Would You Die For Me?

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Chapter 13


“I’ve asked Lady Red to make some call to inform your guardian of your whereabouts. Your sister was kind enough to be here as well.” My sister? I was so glad to see Daphne and her husband was waiting for me.

“Freya! Thank god you’re safe! When I was told that you were attacked, I was petrified.” My sister was crying when we hugged. Charles decided to be professional and asked for the important details from the chairwoman.

“Did you managed to find who was behind this attack?” The chairwoman gave me a knowing look.

“It was father and our uncle.” They were as surprised as I was.

“Father? Are you certain? But why all of the sudden? Was it because of the announcement made by the lawyer yesterday? What good would it do if you’re dead? They won’t even get what they want if they manage to kill you.” Daphne was pissed. So did Charles.

“This is getting out of hand. Maybe we should just leave the mansion. What if they tried to hurt us next? I told you that the announcement will only brings us more trouble. Why did grandfather did all of this?” Charles was worried about his family. Trust me. Even I am worried.

We can’t even trust our own parents!

“As the heirs to Bridget Group Corporation, I’m sure you two have a lot of security measures to consider. That is why I’m inviting you all to Volin. Let’s discuss this matter with me.” Wait, the chairwoman will be dealing with my problem? Why not asked one of her trusted assassins to do it?

“It was hard enough for you to handle the trouble caused just by being the next head of the Bridget Financial Group, now even your sister have to deal with terrible people who wish to have more power and wealth. Today’s war are scarier.” The chairwoman was hinting something to us.

“What are you trying to say, madam chairwoman?” She sighed.

“I’m only doing this because my granddaughter wants to keep her friend safe. It’s rare for her to ask for help from me and I don’t want to disappoint her.” What did Billie do?

“If you agreed to be associate with Volin, we will make sure to keep you protected. Do business with us, and we shall compensate each other that way. I was told what the Wesley did to you tonight. My people will handle the Wesley in your stead. The only bad thing from this union is that ... you would have to do inhumane things. Meaning, when it comes to it, even your grandmother will have to be kill.” Our grandmother?

“Why would you go to that extend to keep us save? The contract didn’t mentioned about this anywhere. I should know because I’ve read the contract a few times.” Daphne was smart.

“Like I said, it was my granddaughter’s idea. It seemed like she may fancy Lady Freya.” Huh?! I blushed in a deep shade of red when I heard what the chairwoman said.

“Oh ... my. Hmm ...” Daphne suddenly chuckled.

“Please stop spouting nonsense like that. We only known each other for few months. How is that even possible? Anyway ... since we’re here. You want to know our answer by tonight, correct?” The chairwoman nodded.

This is killing me. How am I supposed to make the decision now? Even though I hate my other family members, I still don’t have the heart to kill any of them. For better or worse, they are still family. But it’s different for them when it comes to me.

What happened tonight was a wake up call. I need to think about myself more now.

“Will I be able to use Volin’s influence for my own gain?” The chairwoman was surprised by my question.

“Of course. Do what you must with our reputation. Since I will be doing the same thing for my own gain. Your grandfather was a smart man. He even made sure to keep his legacy going by naming you two as his heir instead of his own sons. I guess he saw right through them while they were working under him.” The chairwoman seemed to know my grandfather.

Were they old friend?

“Did my grandfather ever did business with you, madam chairwoman?” Daphne asked.

“There was a few incident where he needed my help. That information of confidential. Even though he’s not around anymore, the people whom involved the matter are.” In other words, she just wants to make sure that the Bridget will always be her backers.

Smart woman. She even used her granddaughter’s name to lure me.

“Alright. It’s a good deal for both of us.” The chairwoman smiled.

“Good. Then it’s settled. It’s a pleasure to do business with a Bridget.” So, that’s it? Just shaking hands? No contract to sign?

“Why don’t you guys spent a night here in Volin? I can make the necessary arrangement to get your son here too. Since we’re business partners, why not take this opportunity to attend tomorrow’s gala. That way I can introduce all of you to my friends.” A gala? At this very moment too? What a coincidence.

“That’s okay, Madam. We should go back. But we will attend the gala tomorrow. But ... I think Freya do need to stay here. Just in case.” After saying my goodbye to my sister and brother in law, i stood in the middle of the chairwoman office, wondering what I should do.

“Billie will be here soon. She will show you the way to mansion.” A mansion?

“Madam Irina.” It’s Billie.

“Billie. What did I say?” I’ve heard a lot of stories about Irina Volin. But I never knew she’s such a doting grandmother.

“Granny. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to alert you. I just ... I don’t think Lady Red would survive without your help tonight.” The chairwoman went to her granddaughter side and pats her head.

“Nonsense. I did told you to press the distress button whenever and wherever you need me to be. I’m just glad that you decided to let me help you this time.” The chairwoman smiled before whispering something in her ear.

I hope it’s not about me this time.


