Would You Die For Me?

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Chapter 11


I’m a beautiful swan huh? When did she even have the time to have that kind of feelings towards me? I have to admit, she does makes me feeling a lot of things since the first time we met. But ... I didn’t expect her to called me a swan.

“Still thinking about Billie’s sudden confession? I was right all along. She does have feelings for you.” Lily suddenly appeared out of nowhere. When I turned to face her, she looked away, avoiding eye contact.

If only she didn’t asked me to listen to the phone this morning, I wouldn’t be feeling a this way the whole day! Now that I thought about it, was that their plan all along? To set us up?

“What about you Freya? Do you have feelings for Billie? She’s been protecting you. You’ll be lying to yourself if you didn’t feel anything. She did just take down your cousin who tried to shoot you with a gun. And she also came to your aid when we were attacked.” She did but ... isn’t that what she supposed to do?

“I’m engaged. Even if I did have feelings for her, my engagement must go on. It’s to ensure my survival in the future after being the president of Bridget Financial Group. With you and Damon by my side, my uncle will never touch me.” Lily chuckled.

“Billie can always be your bodyguard. And who knows ... a secret rendezvous every time Damon pissed you off?” Was she just telling me to be an unfaithful fiancée/wife in the future?!

“Stop spouting nonsense. Anyway, is there any news regarding the expulsion of the students from this school?” Lily shake her head.

“Even the chairman refuse to help us this time. How can he? We’re planning to get rid of several important people from our school. Of course he won’t do whatever we asked him to do. Sure, you have the upper hand but those students ... they have powerful figure backing them up. The chairman has cold feet.” He dare to defy my orders?

“Cold feet? Just how much did he asked to keep his mouth shut this time?” I asked. Lily calculate with her fingers.

“Hmm ... from what I can gathered, almost 10 million dollars. That’s quite a lot of sum just to keep your child inside a school, huh?” Lily chuckled.

“It’s not surprising since this academy are recognised by many prestigious university. They just want to keep their children inside the best school for their future. Well, if the chairman decided to keep the students inside the academy, we should let them. Just asked Billie to keep an eye on them.” Lily nodded.

“I will let Brian know since we’re going on a date later.” That intrigued my interest.

“When did it happened? I never thought you would defy your parents and get yourself a boyfriend.” Lily smiled.

“Eh, just a few days ago. He asked me if I want To get to know each other better so I’m like, sure.” Lily chuckled. That is so not romantic.

“He’s going to meet my parents this weekend.” Huh? Isn’t that too ... fast?

“I know, I know. Why so soon? I just don’t want to lie to my parents whenever we want to get together. I’m an honest person, Freya. Have you ever seen me lied to my parents?” I raised an eyebrow.

“Several times. You asked me to lied to your parents when you went on a trip to Milan just for that viral ice cream. Not to mention you asked me to lie again when you want to spent a night at your ex boyfriends summer home ... alone. Also you asked me to lie yet again when you broke one of their precious painting after you host a party without their permission. Lily, you lied to them every single time you’re in trouble.” Lily sighed.

Before Lily could retort back, a woman suddenly made an appearance in my office. Odd. I never seen her before.

“Lady Freya Bridget?” The woman spoke.

“Speaking. I’m sorry but I never seen you before. This is a private academy. You don’t have the right to enter this academy especially this building. It belongs to the student council. I hope you have a very good reason to trespassed my property like this.” She smiled.

“Please don’t be wary. I’m here because someone that I know off currently working or ... should I say under a contract with you unofficially.” Huh? What’s going on? I turned to Lily whether she knows something that I didn’t. She shake her head no.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“My identity is not important but I should at least tell you whom I represent.” She gave me a card. As I read the content, my eyes widen.

Volin Women’s Academy?!

Isn’t that ... a private sector of education where they specifically trained professional assassins?! It’s quite well known among the people from my cycle because if you need to end someone or to be protected, Volin is the answer.

The real question now, why is someone from Volin here ... in front of me?

“I see. I’ve heard of this school before. Why are you here? I don’t think I ever require your service before.” The woman nodded.

“That’s true but you did made an unofficial contract with one of our assassins. Although she’s been discarded, but she still works for Volin. This kind of action need to be deal with as soon as possible.” This crimson hair woman explained. Huh? When did ... hold on. Billie?! Is Billie a student from Volin?!

But I thought she’s just someone who love martial arts. Is that why we can’t find anything from her past? Is that why she said she ever killed a man before?!

“I see you have a lot of questions. Am I allow to enlighten you about It?” The woman smiled. As much as I hate this, she’s right. I need to know more.

Who exactly Billie Black truly is. Why didn’t she told me the whole truth?


“Thank you for the tea, Miss Glendale.” Lily was surprised when the woman knows her name. She smiled.

“Yes, I know everything about you. I always did my own research before coming to see anyone. I can use them as leverage if I’m ever in trouble. Volin taught us well. Miss Glendale, you should consider joining us. With the way you managed to find anyone’s information, you could be an asset in Volin.” Lily smiled back.

