Would You Die For Me?

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Billie was awakened by the sound of someone sneezing not far from where she laid. Billie slowly opening her eyes before getting up to a sitting position. She was confused when she finds a blanket on top of her.

“Good morning. I already called for Lily to buy us breakfast. You may use the bathroom to refreshen up. I already prepare a clean towel for you inside.” Freya said while her eyes locked on the files she’s reading. Billie did as told and went to the bathroom. After she’s done, Billie couldn’t help but to admired at how the sun completely shine on Freya.

It made her looked like a goddess.

“What’s wrong? Is there something on me?” Freya asked when she noticed Billie was staring. Billie shake her head and went to Freya’s side to see if there’s anything that she can do.

“I have a request. If it’s alright for you to do so, I will reward you.” Freya managed to gained Billie’s attention. At first, Freya wants to take back her words but it’s too late since Billie already replied.

“What is it?” Billie asked while leaning into Freya.

“I want you to do something to make it look like we’re in a relationship. I want Damon to break the engagement. With everything that happened to his family, he’s useless to me now. I want assurance, not the other way around.” Billie was surprised by Freya’s request.

“In other words, you want us to pretend that we’re together so Damon would take the initiative to break off the engagement? But why not just say that you’re over him and the engagement is off now that his family basically has nothing to offer?” Freya turned to face me.

“I want him to say it. Do whatever you think that will challenge his ego as my fiancé. I don’t care how just do it, okay?” Billie was taken aback but in the end she agreed to her request.

“Sorry I’m late guys ...” Lily suddenly walked into Freya’ office while Billie and Freya were looking into each other’s orbs.

“Am I interrupting something? Should I go back? You can always have your breakfast later after doing whatever you guys were doing.” Lily was about to leave when Freya stopped her.

“What nonsense are you spouting? We’re hungry.” When Freya about to stand from her chair, Billie pushes her down on her chair and leaned in to kiss her on the lips while Lily was there.

It was such a surprise for both Lily and Freya herself. When Billie finally leaned back, she face Lily with nonchalant expression.

“Did that made you believe we’re together?” Lily was speechless and so did Freya. When Lily didn’t respond, Billie turned to Freya who’s in a deep shade of red.

“I guess the kiss wasn’t intimate enough.” When Billie realised what she had done, she took a few step back from Freya and apologised.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make it weird.” Billie said while avoiding eye contact.

“What’s going on? Should I know something? Freya?” Freya explained to Lily the real situation between her and Billie. At first, Lily was not happy with Freya’s idea but there’s only so much that she can do.

“I just hope you two know what you’re doing. Anyway, here’s breakfast. I asked my maid to made something scrumptious for both of you. I hope it’s enough to feed both of you. I’m going to brief the council before the school starts. Just take your time.” Freya nodded and watched as her friend leave through the door.

Freya got up from her seat and served the breakfast for both her and Billie. Billie thanked Freya sharing her breakfast with her. It was awkward for them after what Billie had done earlier. But Freya knows that Billie only did it because she asked her to.

“Look, like I said, whatever it takes to make Damon break off the engagement. A kiss is nothing. I’m fine with it. Beside, we did more than just a kiss not long ago. You’ve seen me without any clothes on. It shouldn’t be a problem for you to show your affection to me.” Billie was speechless. She could only nod while Freya try to make the situation not as awkward.

“Well ... you said it yourself. Don’t worry. I know what I should do to make him break off the engagement. But ... this ideas of yours will only make you the villain. Will you be able to bare with the aftermath?” Freya waves her hands.

“I’ve been dealing with a lot of aftermaths because of my own action. This won’t be a problem for me. With you protecting me and with the Volin backs me up, I don’t think anyone would dare to do anything to me. But of course I can’t be too confident. Criminal will always try to find my weakness.” Right after Freya said that, they were surprised to see the chairman of the academy and the principal walked into the office.

“I’m sorry. I tried to stop them.” Lily apologised for the sudden visit from the academy’s official. Freya waved her hands before she greets both the chairman and the principal.

“Miss Bridget, what’s going on? I thought you had everything under control. I now have doubts about the way you run this academy.” Freya raised her hand when she noticed Lily was about to say something in return.

“Miss Bridget, a student death is not something we could easily look at with one eye close. And this would has parents that care for him. I’m here to know exactly how will you handle this affairs.” The chairman finally stopped talking. Freya couldn’t help buy to laughed at the way they tried to blamed her for the incident.

“I ...” Freya was interrupted by the principal.

“And we will not listen to the ‘you’re the teachers and I’m just the student’ crap! I’m sorry if I’m being rude, Miss Bridget but it was your idea when you said you’ll handle the students affairs and the teachers has no power over your decisions. Now, tell us how will you handle this matter. We have concerned parents calling us nonstop because they’re worried about their children safety! Bayshore Academy is one of the best education hub in the world. Fix this now!” Freya couldn’t hold her anger when she slammed her hand on the table.

“I don’t like to be interrupt.” Was all Freya said to keep the ‘dogs’ from barking.



“Hey Billie. Is everything okay at the council? You’ve been busy lately and it’s hard to see you even at lunch. Did the council members giving you guys a hard time?” I am touched when my fellow schoolmates seemed to be worried about both mine and Brian’s well being.

“Nah. We’re fine. What about you guys? Anything happened while we’re doing the committee work? Don’t hide anything from us. Since we’re part of the disciplinary committee, it’s our job to know if you guys in trouble with other students.” Few of our schoolmates seemed to be contemplating whether to tell us or not.

