Would You Die For Me?

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Chapter 14


“How do you like your toast? I can asked the maid to prepared them the way you like.” Althea asked while Freya was drinking her morning coffee.

“Oh, anything is fine. As long as it’s blueberry jam and butter.” Althea smiled before giving a small nod at her attending maid.

“Such a beautiful morning, am I right? It was such a good idea to have breakfast at the pavilion. I haven’t been enjoying my time like I should be for quite some time. As you know, my wife is busy with the academy and running our business. My daughter is out there being a mentor for young talents. My grandkids doesn’t even visit me because they’re busy with their missions.” Althea sighed heavily.

“Even my son in law refuse to see me after the death of my daughter because he’s worried that I might spoil my granddaughter. What logic is that?!” Althea was pissed. When she realised what she had done, she apologised.

“So, Lady Red is your daughter?” Althea nodded her head.

“That’s just her code name. Her real name is Hyenera Volin. She was married before but her husband was killed in a mission. So she was left to raised their children as a single mother. They should be here by tonight. I will introduced you to my grandsons.” Althea smiled.

Freya smiled back before thanking the maid for her toast. It smelled divine and Freya jus couldn’t help but to dig in.

“Is that the best you got?! I am ashamed to be your mentor! Come on! Just try to kill me!” Freya was shocked to hear a voice shouting not far from them.

“Ah! It seemed like Hynera and Billie decided to have some fun. I just hope they won’t destroy my garden like they did years ago. It was hard for me to maintain ...” a loud sound of explosion from the garden interrupts Althea’s train of thought.

“There goes my garden.“ Althea sighed, trying to let go of such unnecessary thoughts like killing her own child and granddaughter for ruining her garden. Freya noticed that Althea seemed trouble with what just happened. She decided to called for Billie and give her an earful.

“BILLIE!” Freya shouted for Billie. When Billie arrived, Freya didn’t wait for Billie to say anything when she scold the woman for ruining her grandmother’s garden. Althea watched this with a smile on her face.

“Apologise to Granny Althea for your action!” Billie sighed heavily before apologising to her grandmother.

“Don’t be silly. It’s your aunt who supposed to apologised. Where is she?” Billie explained to her grandmother than her aunt is fleeing from the scene with her bazooka.

“I see. That child of mine will have an earful from me. Come, join us. I’m sure you haven’t had any breakfast. Where’s your father?” Billie told her grandmother than his father went to her mother’s grave early this morning.

“Hmmm ... that son in law of mine. I understand why he refuse to come here after Serafima’s death. He doesn’t want to be reminded of your mother. He really love his wife. My daughter was lucky to have such a loving husband.” Althea smiled as she looked up to Billie.

“You look exactly like your mother, Billie. You kept your hair long just for that, right?” Billie blushed.

“Actually ... dad said I would look less scary with my hair long. When I had a short hair, people around me seemed to assume I’m up to no good.” Althea laughed while Freya was chuckling in secret.

“It all started after you won the championship, right? Irina told me that you managed to beat some far more experienced that you. Ugh! I’m so proud to have such a strong granddaughter like you!” Althea patted Billie’s head.

“What about you Freya? Are you in any clubs?” Freya didn’t expect to be asked such question.

“I am the student council president of Bayshore Academy. I used to take flower arrangement and poetry club before joining the student council.” Billie couldn’t believe what she just heard. She was surprised to hear that someone as tough as Freya actually like doing something so ... girlish.

“Don’t judge me. I like doing peaceful things. My life has been hard since the day I could walk and talk. Of course I developed a passion in something that suit ones heart .” Billie raised both hands when Freya seemed a bit offended.

“I don’t see the problem in doing those things. Why would you judge someone from that perspective?” Althea supported Freya in that matter. Billie apologised for being ‘judgmental’.

“Ah! Here you are. Wifey, I need some honey lemon tea. Make it extra hot. My headache is killing me.” Irina suddenly appeared. She gave her wife a kiss on the head before sitting on the empty seat between Freya and Althea.

