay?” I voiced out.

“Uncle Alex was open minded about it and he even supported Billie when she came out. To be honest, everyone around us quite supportive of the LGBT community. Billie actually one of the luckiest if I may add.” Suddenly Billie turned her attention towards us. She waved and asked to come forth.

“Why are you guys hiding behind that booth?” She asked. Brian laughed it off. Billie proceed by introducing her ex to us. When we shake hand, I noticed that she’s wearing a gold ring. I smiled.

“I’m Freya.” I introduced myself.

“Olivia. It’s nice seeing Billie beginning to make new friends. See! I told you it’s easy. Just ... don’t make it hard for them. Okay?” Somehow I think Billie’s reaction wasn’t ... sincere. Is it because of the ring her ex is wearing? They did broke up without any resentment towards each other.

I’m sure there’s still a bit of love left in her heart for her ex.

“Is it just me or she kept on looking at us from head to toe?” Lily whispered into my ear.

“Olivia! There you are. I was looking all over for you. Oh, you’re with friends?” Automatically my eyes went to see his fingers. And I was right. They’re engaged.

Billie’s body language changes as soon as the guy showed up in front of us. This Olivia girl didn’t even noticed that and proceed to introduced the bastard to us. How can someone be so ... clueless.

I decided to leave Lily’s side and wrapped my arms around Billie’s waist. Billie was confused but it seemed she could see what I’m trying to do as she placed her arm on my shoulder.

“Oh ... I didn’t expect Billie to ... and you ... oh!” I raised an eyebrow when Olivia seemed to be stumbling with her words.

“Didn’t expect what?” Luckily we got the matching pinky ring from our date before. And ... now I know why I didn’t even bother to take it off. I bet her father, Brian and Lily didn’t expect this. Even without looking at my best friend I know she’s snickering back there.

“Well, nice meeting some of Olivia’s friends. I’m sorry for cutting this meeting short but we have to go now. We still need to buy a lot of things for the wedding.” The bastard smiled before leaving with his fiancée.

I finally let go of Billie’s waist when they are out of sight but Billie still kept a firm hold of my shoulder.

“I’m sorry, milady. But ... can we just ... stay this way for a moment or two more? I ... I don’t think I can walk on my own.” Huh? How can someone who beat up a group of thugs be this weak on the inside?

“Sure ...” I patted her hand as we walked behind her father.

“But it’ll cost you.” I smirked.

“Milady can just add it to the debt I owe you from the mayor’s treatment bill. I will do whatever I can to pay you back.” I chuckled.

“No. Thats too much. There’s another way you can pay me back. Please accompany me to my family’s annual dinner. Normally I would bring Damon with me but ... he’s not ready to meet my uncle yet. He’s mentally too weak to face my uncle who constantly trying to kill me. Unlike you, you’ve been through a lot just at such short amount of time being my personal bodyguard.” She didn’t respond immediately.

But when we arrived at the car, she finally let go of my shoulder.

“Sure. Just tell me what kind of attire I should wear and how should I act when meeting them. I don’t want to embarrass you.” Good. That was easy.



“So, Lily. What kind of people I’m about to meet? Should I be worried?” Lily hummed while tying Billie’s tie for her.

“Freya’s parents are basically a tyrant who wants nothing but money and power. Her uncle wants her dead because he wants to take over the family business. You’ve meet Daphne before so I’m sure you knew what kind of person she is but ... just a heads up, she’s not the Daphne you thought she be.” Lily chuckled.

“Her grandmother ... well ... she doesn’t show it in public but she despise Freya because she thought that Freya tricked her husband into giving the family’s important role to her instead of her favourite son, the uncle. She is what you call someone who have two different personality. In public, she’s a kind human being but when it private, she’s a vicious, truth-twister bitch.” Suddenly we both heard someone clearing its throat.

“If you’re going to talk about my family, please make sure the door is close. What if they heard you? Lily, is everything going smoothly?” Lily smiled as she fixes my suit.

“Everything is fine. Billie insisted on wearing a suit instead of a dress. Too bad. She would look lovely in one especially the one we choose.” I took a step back.

