Would You Die For Me?

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Chapter 10


Sitting at this dining table made me realised how rude I’ve become since I was told that I would be the one who will take over the family business when I turned to a suitable age. Watching my parents ... my own grandmother ... my uncle and my aunt ... even my cousins treating me this way.

How did I became so ‘lucky’?

“Freya, I was informed by my children that you decided to have your ways with their company. May I know the reason why you make the call?” My uncle decided to show his fangs already? That’s bold of him.

“I was merely act appropriately to address the issues that might bring shame to our family. They should understand why. Why don’t you asked them? Better yet ... do the investigation yourself.” My uncle was speechless at how I respond to him. He turned to his children, warning them to never embarrass him.

“Freya, my dear. How could you treat your own cousin that way? Their company is booming and what you’ve done has not only reflected on the group but also out distinguish name. What do you have to say for yourself?” This time my grandmother decided to intervene.

She has always favoured my cousins since they were born. Even Daphne doesn’t get much attention except when she decided to marry Lily’s brother. I noticed how uncomfortable Daphne has become. I smiled.

“Like I said before, all I did was to make sure that I don’t have to fix their mess in the future. And I hope ... what I’ve done will make them realised how small they are in my eyes.” I glared at my cousins who avoided eye contact.

This dinner only made things worse between us. Why do I have to be here even? They obviously doesn’t like my presence here. Hell, even my own parents didn’t even tried to defend me!

“You’re too young to know what is right and what is wrong in the business world. You have no experience whatsoever. Sure, your grandfather did taught you a few things before his passing but your cousins has more experience and even graduated from a top university before building their own company. Do you really thing you can do whatever you like just because you’re going to inherit the group?” I never knew my grandmother could be such a bitch.

“Please stop accusing my fiancée of causing your misfortune. This has nothing to do with Freya. You invited this trouble yourself. She’s only protected the legacy that was given to her by her grandfather.” Damon really stepped up this time!

And here I thought he’s just a merely weak boy who only does thing what his parents told him to.

“Know your place. Who do you think you are speaking to my mother like that?” And like I had predicted, he just couldn’t fight back my uncle’s menacing aura. He needs to be stronger if he really wants to be my husband.

Unlike someone in this dining table, she has been unaffected by this awkward conversation at all. Even though everyone has given her a hard time, she still composed herself and never even reacted to any of their agenda. I’m impressed.

“That’s enough, uncle. He spoke out of turn but he only did it to defend me. Unlike some people I know ... they choose to shut their mouth. How shameful.” My parents ignored me and continued to eat their dinner.

“This has been quite a dinner. Let’s not continue this kind of act in front of my son. He’s still young and every single adult on this table shamelessly teaching him how to be arrogant. If you have anything to say about business wise, please come to my office first thing tomorrow. I’ll be gladly to talk it out with you. And as for you three. What Freya did to your company is what I call a way to vanishing unwanted attention to our family.” Daphne suddenly stabbed the table with her fork.

“Doing illegal businesses, counterfeit important documents, slandering my sister, my husband and even my own name in the process. You’re lucky that Freya has been kind to your soul. If only she let me handle this matter, you wouldn’t even be here right now.” I smiled when Billie subconsciously covering my nephew’s ears when my sister was speaking.

“You ungrateful bitch! Who do you think you are! You are nothing but Freya’s older sister and her lackey! You don’t even have the right to speak to us like that!” Billie ‘accidentally’ threw her fork in front of our raging cousin.

“My hand just slip. I’m sorry.” Slip?! More like murderous intent. At least she’s protecting the people who are dear to me. Lily offered to take away my nephew to somewhere safer since this dinner has become a war zone for my sister and our cousins. By now, Billie decided to stand behind me, waiting for my orders.

To be honest, I have no intention to make this dinner a failure but their actions against that principle. If they want to act, I shall retort accordingly.

“Our company has suffered millions of loses when you decided to attacked by buying our backers stocks from us. And you still think that your method is righteous? What gives you the right to do this? You’re not even the president of Bridget Financial Group yet!” He finally lost it. I didn’t even know he has the audacity to aim his gun at me. So bold ... unlike his father who does things in the shadow.

“What are you doing! Get that gun out of here!“ his father tried to talk reason with him but he’s failing. Rage has consumed him but why does this situation doesn’t has an effect on me? The first time I was aimed at, I nearly pee my pants. But now ... it’s like a normal occurrence for me.

“Die!” In spilt seconds, his gun fall on the table when something hit his hand. Billie made her way to his back and stopped his movement by hugging him from behind. He struggled a bit but Billie was too strong for him. My brother in law took the gun away and gave it to a group of security personnel who came into the dining hall.

Billie must’ve alerted them.

