Would You Die For Me?

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Chapter 12


“Lady Red ... what have I done to deserve this? I thought I told the chairwoman that I’m done being an assassin. Why did you have to undisclosed my secret to Lady Freya?” Lady Red was checking herself on the mirror while fixing her make up.

I have no choice but to brought her back to my home. Beside, if I avoid her again, I don’t think I will survive her attack.

“Because you agreed to served someone without our permission. That action alone consider as a breached of contract, Billie. I thought we taught you better than this.” Lady Red turned to face me with a smile.

“But ... I am a discarded student. The chairwoman has no right to plan my future ...” Lady Red glared at me. If I keep this up, she might even attack just to discipline me.

“Never speak ill about the chairwoman, Billie. Have you forgotten what happened to students who speak ill of her? Do you want to be ship off to Siberia?” Honestly, no. I’ve been to the confinement centre in Siberia. It wasn’t pretty.

“I’m sorry, Lady Red. But is it really okay to for Lady Freya to be in contract with Volin? She’s not like any other client. She’s ...” Lady Red chuckled.

“The next head of Bridget Financial Group? Not to mention she’s going to be a really important figure in Bridget Group Corporation? Yes, the chairwoman is aware. That’s why she took the initiative to protect her from harm. Volin will take full responsibility for her safety.” It’s one way to make sure she’s safe.

But ... I don’t think the chairwoman doing this from the goodness of her heart. There must be something she’s after. Before I could even ask Lady Red, someone, I assume my father unlocking the front door. He’s home already?

“Oh my ... Lady Red?! Billie! What’s going on?! I thought you said if someone from Volin came to see you ... something bad is happening. What did you do now?” My father was yelling at me.

“Relax, Alex. There is no need for you to be so hostile with me. I was there when Billie was born and I saw her grew up to be such a wonderful person. You’ve done a good job raising her. Also, the only reason why I’m here is because Madam Irina asked me to.” My father clicked his tongue in annoyance.

“That woman again. Why can’t she just let Billie be? Why does she have to care for us this much?” My father need to stop talking like this. Lady Red won’t even bet an eye on hurting anyone who speak ill of the chairwoman.

“Alex, mind your words. If madam didn’t pick your wife from the gutter, you wouldn’t even have a daughter today. Now, fetch me a glass of water. We have matters to discuss. It’s about your living condition.” My father was not having it but he still went to get a glass of water for Lady Red.

“Such an obedient man. Anyway ...” she starts by drinking before placing the glass on the table.

“You two need to move out from this hell hole. Volin will provide you guys with the perfect and safe home. Yes Alex. It’s hard to have a daughter who trained to be an assassin. But you need to know that she inherit your wife’s gene. She’s a natural. And as her mentor, I am proud to see her strive for excellence in this field.” I decided to leave Lady Red with my father. I don’t think this concerns me at all.

When I finally inside my room, I close the door and went to sit on my bed, rethinking about the whole ordeal. I worked so hard on leaving my dark past and yet the chairwoman managed to lured me back into the world of bloodshed.

I guess she wasn’t kidding when she said once an assassin, always an assassin. But I agreed on her terms when I first knocking on her door. I was clouded by the thought of revenge that I even turned myself into something that my parents protected me from.

It was at that moment I heard someone knocking on my window. When I turned to see what it was, imagine my surprise to see Freya waving her hands at me.

“Let me in!” She mouth while looking at her surrounding.

“What’s wrong? And what are you doing here dressing like this?” She wore a beautiful satin gown that almost made her look like a princess.

“I ran away. Now please help me up. I need to hide.” Hide?! But since she looked distress, I decided to help her in from the window. She sighed heavily before asking for a glass of water. Did she just ran all the way here?

“The Wesley’s took things too far. Luckily there was a group of woman helped me escaping from their evil plan. Can you believe that they even have the guts to forced their oldest son to rape me! And he said they will asked Damon to take responsibility! I was so mad that I even kicked his crotch and escaped.” Huh?! Why did the Wesley did such thing? Do they wish to die that badly?

“Wait, a group of woman? Did you said a group of woman just helped you?” Freya nodded. I guess Volin has decided to follow her everywhere she goes. I noticed her hands shaking from the adrenaline.

“You’re safe here. No need to worry about anything. I don’t think any normal human would even dare to attack this place while Lady Red is around. If they do, I guess they want to die that badly.” It wasn’t long when we heard commotion outside.

“What should we do now? They’re here. I didn’t expect them to be here so soon. I’m sorry for this mess, Billie. I shouldn’t have come here in the first place.” I stopped her from saying unnecessary things.

“I will protect you, Lady Freya. Don’t worry too much. Let’s meet up with Lady Red. She knows what to do next.” Freya nodded and followed me to see Lady Red whom playing with a short knife.

“I didn’t expect to be working tonight. Billie, make sure to keep Lady Freya safe. I’ll handle the things outside. Mr Bridget has been such a naughty boy.” Freya was surprised.

