Would You Die For Me?

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Chapter 15


“Madam! We managed to get a hold of Lady’s Freya’s champagne glass. From the smell alone I could distinctly detect something foreign in her drink. It has the same scent as the drug we currently investigated.” Irina was surprised.

“Lockdown the ballroom. Interrogate every single guests tonight including the waiter and waitress even security personnel. Whoever did this shall face the consequences.” Billie looked up to her grandmother.

“What do you mean by drug? Someone drugged her? But she has the same food and drinks like the others. How did ...” suddenly Billie remembered something.

“If I recall correctly, the one who gave Freya her last champagne glass was ... that bastard!” Billie immediately leave Freya’s room without heeding any of her grandmothers calling.

“Brian, make sure she doesn’t make stupid mistake like before.” Brian nodded and tried to catch up with Billie.

“Is there any bad side effect from the drug? You’ve been doing test after test with the samples. You should be able to create an antidote.” The poison expert shake her head no.

“Unfortunately, there is no cure. It is an aphrodisiac. A rather strong one. The only way to quench her thirst is by ... well ... by having intimate relationship with someone. There’s a reason why ancient people used aphrodisiac on their wedding night. To lure powerful men to be their provider.” Irina sighed.

“For now I’ve given her some sedative. It should be find for at least a couple of hours. I thought this young lady has a fiancé. He should be here to help her.” Lily immediately protest.

“No! Not him. She should be fine after taking some cold shower right?” The poison expert was trying to find an appropriate words to say.

“That’s the case if there was no aphrodisiac in her blood. But in her case, there was a huge amount of aphrodisiac in her system. I’m afraid the only way was to engage in ... intimate relationship. She’s going to suffer and I can’t keep on giving her sedative. It’ll ruin her health.” The poison expert turned to Irina.

“Since she’s a minor, we can always restraint her on the bed until the effect wears off. Or ... she could relied herself. But trust me, she doesn’t have the right mind to think about her action. She’s intoxicated with urges to have sex.“ Irina sighed heavily.

Lily sat by Freya side, doesn’t know what to do or what to say. How could someone do such thing to another human being!

“Madam ... your grandkids are engaging in a fight at the ballroom. They’re create unnecessary ruckus over things. Miss Billie believed that her cousin was the cause of all this trivial. If you don’t stop them, it’ll be too late.” Irina sighed.

“Althea, stay here. Seem like I have to teach our grandkids how to be civilised human being.” Althea nodded and stayed by Freya’s side together with Lily.

As Irina entered the ballroom, she witnessed Billie and her cousin exchanging punches after punches in front of everyone. Billie’s father was trying to stop his daughter but hurting her cousin but she won’t listen to reason. Hynera in the other hand was standing on the side, not knowing what to do anymore.

Irina sighed while reaching for her handgun before shooting the ceiling of the ballroom to gained her grandkids attention.

“You two are a disgrace to this family! Have you two no manners?! Fighting in front of my guests like so! You even forced me to shoot the ceiling with my gun! Explain yourself!” Irina was furious.

“Billie blamed me for what happened to Freya! She doesn’t even use that thick skull of hers to ask me what was going on! I was talking to mu friends when she attacked me!” Billie’s cousin explained his side of the story.

“Billie? What’s your excuse for this behaviour?” Irina turned to Billie.

“He was the one who gave Freya her last drink. He has been having malicious thought on Freya since they met this morning. He always wanted to have what I have! It’s been that way since we’re just a child!” Billie shouted back at her grandmother.

“Is this true? Did you have malicious thoughts on Freya? If so, I won’t let you go that’s easily. You’ve embarrassed me in front of all my guests. Is this how you teach your son, Hynera? I am fairly disappointed.” Hynera was about to say something but she didn’t.

She knows it best not to provoke her mother when she’s pissed.

“Granny Irina, trust me. I don’t have any malicious thoughts on Freya. I was just trying to ... subdue her. I like her and I want her to be mine.” That pisses Irina even more.

“And you think giving her drugs is the right way?! What do you expect to happen next? You wish to sleep with her?! Have you lost your mind? Freya’s from a respected family! How can you regard her that low! I’ve been doting on my grandkids. Maybe it was a mistake because now they decided to smeared my name.” Irina turned to Hynera.

“I will discipline your son myself. Pray that God has mercy on your son.” Irina turned to Billie.

“Come with me. I have some things to explain to you.” Billie nodded. But before she followed her grandmother, Billie gave her cousin a menacing look.

“Touch her again, I’ll kill you myself. The first time, I was hesitant. The second time, I won’t be that nice.” Billie threatened her cousin before following her grandmother from behind.

“I didn’t expect your first time here after so long would turned this way. I’m sorry, Billie.” Irina apologised but Billie didn’t respond.

“Granny, hows Freya?” Irina explained to Billie the real situation.

“I refuse to believe that the only way by engaging in such shameless activity. This is the modern age. There must be away to cure her urges.” Irina understand Billie’s worries.

“Worse come to worse, we have to restraint her on the bed until the effect wears off. If we let her loose, she can’t think for herself. All she wants right now is ... you know where this is going.” Irina was about to open the door towards Freya’s room when Billie stopped and look down on the floor.