“I can’t save you now, my son. You’re on your own. I did warned you but ... you just didn’t listen to my orders.” My uncle sighed heavily including his wife. Hmmm ... how did Billie made him released his gun? Her skills ... she’s too professional to be called as a mere martial artist.

Who is she truly?


“Billie ... what time did you got home yesterday? When I was home, you weren’t there. I thought you went to spent a night at your friends house but here you are this morning.” I smiled at my father.

“When did I ever spent a night at Brian’s home? Dad, he’s the only friend that I could trust. Anyway, I think it was 12 am? I’m not sure myself. Lily was the one sending me home last night.” My father sighed.

“You were with Lady Freya last night? As what? A friend of her bodyguard? Billie, I thought you left Volin because you hated to kill another person. And yet here you are, associating yourself with such person. Billie, is there something going on between you and Lady Freya?” Where did he got that idea from?

“Dad. I was chosen to go to Volin because they saw my potential in martial arts. Sure, it was a nice experience being trained to be an assassins but ... after my first kill ... I don’t ... like the feeling afterward. At least being at Freya’s side I could enhance my skill and also protect her.” My father shake his head no.

“And here I thought I wouldn’t have to worry about my daughter after getting herself out from Volin. You never told me why did you agreed to be working under her.” I smiled.

“She saw me threatening some group of students whom nullifying my schoolmate. She used that reason to lured me into the student council. Thus giving me the position of being the head of disciplinary committee. And because I hate to be alone, I dragged Brian with me.” My father chuckled.

“I never knew that my daughter are actually quite sneaky. Anyway, it’s almost your mother’s Memorial Day. Would you like to invite your friends for her remembrance? I’m sure your mother would be please to know that you have new friends to introduce.” Hmmm ... interesting. But should I? Normally I would just asked Brian and her family to come.

“I need to asked them. But just don’t get your hopes up. And also, like always, I’ll be taking care of the flowers this year too. I know what I should get.” My father smiled.

“Billie ... have I ever told you how proud I am of you? I’m sure if your mother was here ... she will feel the same too. Anyway, eat up. You don’t want to be late for school.” He’s right. Beside I have to pick both Freya and Lily.

I just don’t get it. They’re capable of driving themselves or even asked someone to sent them to school. Why would they need me to pick them up?

I finished up my breakfast and bid my father goodbye. I placed my backpack over my shoulder and picked the car key that was hang by the door. By now, our neighbourhood just gradually let it go after seeing me driving such an expensive car. At first they were so nosy that they spread unnecessary rumour like my father finally hit a jackpot by getting himself a rich woman to be with.

“Took you long enough.” Brian was leaning by the car when I walked out from my home. I smiled as I unlocked the car.

“What’s wrong?” I asked when I noticed he’s not his usual self. He didn’t say anything when I started to drive. It was when we stopped at a traffic light when he finally sigh.

“Billie ... I hate myself.” Huh?

“Why? Did something happened at home?” He shake his head no.

“It’s not about my family. Its about my heart. Billie ... I think ... I’m in love with Lady Lily. But she’s too busy to acknowledge my feelings to her. It’s like you with Lady Freya. She was too fixated with her job to even noticing how you would admire her from afar.” What the fuck?! How did I come into the picture here?!

“Brian ... what are you talking about? Freya and I have nothing between us. Unlike you and Lily, I sense something odd everyone you two were together so it’s not that hard to pinpoint what’s really going on.” I shrugged my shoulder before continue to drive when the light turns green.

“Don’t lie to me, Billie. We’ve known each other for quite some time. You have feelings for Lady Freya, right? Just admit it. No one is here.” My feelings for Freya?

“To be honest, I do have a bit of feelings for her but I know my place well, Brian. She’s engaged and I’m just someone in her feeble memory. She doesn’t need someone like me. I’m just a lowly crow while she’s a beautiful swan.” Brian smirked when he heard me.

When we arrived at Freya’s home, I noticed that both her and Lily are standing by their front door. I couldn’t ignored the fact that Freya seemed a bit flushed than usual. Is she okay?

“Good morning.” Lily greeted us when they went inside.

“Are you okay, Lady Freya? You seemed a bit flushed.” I asked while looking at her reflection through the mirror. She waved her hands, ordering me to drive. Well, if she’s fine, it should be okay. Brian chuckled and so did Lily. What is going on here?

“Guys ... I know this is sudden but Brian and Lily have something to tell you.” Lily suddenly announced. Both me and Freya didn’t expect this at all.

“What is it?” Freya asked.

“We couldn’t ignore our feelings anymore. We’re together.” Huh?! Wait ... didn’t Brian just ... I turned to my best friend who smiled at me from ear to ear. Did he just set me up? Is that why Freya been avoiding making eye contact with me?!

Did I just subconsciously confessed?!

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