“This is another example of someone who doesn’t care about their own health. Wait here. I’ll prepare the tea myself.” Althea excuse herself and went to the kitchen. Irina smiled at both Freya and Billie as she wait.

“So, are you ready for tonight’s gala? Have you seen the list of guests?” Irina was asking Freya.

“No. And it’s your gala, ma’am. Why would I interfere with the list of guests?” Freya was confused.

“Because I will announce about our business venture publicly tonight. We need to take a few steps ahead of our enemy. Trust me. After I announce this, your family will regret ever crossing path with me.” Freya felt uneasy for using Irina’s influence.

“From your expression, I can sense that you’re feeling guilty. Why would you feel that way?” Freya couldn’t find the perfect words to say.

“You’ve been taking business politic classes right? I’m sure you can see why I’m doing this. Even your sister agreed that this is the only way to ensure your safety. Billie might be there to protect you but she could only protect you when it comes to physical contact. What happen if they try to slander you? Would you be able to fix your image?” Freya was speechless when she thought back about yesterday’s event.

“The Wesley was thorough but they didn’t know about Billie’s background. That’s their first mistake. Your fiancé is a good man. He refuse to do anything and to you. That’s why they asked their eldest son to do such thing. The only bad thing about him is that he’s weak. Not physical but mentally. He regret things easily. That’s why he can’t even make decision for himself.” Irina smiled at her wife when she came back with a cup of honey lemon tea.

“You need someone that you can rely on to stand behind you. I suggest you shape that fiancé of yours before you two get married in the future. With the things going on with the current head of the Wesley family, Damon would be the one who will inherit his family legacy. It’s not that bad for both Bridget and Wesley to be together. It’s going to benefit you in a long run.” Irina smiled when she noticed her granddaughter sudden behavioural changes.

“What’s wrong Billie? Jealous?” Irina smirked.


“This gala is really something. It’s rare for Irina do host such extravagant event. I wonder what’s going on.”

“I heard that one of her grandsons will take one the academy. Maybe she’s announcing which grandson going to take over the family business.”

“A close friend of mine mentioned that her son in law is back and he’s going to take over the company from Hynera. Maybe Irina going to asked her daughter to marry her late sister’s husband. That woman always thought of something ridiculous to keep herself from getting into trouble.”

Billie couldn’t believe her ears when she heard such outrageous rumours circulating around the ballroom. Next to her, Freya was struggling to walk in high heels while wearing a revealing dress.

“Why did you choose this kind of dress?” Billie asked while she kept Freya from falling over.

“This is the only dress that fits my chest. Your cousin doesn’t have much choices to choose from.” Billie was holding her laughter when she heard Freya indirectly commented on her cousin’s breast size.

“Well, you shouldn’t grow them into that size. It’ll only make your shoulder stiff for how heavy they are.” Billie was wiggling her eyebrow while looking down at Freya’s cleavage.

“If you look down on my cleavage one more time, I’ll pull that eyeballs of yours myself. Now, pleas help me get something to drink. I’m parched.” Billie waved her hands for the waitress.

“Freya, is that you?” Both Billie and Freya was surprised to see Brian and Lily suddenly appeared in front of them while holding each other hand.

“What are you guys doing here?” Billie asked.

“Granny althea called me and said I should come to the gala with Freya’s friend. I thought you knew about this.” Billie smiled.

“Wow Freya. Who’s dressed did you wore? You look ... erotic.” Freya glared at Lily for commenting on her body like that.

“It’s the only dress that fits my ... chest.” Freya blushed once again.

“Please stop judging my dress. I know I look ridiculous in it.” Billie disagree.

“You look amazing. Of course you look a bit ... umm ... revealing but I will make sure no one will give you the perverted looks. I promise you that.” Freya blushed yet again but this time with a small smile on her face.