“Thank you for what you’ve done tonight. I ... I don’t know if I’ll be here still if it’s not because of you and your family. I’m ... well ...” Billie chuckled when I was struggling to find the right word.

“This is the first time I witness the great Freya actually stumbling for words. Since the truth is out of the bag now, I guess I don’t have to worry about exposing my past to you. Yes, I am the granddaughter of Irina and Althea Volin. My mother used to be an assassin goes by the name Wind Flower.” This explained why it was hard for Lily and I to find out who exactly she was before coming to Bayshore.

“Did my grandmother explained to you about the purpose of the business ventures between Volin and your family?” I nodded.

“Not all. It seemed she hides something far more important than what she exposed. Should I be worried?” Billie shake her head no.

“My grandmother might be old but her mind works fine. I’m sure she has her own reason for accepting my suggestion. And I think it has to do with Bayshore’s chairman.” Huh? The chairman?

”Well, I don’t know all the tedious details but it also has to do with the Wesley too. When I mentioned about Damon’s family to my grandmother, she seemed a bit pissed off for some reason.” I see. We finally arrived at such an extravagant mansion within the academy.

Hell, even the dorms for the students seemed a bit too posh. When they said Volin has everything, they do mean everything.

“I need to warn you though. Granny Althea is a bit ... she’s ... she’s a worry wart. So just let her do whatever she wants to do. Okay? If you refuse ... nothing good ever happen to those who did.” Alright. Was that a threat or a warning? Either way, I shall comply.

Billie seemed a bit nervous as she turned the knob. She peaked her head before letting me enter the home. The first thing that greeted us when we entered this posh mansion was a stone figure of such a beautiful woman.

“This is my granny Althea’s sculpture that granny Irina asked some famous dude to make. Beautiful huh?” I nodded. I never seen such beautiful woman in my life. Her beauty is beyond compare and I’m saying this just by looking at this sculpture!

“Billie! Oh Billie is that you?!” We were surprised to see a woman suddenly ran towards Billie and give her a hug.

“Granny! Yes it’s me.” I smiled while watching this heart warming scene.

“Granny, this is Freya. She’ll be staying with us for a few days. Is that okay? I would ask her to stay at my house but ... something happened and we need to crash here for a while.” The woman was ecstatic to hear that.

“You’re always welcome here. And any friends of Billie, is a friend of me as well.” She finally let go of her granddaughter to greet me. She introduced herself and I did the same.

I must say, she aged gracefully. I mean ... just look at how elegant she looks even in a simple silk robe.

“I thought your grandmother will be coming home with you? Where is she?” Billie explained to her grandmother that the madam wouldn’t be coming home tonight.

“If that’s the case, I should show you to your room. I’m sure you need to refreshen up after what you’ve been through today. Come, follow me. Billie, if you want to see your father, he is with your aunt at the pavilion.” Billie smiled at me before excusing herself.

How dare she left me alone!

“Are you nervous? Don’t be. This house is open wide for you. If you ever need someone to talk to or just someone to hang out with, I’m here. You see, once you’re old, you’re not allowed to do any dangerous stuff anymore. So my daughter and grandkids always told me to stay here. They don’t even know how bored I am.” Shes ... friendly. I give her that.

“Mrs Volin. May I asked something?” She stopped midway.

“Please child, call me granny Althea. Mrs Volin is a bit formal for me. You can also call me Althea.” Calling her by name? That’s a no no.

“Granny ... what kind of person is Billie?” At first she was surprised.

“Huh? You’ve been friends but you have no idea what kind of person she is?” I nodded. I explained everything from A to Z. Since the moment we met until now. Unlike my own grandmother who play favourite, this woman actually listened to me without asking for anything back.

“Billie always been different than her cousins. She was born premature so need the help of the machine to be kept alive when she was only days old. Almost a year later, then she managed to breath on her own. We never thought that the same frail baby would be the person she is today.” We entered the first room on the second floor.

“Serafima has always been overly protective of her family. She willing to do anything for her husband and daughter. Even sacrificing herself for their future. Billie was devastated when she find out the real reason why her mother suddenly gone one day. On that one faithful night, she went knocking on our door, demand that we teach her how to be a killer. That’s not what our daughter wants. But she insisted.” Granny Althea went to grabbed something inside the closet and present it to me.

It’s a robe.

“When she was 14, she killed her first and only target. After avenging her mother’s death, she decided to leave this world and be a discarded student of Volin. It was not until she agreed to be working for you in the student council that we noticed that she’s been active again.” Huh?

“How did the school know about this? We were so careful whenever we discuss about the school matters before.” Granny Althea take a seat on the armchair before crossing her legs.

“Every student and staffs of Volin has to go through series of medical check up. At their first session, a microchip was planted into their body. That way the administrator will know exactly what our assassins has been doing. It’s also a way to know if they went rogue. If they do, a special effect will take place that will kill the student on the spot. Volin has no need for traitors. All traitors must die. Also, this action was agreed upon by the student before entering the academy.” I see.

In a way ... the students here are just tools for killing?

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