“Billie?” Irina called out.

“Granny ... I think ... I think ...” Billie looked up to her grandmother.

“I think I have feelings for Freya.”



What ... what happened to me? Why can’t remember anything? How did I end up here? My hands reached out at the supposedly empty space on the bed when I suddenly hit something.

When I turned to my left side, I was surprised to see Billie laying next to me. Wait! I looked down on my body beneath the duvet and was glad to see I’m fully clothe.

“Freya? You’re awake? I’m so glad!” I didn’t expect Billie to suddenly hugged me.

“What happened to me? And what happened to your face? Why is it all bruised up?” Billie got up to a sitting position.

“It’s a long story. I’ll inform the doctor that you’re awake. I’ll be back.” My eyes widen when I slightly saw her scar filled back. She quickly pulled her shirt down before reaching out for a robe.

Now that I’m alone, what exactly happened to me? Why am I feeling sore all over? Did something happened between Billie and I last night? Why can’t I remembered anything? With every ounce of energy left, I got up to a sitting position before resting my back on the headboard.

“Ah! Rise and shine. How are you Lady Freya? Did Billie done a good job taking care of you last night?” What the hell is she talking about? My headache is killing me and now she’s talking nonsense.

“What do you mean?” I asked while looking for Billie but she’s no where to be found. Did she just leave me alone dealing with this woman?

“Lady Freya, you don’t have any memories from last night event?” I shake my head no.

“You were drugged and it turned you into a hormone raging teen. Luckily Billie was there and she ... helped you quench your thirst for ... intimate relationship. I’m sorry if the way I’m explaining things might be a bit bold but ... I’m not actually a doctor. They told me to say I am. I’m actually a poison expert.” I ... I don’t know what to say.

Did I ...

Did we had sex?! Why can’t I remembered anything?! What kind of drug was it?! How it was administered into my system?! I am so many question without proper answer.

“May I have your hand?” She asked before smiling at me while holding a syringe. I was afraid at first because she said she’s not a doctor.

“I may not be a doctor but I know how to take blood samples. Don’t worry. You won’t even feel anything.” How can I not worry when she’s smiling like a crazy person!

I was resisting at first but I haven’t recovered my strength yet. How can such petite woman to be so strong!

“See! It’s done. Also, this medicine should help with your headache. Please don’t force yourself. Just have some rest. Your friend lily will be handling Bayshore affairs until you’re well enough. I’ll be going now. Don’t worry, I’ll let Billie know.” She smiled and was about to leave when she turned back to me.

“Billie’s a nice kid. Please ... don’t break her heart. From the way you talked to her yesterday, even when you were under the influence of a strong aphrodisiac, you look sincere when you asked Billie to stayed for the night.” Wait! I asked Billie to stayed last night?!

What happened last night?! Oh my God! How can I face her now after knowing what I ... maybe or maybe not done to her?

The woman leave me alone and not long after Billie walked in.

“Do you want to take the medicine now?” She asked. I couldn’t even look at her in the eyes. Even though I have no idea what I did to her.

“Yes. Could you get me a glass of water?” She nodded and did as told.

“If you need anything, just tell me. Okay?” I nodded when I took the glass of water from her. My eyes widen when I saw all the hickeys on her neck. Wait, am I the one who did that?! Did I turned into a monster last night?!

I took the medicine before placing the glass on the bedside table.

“I already asked the maid to bring you some food. All you have to do today is stay on bed. But if you need to clean yourself, the maids can help you.” I can’t stand this awkwardness.

“Billie, did we had sex?” Her reaction told me that we did.

“I’m sorry Milady. We did.” At least she’s not lying to me saying that we didn’t. Fuck. That was my first time and I don’t even remember anything! How did she made my whole body felt sore like this?

“Please don’t tell anyone especially Lily about this. I don’t think I can live longer with her teasing me.” Billie looked down, avoiding eye contact.

“She knows! How?!” Billie explained to me how I was seducing her in front of everyone. They took the hint and let us do whatever we did last night. Not just Lily but also her grandmothers, her father, and my sister was there when I was out of control!

Oh ... my ... God! How am I supposed to face everyone now?!

“Who’s responsible for giving me such stupid drug?!” I shouted. Billie explained to me that it was her cousin who gave me the strong aphrodisiac. He was planning to do some indecent things to me while I was out and in need of someone intimately.

What did I do in my past life that I have to suffer so much in this lifetime?

“FREYA! I came as soon as I can!” Lily suddenly barged into my room out of breath.

“Oh! I’m sorry. Carry on lovebirds.” She chuckled.

“Lily!” Billie laughed.

“Since Lily’s here, I’m going back to my room to freshen up. If you need anything, just call for the maids.” Billie leave the room and let Lily inside.

“How was your first time! From the looks of those hickeys, you had fun huh.” She’s more excited that I am. If I remembered what exactly happened last night, maybe I would be excited as well.

“Anyway, we can talk about you not being a virgin after this. We have some major issue in Bayshore. I’m sorry that I have to say this now but it’s really urgent and you need to know. A male student was found dead in the academy last night.” What?!

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