“What a cheesy way to say it. Brian ... why don’t you be as cheesy? You only said I look amazing in this dress. Am I not revealing enough? Aren’t you afraid that those young nobles sees me as their future wife? Hmmm?” Brian rolled his eyes.

“Lily ... compare yours with Freya ... I’m sorry. I’m the only man who likes you for who you are.” Lily was pissed off.

“Are you saying my chest looks small?! It’s a B cup!” Brian shrugged.

“Well ... like I said ... compare to Freya ...” Lily didn’t let Brian to finish his thoughts when she smacked the back of his head hard.

“How dare you comment on my best friend chest in front me! At least wait until you’re alone with Billie!” Lily huffed before leaving Brian with Billie and Freya.

“I should coax her. Why is it so hard for her to know that I love her even if she’s that small?” Brian sighed before he tried to catch up with Lily.

“What just happened?” Freya was confused. Billie shrugged her shoulder.

“Freya! There you are. Come. I’ll introduce you to some of my family.” Irina waved for both Freya and Billie. Billie smiled at her grandmother before placing a hand on Freya’s back.

“I’ll support your body from the side. Just take your time walking towards my grandmother.” Billie whispered.

“Take my time? Even I know that’s not how to treat your grandmother. Just ... keep me from falling, okay?” Billie smiled with a small nod.

“Freya, meet my business partners. They are responsible for keeping this academy afloat. They used to be students from this academy as well, old comrades.” This group of distinguished woman smiled at both Freya and Billie.

“Ladies, meet Freya Bridget. One of the heirs to Bridget Group Corporations.” As Irina started to introducing Freya to her guests, several of them assumed that Irina is trying to tell everyone that she has a new way of seeing the future.

Irina was happy that her guests had been giving her several types of reaction as she walked around with Freya.

“Someone from the Bridget family? Irina, is this your way of telling us who wish to be associate with the Bridget to let it go? Are you going to let your grandson marry her instead? I must say, I haven’t seen that grandson of yours yet. The one standing next to her. Did Hynera gave birth in secret?” Irina was confused at first.

“The one standing next to her? Well, I can’t blame you for mistaking her for a boy. That’s my granddaughter. Serafima’s daughter.” The guest’s eyes widen.

“Serafima’s daughter? You mean Billie? Wow! She’s all grown up. No wonder she seemed familiar. I just assumed it’s Hynera’s bastard. Who would’ve thought that Serafima’s gave birth to such a beautiful human being. Considering Althea’s condition that is. So ... does Billie also has a special talent like Hynera and her cousins?” Irina smiled.

“No. She’s a normal human being. Hynera was a special case. She was created inside a testing tube. Serafima was different. With the technology developed by Volin, she was created inside of Althea with both of our DNA.” Irina couldn’t help but to smile when she think back about the past.

“The godly technology that our student invented made it all possible for this procreation. Thus it even imitated the same process like any other pregnancy. When Serafima told me she was pregnant, I was happy that the experiment worked like a charm. It’s just ... Serafima was killed before she could even enjoy her life with her baby and husband.” Irina’s guest chuckled.

“Nothing is impossible when you think outside the box. Also, about your request. I’ve concluded my investigation strange transaction that kept happening in the shadows of this academy. Do you have any idea that someone from Bayshore Academy actually been using your resources to create some type of aphrodisiac drug. It’s been wildly sold in all nightclubs” Irina was intrigued.

“Really now? Interesting.” Irina’s attention were then diverted to some commotion not far from where she stood.

“Freya? What’s going on? You look a little flushed.” Billie didn’t know what is going on. It all happened so fast and she has no way of fixing it while standing in front of all these extinguished guests.

“Please stop striping your clothes in public!” Billie was struggling to keep Freya from revealing her chest.

“I’m hot ... so hot ...” Freya kept on saying while her hands trying to let her dress down.

“Bring her to her room.” Irina immediately commanded her granddaughter before anything happen.

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