Their reaction only tells me that there is something going on.

“There is nothing going on. Don’t worry.” Just after one of our friends said that, someone from Bayshore suddenly slammed a huge book on top of one of my classmate table.

“It’s due next week. Do your part and complete the assignment before next week. Don’t make me use force again.” As the male Bayshore student turned around, I grabbed the book from my classmate’s table and throw it towards him. The book hit his back hard. When he turned to face my classmate, I decided to gained his attention.

“What makes you think you can boss my friend around like that?” I asked him. He seemed speechless when he saw both me and Brian in the class. Where did his boldness gone to? He was all talk before. Why can’t he speak now?

“I ... he agreed to do anything that I asked him to. It’s not my fault!” He agreed to do this? Why?!

“Billie, it’s fine. I can do it. Beside I did promise him. As long as he kept his promise, I will too.” I watched as my classmate got up and pick the book that was on the floor. I turned the others and wonder what happened when I was gone.

I raised an eyebrow as I wait for one of them to explain to me what just happened.

“He’s only trying to protect his gidrlfriend. She’s a student of Bayshore Academy. That guy from earlier threatened his girlfriend that he will revealed their secret relationship to her family if they disagree to do whatever he asked them to do. He doesn’t have much choice because he love his girlfriend. He’s doing this because of love and if his girlfriend family knows about their relationship, they will be force to end everything.” Just because he’s not from a prominent family?!

“So you willing to be his slave? I understand that you love her but ... to be someone’s slave?! He’s degrading you. And you just want to let it slide?” He nodded.

“I love her Billie. And I know she loves me too. I’ll do anything for her.” And what if she’s just using you too?! Have you ever think of that! I can’t let him know that’s what I think about this whole ordeal.

“What’s going on?” Freya asked when she walked into the classroom with Lily.

“Why are you looking tense?” Everyone were surprised to see Freya acting so close to me. Well, it’s expected. Once we entered the academy’s building, we have to pretend that we’re together. Although, I’m not really pretending that I like her. I just hope she notice it.

“It’s nothing. How did the meeting with the principal goes? Did he have you a hard time?” I asked while caressing her cheek. This is cheesy but hey, for the sake of her, I’ll do anything.

I even willing to die for her if it comes to that.

“Who dares? I’m Freya!” Freya was giving me a signal using her eyes. When I turned to the direction where she referring to, I noticed a few students that’s not from this class seemed to be watching us. They tried to hide their presence but failed miserably.

What a bunch of amateurs.

I flicked Freya’s nose before going to my seat. She was obviously pissed off at me but I just let my tongue out at her. She huffed before she went to her own table. She gave me a warning using her piercing eyes. Hah! I’m looking forward to He punishment. As if she could hurt me.

The first half of the day just went smoothly. Now that it’s lunch, I invited Freya to share the same table with my schoolmates. At first I thought she would say no. Imagine my surprise when she actually agreed to have lunch with my friends.

“Lily said it was fun. It’s an experience for her and why not I have a try as well, right?” I smiled before placing my arm around her waist before we walked towards the cafeteria.

I hope this is intimate enough for Damon to actually break off the engagement. I mean, his friends has been watching us closely and we’ve been feeding them endlessly. He’s bound to see it for himself now, right?

If only this act is real. This woman woo my heart without even knowing it herself. She’s so clueless when it comes to all of this. Hmmm. When we arrived st my schoolmates table, I introduced her to my friends. At least she’s not awkward.

“Freya?! What’s the meaning of this?” Damon suddenly appeared out of nowhere when we’re just enjoying our lunch. Yes! It’s about to go down.

“I’m eating lunch with my new friends. Why?” Freya replied without looking at him.

“I was referring to the rumours about you having a relationship with your bodyguard! Is this true? We’re engaged, Freya. Why are you doing this to me?!” Damon was shouting inside the cafeteria.

“Because you’re a hypocrite. I know what you’ve done behind my back. Do you really think I wouldn’t know that my fiancé is cheating?” Wait, so Damon was caught cheating?!

“I ... you ... I’m a man! I can do whatever I want! You’re a woman. You shouldn’t be doing such thing. And why did you choose her instead of a man?! Are you a dyke?” Excuse me? I stood up from my seat.

“What did you just called her? Say it to my face and I swear I’ll put a hole on your face with my fist.” He took a step back as I cracked my knuckles in front of him.

“Stop! We all know who will win this fight. Damon, I’m sorry. But I just don’t see you in my future anymore. After you betrayed me by going on a date with that slut, I made up my mind to accept Billie’s love for me. She said I was a beautiful swan. Sweet and pure. She said I am worth protecting. That’s why I know she won’t betrayed me like you did.” Damon was having a hard time accepting this.

“No! You just need to punish! After that you’ll know what is right and what is wrong. Beside your parents want us to be together! You can’t do this to me now! You can’t!” He was about to grabbed Freya by the hand when I grabbing his and slammed his back on the table, hard.

I leaned into his ear and whispered.

“Break off the engagement if you wish to live. I’m not joking, Damon. If you decided to be a nuisance in this relationship, I’ll swear to God that I will make you suffer worse thing than death itself. Have you ever try bathing in acid?” I smiled at him while straightened up his clothes.

When I finally released him, he turned to Freya.

“True engagement is off. I’ll explain to our parents myself.” He said before leaving the cafeteria altogether. That was easy. It only took a little threat to make him break off the engagement! It’s amusing!

Freya seemed statisfied. That’s all that matters.

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