Would You Die For Me?

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Chapter 18

Chapter 18


“Why did Damon broke off the engagement? Why didn’t you stop him? Why didn’t you take the opportunity to take over his family business when it is on verge of bankruptcy?! Do I have to tell you what you should do and shouldn’t do?!” My father is obviously pissed off at my action.

“Because I don’t see him in my future.” I simply said.

“And you think there’s a future if you’re together with a woman?! And even if you decided to be gay, why can’t you find someone that has millions or billions of money in her name?! How dumb can you be Freya?!” If only he knows that Billie is actually the granddaughter of Irina Volin.

He’ll shit his pants for sure.

“Marrying Damon will not do me any good. The Wesley’s has reduced themselves to the point they’re on the same level as commoners. I choose to love Billie because she has everything that the Wesley’s lacked. You’ll be surprise, father.” My father turned to my mother.

“Freya, why do you say that? What does Billie has that Damon is lacking? He’s a childe from a noble family. Billie just a common person.” They’re trying to pry again.

I ignored my mother’s question and continue to eat my breakfast which I asked my trusted maid to prepared. After everything that happened, there’s no way I let their attending maid prepared anything for me.

“Lady Freya, Miss Billie has arrive.” I smiled at the maid before excusing myself from my parents.

“Don’t worry, mom, dad. I already told Daphne to keep giving your monthly allowance like always. There’s no need to worry about your expenditures being cut off. But, I can’t say the same if something happened to me. Daphne is not as kind as me.” I smiled before leaving my parents to think about their action.

Knowing that I have full authority when it comes to their monthly expanses, it should gave me some time to recuperate.

Seeing Billie standing by the car waiting for me give me assurance. She gave me the sense of security that I needed.

“Good morning. How did your night go? You could just stay at Lily’s home for a while you know. Staying here without proper guarding, I’m worried about you.” Is it just me or Billie seemed to be enjoying pretending to be in a relationship with me.

I know she called me a beautiful swan before and she did confessed that she like me but does she really, truly like me? She seen me in my worse and never once she asked me to change myself like the rest of the guys whom had my body before. I am tainted but she never once look down on me.

What is this feeling I’m beginning to feel towards her? Is this love? Or ... it’s just something superficial like admiration towards another human being? I’m so confused.

“Where shall we go?” She asked when both of us inside the car.

“It’s the weekend. Why not we have some fun. Just the two of us?” I suggested. Have some fun?! Is that the best your got, Freya?! Pathetic!

“Hmmm ... since you have no place to go in particular, why not we go to the restaurant? I want to send my resignation letter. Since my grandmother forced me to receive my monthly allowance from her, I have no choice but to oblige. Granny Athelia told me its best if I quit my job and just focus my attention with you ...” there was an awakened silent between us.

Focusing her attention to me?! What does she meant by that?!

“Just ignore that last part.” For the rest of the drive, she avoids looking at me. When we arrived at the restaurant, she asked me to wait inside the car and lock the door. I was confused when she said to only let her inside the car and only her and enjoy the show.

Before I could even asked her what she meant by enjoying the show, she close the car door and went inside the restaurant. Sure enough, it didn’t take long for me to know what she meant by it. At first, there were a group of teenagers gawking at the car while their girlfriends checking themselves out through the windows.

Since I valued privacy, they can’t see the inside of the car at all. So they have no idea that I’m inside. Once their boyfriend are done gawking, I heard one of the boys said that someday he will have this kind of car to his girlfriend.

After that group of teenagers leave, there’s another group of people stopped and takes pictures of the car. It was when Billie walked out from the restaurant they stopped her from entering the car and asked a few questions. It wasn’t until Billie knocked on my side of the window and asked me lowered the car window.

I did as told and what she said shocked me.

“Freya, these are the people that I volunteered with at the homeless shelter. They said that I managed to get myself an older lover and now that you’re giving me all the luxury while I pleased you sexually. I just want them to see that you’re not a milf.” Excuse me?! Milf? I smiled at her friends.

“See guys! She’s the same age as me. And yes, she’s my girl. So hands off.” They continued to talked to each other for a few minutes before Billie went inside the car.

“They’re on their way to the homeless shelter. Since we have no idea where to go for the day, I told them that we’re going as well. Do you mind?” I shake my head no.

“It’s fine with me. Truth be told, I haven’t exactly went to the homeless shelter myself. Usually I just asked other people to send them. How did you first started volunteering?” I asked while she drives towards the homeless shelter.

“My father is a nurse. So whenever he has time, he likes to visit the homeless shelter, the orphanage, the old folks home. Usually we would bought food, clothes or just donated some cash. Last year we spent Christmas together with the kids from orphanage and Brian’s family. It was the best day ever!” I smiled seeing her like this.

Maybe today won’t be so boring after all.


My heart goes to these lovely souls. They were excited to see Billie when she walked into the shelter. Before we came here, Billie actually bought a whole lot of take out just for them to have. We agreed that if she bought the food, I’ll take care of the beverages.

Instead of buying mineral water only, I included some other drinks such as juices and even carbonated drinks. I can feel the satisfactory while I watched them eat and drink without worrying about anything.

“Billie, Billie! Teach us how to fight after this, okay?“ Billie laughed as she patted the young girl’s head. Just how old are they? Why didn’t the government help them like they should be?