“It would be hard for me to do anything in a skirt if there’s an emergency.“ I just realised that ... Freya is wearing something that looks like it was used in a runway show. With her blonde hair in a bear bun, her neck decorated with the most expensive piece of jewellery, she’s exactly what a noble lady would look like.

“So, did Lily explained to you what you should do?” I nodded.

“Just follow your lead. And obey your orders even if it means to harm your family in the process. No question ask.” Freya smiled.

“Good. That’s what I want to hear. Someone whose not afraid of my uncle or my grandmother. Just ... make sure you don’t hurt Daphne’s family. My brother in law and nephew is not your target. The rest ... well ... good luck for them.” Freya turned to the mirror before she looked up to me without turning back.

“My cousins is a bit out of control. If they seemed hostile, just do whatever necessary to forbid them from hurting me. At this point, they’re basically a walking bomb. It’s only a matter of time before they actually explode.” I turned to Lily.

“For the last few days, Freya has been playing with the stock market. Her action cause a few mishap for their company and they have to deal with loses that ... I guess cost them more that a few millions.” Lily chuckled. Millions?! I guess it’s normal for them to have spare of change in that form.

“Lily ... stick close to me and Billie. We don’t want the same incident to happen again.” Protecting two princesses from two different family? That’s easy. But if I ever in a pinch, I’m sure Brian would be notified since he’s stationed outside with the rest of Freya’s security personnel.

“Let’s go.” Freya lead is our from her room and meet her sister whom holding a cute little boy by the stairs.

“Freya!” The little boy seemed excited to see Freya. Daphne was surprised to see me.

“You brought Billie with you? Freya ... what do you have in mind? Should I be worried?” A man suddenly appeared beside Freya’s sister whom I assume her husband.

“Charles, I have a bad feeling about this. Let’s skip this dinner.” The man of Charles smiled while he tried to calm his wife.

“I’m sure Freya has a perfect reason for bringing her private bodyguard. Beside, uncle is coming. If I’m in Freya’s shoes, I would do the same too.” Freya smiled at her brother in law.

“Let’s go. I don’t want our parents to accuse us of planning something behind their back. Although, I am.” Freya smirked before walking down the stairs.

“Freya ...” Damon, Freya’s fiancé was seen standing by the foot of the stairs. Freya was surprised.

“So you ended up coming here even after I warned you about my uncle? You have guts, Damon.” Damon sighed before looking at me.

“Please ... protect me. I may know how to defend myself but I can’t do anything reckless to her uncle. Please Freya ... tell her to protect me.” Freya sighed.

“Billie.” I acknowledge Freya’s orders. I understand why he’s useless in this kind of situation. From what I heard from Lily, he too was forced to be engaged to Freya. It’s their parents ways of creating necessary connection between two family.

They did the same with Daphne. She’s married into the Glendale family but her husband took her last name so everyone knows that they’re stronger in bond. With all of this conflict, I just don’t know what to say about these rich people.

“It’s nice to see both of you getting along.” A man and a woman suddenly greeted both Freya and Damon. If you can consider that as a greeting.

“Mother ... please. Not now.” Damon hushed his mother. So this is Mr and Mrs Wesley huh? They do look dignified. She seemed friendly but ... who knows that might be just a simple facade.

“And who might you be? I have no recollection of you before.” What should I say? Should I even say anything? I could only bow.

“She’s my personal bodyguard. Please just pretend she’s not here.” Thank God Freya answered it for me. But ... does she have to say the last part?

Suddenly, I felt a small hand holding mine. When I looked down, Daphne’s son was blushing hard while pointing at the dining table.

“He wants you to sit with us. Little William hates our uncle. He felt intimidated and he always ends up losing his appetite. Maybe he sense the same aura as I did when we first met.” Well, if Freya says so. I have no right to object.

I watched as Freya went sit at the end of the dining table. So elegant yet so ... mysterious.

“Who are you and why are you sitting next to Sit William?” I turned to Freya who gave me a low nod.

“I’m here because I was ordered to.” This man turned to Freya.

“Daphne, my dear. Since when did your son become so ... rude? He should know that this is an important dinner. Stranger aren’t allow to be here.” Freya raised her hand.

“Father. She’s my bodyguard. Now please, everyone take their seat. It’s just a dinner.” And just like they they listened to her. Just how ... did she do that?

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