“Me Bridget?! My father sent them? Or my uncle?!” Lady Red smiled.

“Both, my dear. Both.”



“Both, my dear. Both.”

Even my own father wanted to kill me? Why? Just because of wealth and power, he willing to kill his own daughter?! I never thought that there will be a moment where I have to seek refuge in a strangers arms like this.


Billie has been risking her life to save me since the day we met.

“Lady Red, be careful. You might be of the top notch assassin in Volin but we all know you have few wrinkles on your face now. Just come back alive.” Did Mr Black was trying to be nice by calling Lady Red old?

“Billie, do protect your father. I need him alive after I’m done with the people outside.” Billie nodded.

“It won’t be long now. Lady Red will take care of the rest. We just have to ...” Billie stopped talking before she grabbed my body and pushed me on to the floor. My back hit the floor hard and I was in a lot of pain.

“Daddy! Get down! Snipers!” Snipers?! Even snipers now?!

“Find a way to get to the cellar while I cover you. Bring Freya as well. Please wait until I get you two out from there.” Me Black nodded and helped me up from the floor while keeping our head low.

“I’m sorry Mr Black. I didn’t thought that my father would ...” Mr Black suddenly hugged me.

“I know you’re scared but don’t worry. Billie will find a way to end this all. For now we could only do what she says. Let’s go.” He grabbed my hand and lead me to the cellar before locking the door.

“Mr Black. I’m really sorry for this. I ...” Mr Black suddenly laughed.

“It’s okay Freya. I hope you don’t mind me calling you by your first name. To be quite frank, this is normal occurrence for us. It was even more intense when my wife was still alive. There is a whole lot of stories for me to tell. And since we have the time, should I?” I know what he’s doing. He’s trying to divert my attention to the roaring sound of gunshot upstairs.

“I guess it wouldn’t hurt to hear some of the stories.” I forced a smile.

“Serafima and I met each other when we were senior in high school. The truth is, Serafima was two year older than I am. But she pretended to be a high school senior for an assignment. At first, she was a bit hard to talk to but in the end, she fell for my charm.” At the same time, we both heard a loud banging sound at the door.

Mr Black placed both hands on my shoulder.

“Keep your focus on me. Ignore everything else. Where was I? Oh! We were so in love that we decided to go against all odds and be together no matter what the circumstances might be waiting for us.” He’s trying hard to calm me. I didn’t even realised that I’ve been shaking from fear.

Mr Black grabbed both my hands to ensure me that it’s going to be okay. This stranger act like a father figure for me than my own father who hired assassins to kill me.

“Mr Black ...” the door towards the cellar suddenly burst open and the debris almost hit me. If it wasn’t for Mr Black who pulled me close to him, I would be knock out by now.

“Stay behind me.” This man didn’t even think twice protecting me from this attacker.

“My wife was a gruesome assassin. Nothing fear me anymore.” I didn’t realised that I was crying while he’s protecting me. Two men walked down to the cellar with guns in their hand. Mr Black kept me hidden behind his body so that the assailants won’t hurt me.

But to our surprise, the two man suddenly dropped onto the floor with bullet hole on their head.

“Daddy! Are you okay? They slipped past me!” I heard Billie called out.

“We’re fine! Just take care of the things up there! Don’t embarrass me, Billie! How could you let the enemies slipped past you! You’re the daughter of Serafima!” Mr Black shouted back.

“I’m sorry! I’ll help Lady Red now! Stay there!” Mr Black suddenly chuckled after he heard his daughter shouted back.

“When Billie was born, my wife were so worried that she might end up just like her. She only wants her daughter to live like a normal teenager. But we both know it’s not possible for any of us to run away from this life.” I looked down.

This is my fault.

“And this is not your fault! Never blame yourself. whoever planned this shall pay with their life. My daughter will never let anything happen to you. I am aware of the contract a client had to signed. This ... is not the end!” Mr Black encouraged me.

He’s right. This is not the end. The Volin promised me my safety and they will make sure I’m alive until the contract ends.

“Hey Alex! It’s over. Come up with Lady Freya will yah.” We heard someone shouting from above.

“See! I told you that you’ll survive this.” Mr Black and I walked up the stairs and the first thing that we saw was the state of this house. Bullet holes everywhere on the ceiling, on the walls. In other words, this place is not liveable anymore.

“What are you doing here?!” Mr Black were hostile towards a older woman whom standing next to Lady Red.

“Is that how you treat your mother in law? Why did I even let Serafima married such man, I have no idea. And Alex, how long has it been since you visit Althea and I with your daughter? Have you no mercy for your mothers?” Mr Black was taken aback.

Wait, mother in law?! So ... this dignified woman is Billie’s grandmother?!

“And you must be Lady Freya. I am Irina Volin, chairwoman of Volin Women’s Academy. I’m sure this is not the right time but do you mind if we had a little talk in private?” What ... is going on?

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