“Sure. Eat up. I’ll teach you guys a new move that I just learned.” I shake my head. Just don’t turn them into assassins, that’s all I’m asking.

“Hey lady. Are you Billie’s new girlfriend?” When I looked down, a child was tugging on my shirt. Am I consider as her girlfriend? We are pretending at the moment. But, should I pretend in front of them as well?

“Yes.” I kneel down before wiping her oily mouth. She smiled as she placed both hands on my shoulder.

“Billie is dear to us. Don’t break her heart like Ashley did, okay? Promise me.” Huh? She gave me her pinky so that we could do a pinky swear.

“I promise.” I smiled and actually did a pinky swear with a child. Oh God. I only knew William and he’s too cute for me to bear. I never knew children could be so ...

“Brenda!” A woman’s voice was heard. The child let of of my pinky and waved at the woman yelling at us.

“Oh my God. I’m really sorry for what my child did. I was on the line to get some drinks for us when I noticed she’s not where she should be. Please forgive us.” She apologised before pulling her daughter close to her.

“It’s fine. She was just talking to me.” I got up and smiled at the woman.

“Mommy, this is Billie’s girlfriend. I just told her to not make Billie sad like Ashley did.” The woman covered her daughter’s mouth with an awkward smile.

“I’m sorry. My daughter likes to blab about everything. That’s one of the reason why my employee chased us out fired me from being a maid at his house. My daughter told his wife that her husband has been bringing other women into their home.” I smiled.

“I admired her courage to say the truth. I bet when she grow up, she’s going to be a righteous person. This world need someone like her.” I patted her head.

“Did my daughter said the truth? That yours Billie’s new girlfriend?” I nodded. Well, I can’t deny it now. That’s what I told the child.

“That great news. All of us here wish that Billie would forget about Ashley. Now that you’re here, means she did moved on.” The woman smiled. Should I pry into Billie’s personal life? I’m just curious to what this Ashley did to her.

“Billie was devastated after Ashley leave her for a man. Seeing her lifeless while volunteering was heartbreaking.“ the woman’s child was begging her mother to join the rest of the kids going outside with Billie. The woman let go of her and we watched as she joined the rest.

“Hey, since they took our child outside, why don’t we clean the mess? That way the volunteers doesn’t have to do the cleaning afterwards.” A middle age woman said to Brenda’s mother. They both excuse themselves.

Watching them from where I stand, there seemed to be a lot of single mothers here. I’m sure they have their own stories to tell. And I admired what Billie and her friends did for them. I never meet them face to face like I did today. And they just opened my eyes that anything can happened in future.

Who knows I might ended up being like them in the future if I ever made the wrong decision of a lifetime.

“Let me help you.” They were surprised when I grabbed a broom and started sweeping the floor.

“You don’t have to do that, Miss. what if you get your clothes dirty?” I smiled.

“It’s fine. Beside I feel guilty for not doing anything while you guys do all the cleaning. I had my fair share of mess earlier too.” This probably the only time I get to do some labour work. Usually I would asked my maid to do everything.

“You shouldn’t be doing things like this. Just have some rest. Let us do it, okay?” They were so considerate but I insists. I assured them that it’s fine and I continued to help them. That was until both Lily and Brian has finally arrived from doing the errand I asked them to do.

“Am I dreaming or did Freya just swept the floor herself? Brian, honey ... the world is ending.” What a drama queen.

“Did you bought the things I asked?” They both nodded before a group of men in suits entered the shelter bringing boxes and boxes of new clothes and everyday essential.

“I added a few stuff as well. That would be from both me and Brian. Brian mentioned that some of the homeless are pregnant and sick. So I asked a few favours from my father. There will be a group of medical professional coming to inspect them. My mother also agreed to sponsor this shelter.” Lily did all that? Wow. And I was about to sponsor this place myself.

“Oh hey guys!” I was surprised to see Billie’s bleeding arm.

“What happened to you?” She didn’t even get to say anything when a group of kids walked in and started to apologised to her.

“It’s fine! Just a little cut. Nothing I can’t handle. This is a small matter.” A small cut?! She’s bleeding profusely! She even trying to covered the fact that the floor is stained with blood right now. I immediately grabbed her arm and went to the nearest sink.

“What happened?” I asked while ignoring her facial expression. All I care about is to clean the wound.

“There was sharp shards of glass outside the field. The kids didn’t see them. So when one of them about to fall directly on the shards, I managed to grabbed her but I got hurt in return.” She winced when I was being a bit rough.

“You’re lucky that I asked Lily to buy at least a few first aid kit. I didn’t imagine that you would be the first to use them.” She smiled when I applied the necessary medicine on the cut. Well, it wasn’t that bad now that it’s all clean.

I didn’t see any shards on glass in her cut too.

“You’re quite meticulous huh.” Once I’m done bandage it up. I looked up to Billie. I don’t know what came over me but without acknowledge her about the action I’m about to do to her, I just leaned in and gave her a kiss on the lips. It was short but meaningful.

Weird enough, the butterflies in my stomach did exploded into the abyss. And I don’t hate that feeling.

“Wow.” I smirked.

“I’m a beautiful swan after all. That should be suffice to ease the pain on your wound.” What the hell am I saying?! Oh God. Am I really falling for her?

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