“I’m comfortable working for Freya. But thank you.” Lily blushed. I don’t think that’s a compliment at all.

“So, Miss, who exactly is Billie Black?” The woman turned to me after sipping her cup of tea.

“Billie’s mother used to be a student of Volin. She was such a talented assassins. But unfortunately, she met her husband, Alexander Black and they got hitched. Our chairwoman was kind enough to let her be free from the academy but ... the chairwoman can’t ignore the fact that her offspring has such promising talent in martial arts.” The woman take a few more sip.

“At a tender age of 5, she even learn how to learn karate just from watching television. That’s why the chairwoman made a deal with Mr and Mrs Black. If he agreed to let Billie enrol in Volin, they will have a better life. But of course they hate the idea of Billie enrolling to Volin in such young age. Few days after they decided to decline the chairwoman’s generous offer, an old enemy of Mrs Black managed to find her whereabout and end her life in front of her family.” My eyes widen.

So it wasn’t cancer?! That was just a story made up by Billie and her father?!

“When Billie was 10, she knock on the chairwoman’s door without her father’s knowledge and asked to be enroll into Volin. Of course the chairwoman agreed but with a condition where Billie wish to avenge the death of her mother.” At such a young age, filled with rage. I understand why.

“Alas, she was trained by the best and she did fulfilled her dream to avenge her mother. Unfortunately for us, she decided to retired after succeeding in her first mission. Since then she has been discarded but never been erase from our logbook. When we were told that Billie has been running wild, imagine our surprised when the famous lady from Bridget family actually using our assassin for her own gain.” This is slandering! I have no idea she was a Volin!

“Are you here to slander me? Try if you must. You shall regret it the next day!” The woman raised both hands.

“Please refrain from doing anything that might get you in trouble. Sure, you have the upper hand when it comes to destroying other establishment but for Volin, you need to be careful. There are a lot of influential people backing our chairwoman. You wouldn’t want to involve in such trivial matter.” She has a point.

Bridget Financial Group might have such a big influence in the business and political world but Volin ... they are bigger. I’ve heard a lot of stories from my parents’s acquaintance and they are not someone you should mess with.

“So, Miss ... umm ... miss. Why exactly are you here?” The woman smiled when Lily asked her reason to be here.

“I was wondering if you want to make an official contract with Billie. If you do, we won’t bring you to court for using our service without paying us in advance.” Making a contract with Volin?! But I’m underage!

“But since you’re under 21 years old, you need your lawyer or any of your legal guardian to be present before you sign a contract with us.” What should I do? This is ...

“Freya, think about it. With Volin backing you up, your uncle won’t even dare to touch you. About the legal guardian, we can ask daphne to be present when you sign the contract. They will help you when you take over the group.” Lily is right. But ... there must be a reason why Billie decided to be a discarded member of Volin.

“Miss. Why did Billie leave Volin?” I asked.

“The only reason why she agreed to be an assassin was to avenge her mother. She killed the man who ordered to kill her mother. After that she refuse to take any missions. But ... she did agreed to be working for you as a private bodyguard. That’s against the law of our academy. And she was skilled enough to evade meeting us every time.” The woman sighed.

“That’s why we decided to meet you instead.” She smiled.

“What kind of benefit will Freya have if she agreed to sign the contract?” The woman chuckled.

“I’m so glad you asked, Miss Glendale. Once you signed the contract, you’re official under our protection. That’s mean, your safety is our priority. Those who wish to harm or have ill intention towards you shall be punish either by our hands or by the court of law. We will provide you with the necessary resources if you need them for your work. Because if we don’t do that, how would you pay us, right?” The woman chuckled.

So that’s mean ... I can use their resources to ... have my own revenge? Interesting.

“May I be frank, Lady Freya?” I nodded.

“You have no strong backing for now. If you wish to continue with your plan, you need solid support behind you. Do you really think the president of this country can be any use in the future? He’s useless. You only have the Glendale family as your protector now. But with Volin, the chairwoman will have your back.” The chairwoman of a notorious academy will be my backing?

“Not to mention the Vladimir’s.” The woman smiled.

“Freya ...” Both Lily and this woman seemed to be waiting for my final answer.

“What about Billie?” I asked. The woman suddenly pointed at the door.

“Billie, get yourself inside now.” She’s been here the whole time?! Billie knock on the door before entering my office.

“If that’s what the lady wishes, I shall do whatever it takes to do a splendid job.” The woman smiled at how Billie answered me.

I always asked myself the way to make myself invincible against my own family. Now ... I have the answer that I seek. But ... it seemed like it would hurt someone. But my future ... is more important.

“Lily ... called Daphne and asked her to be Come her as soon as she can.” Lily nodded and we’ll make the necessary call.

“Wise decision, Lady Freya. And Billie ... welcome back.” Billie placed her hand across her shoulder before bowing at the crimson hair woman.

“Thank you for the wish, Lady Red.” Lady Red?! Is that her code name? Anyway ... what the heck I just agreed on even?

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