Would You Die For Me?

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Chapter 19


How did I ended up being here of all places? I watched as this man that called himself as Marco pour a glass of champagne for me.

“Don’t give me that look. Come on, your father was the one who said that I can have you as my wife in exchange of his debt will be paid off. Do you see those papers in front of you? Sign them. You don’t need to be the head/president of a company once you’re married to me. All you have to do is be my wife, provide me with kids and just ... live a happy life ... with the rest of my mistresses.” Fuck you!

Although I am quite mad, I can’t help but to be curious about this papers he mentioned to me. I reached out and read through the official letters from one of the legal firm that’s under the Bridget Group Corporation. As I read, I can’t help but to curse my father and uncle for thinking of such low tactic to force me to sign transfer papers.

“So they asked you to kidnapped me, force me to be your wife and sign this ridiculous papers? What do you gain from this transaction? I don’t see how this will benefit you.” Marco smiled from ear to ear.

“The benefit is you of course. I get to marry someone as beautiful as you. That’s why I decided to marry you instead my mistresses. Even though you’re only 18 years old, I can wait until you’re old enough. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t get to know each other intimately while we wait for you to be older.” He smirked. He’s quite a good looking lad but ... from what I can tell just by looking at him, he’s weaker than Billie.

Speaking of Billie, what took her so long to find me?! By now I’m sure she noticed that I’m not inside the council building. I even managed to leave a hint on top of my office table. She’s smart. I’m sure she noticed the hint.

Marco is notorious in the underworld. I’m sure she gets it when she saw his name on my table.

“If you’re waiting for that bodyguard of yours, I made sure that she won’t bother us while we get to know each other. Please, sign those damn papers and lets get to know each other. Don’t worry, I asked my people to buy us a few boxes of condom. We’re going to be very busy tonight. And if you’re sore tomorrow, my mistresses will help you to clean yourself after I’m done.” What a disgusting man he is.

If he even touches a strand of my hair, I won’t play nice. Right now, I need to play by his rules. But it doesn’t mean I can’t buy us some time before he force himself to me. Bastard. Why do I have to go through such shitty things just because of my father’s debt?!

I swear, he’s going to pay once I’m out of this mess!

“You know, this is a first time for me. When your father told me that I could just take her daughter to be my wife, I was surprised. Normally, a father should be fighting for his daughter’s freedom but yours did the opposite. Instead he said ‘it would be nice if that daughter of mine did some good for once’. His words made me wonder. Just what kind of person are you, Freya. Your father said that I should be careful. Now I’m curious.” Well, no surprise there.

He’s been trying to find a way to dispose of me. Now that the opportunity has come, he’s not going to waste it any second long.

“Hmmm...” I noticed he’s been staring at from from top to bottom.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Your mother told me that you’re not a virgin anymore. She also said that you once went through an abortion procedure because you don’t want to have a child with the man you hate. I don’t know why your mother mentioned all of that to me but ... I don’t really mind. And since you were once pregnant, that just proof that you’re capable of granted me lots of kids. I always dream of having a big family.” There he goes again with that crap.

What a psycho.

“Whatever happened to me in the past, including the abortion was all my parents fault. To secure their own benefit, they drugged their own 17 year old daughter and asked a man who’s far older than she is to violated her. Do you want to know why? Because they’re greedy bastards who shouldn’t even be born into the world.” This gangster suddenly laughed at me for saying such things.

“You exceed my expectation, Freya Bridget. Your father was right to warned me. You’re a feisty one. But don’t worry, I’m not easily defeated by a mere student.” He placed his empty champagne glass on the table before standing up, removing his suit jacket and loosening his dress shirt right in front of me.

I know where this is going. He’s going to do it. He’s going to force himself to me. This is bullshit. Why do I have to suffer so much because of my parents?! I rather be chase and killed than being violated by an animal.

Billie ... where are you? What’s taking you so long?! I swear if she’s not saving me now, he’s going to take advantage of me. Please Billie ... I know how jealous you get when someone dares to touch me. I saw how you reacted when a mere male student talked to me!

Where are you!

“Hmmm ... that’s just too much clothing. Let me help you remove them ...” He smirked before he actually tore my uniform that probably cost more than his own life!

“I love this uniform.” I tried to make a conversation while covering my exposed breast.

“No need to be modest. You’re lucky that I’m not the type to judge someone who had been defloeered by other men. Remove your hands and let me take a look at that crimson colour bra you’re wearing.” He licked his lower lips while forcing me to remove my hands.

Damn this prick!

“Wow! For a 18 year old, you do have a nice rack. Hmmm ... I wonder what does it look like down there ...” He chuckled. It’s only a matter of time now. He’s going to really violate me.

“Let’s take a look, shall we ...” before his hands reaches out to remove my skirt, I heard the door was kicked open from the outside.

“FREYA!” A familiar voice shouted for me. I’m so relieved to see Billie but ... something is off. I can see it in her eyes that she’s not the Billie I know.

“STOP HER!” Marco shouted. His goons tried to capture Billie but she was fully armed. It didn’t take her long to kill every single one of Marco’s people that was in the room earlier.

The room is filled with the smell of iron and smokes from Billie’s gun. Marco decided to take action with his own hands and aimed the gun to Billie. My saviour didn’t even faze as she approached Marco with a sinister smile on her fast.

“Black Dahlia ... is that ... you?” Huh? Was that Billiems code name?

“Lady Red wants you alive. But what you did you to her is unacceptable. You will be punish with my own hands.” Billie aimed her gun at Marcoms thigh and pulled the trigger without hesitation. I watched as Marco hugged his thigh, squirmed in pain.

“Freya ...” Billie let go of her gun and kneel on the floor.

“Freya ... I’m sorry. I have failed you. Please ... forgive me.” What is going on?! Why is she kneeling and apologising to me?


“Here, cover yourself.” I was surprised to see Lady Red walked into the room.

“Billie, get up. It’s not your fault that Freya was kidnapped. You were busy with the disciplinary committee. If there’s anyone to blame, it’s him! And those who take bribery from this man to enter the academy ground.” Wait, what? He bribed someone from the academy to let him in? Who?!

“Your parents has gone too far! I can’t believe they could even sinked this low! Selling their own daughter just to pay their debt?! That’s low! Even for them.” Lady Red is obviously pissed but that’s understandable.

“Billie, please get up from the floor. You’re staining your uniform if you continue to kneel on his blood ... hold on ... that’s ... Billie are you hurt?!” She seemed a bit flustered.

“I guess so. But this is nothing. Don’t worry about me.” She simply replied. You guess?! How am I not worried when you’re hurt because of me? After putting on the jacket that Lady Red gave me earlier, Billie grabbed my hands and lead me out from this hell hole.

So I am inside the famous underground brothel? The sound of loud music and people chattering from earlier was from this place? Before we walked out from this forsaken place, Billie pulled my body close to hers before she pushed me to the corner.

I was about to yell at her for being rough when I saw a few guys barging through the entrance and start attacking her. Are .. are they Marco’s people?!

While Billie risking her life for me, I stayed at the corner wondering about my messed up life. I let someone who’s not even related to me suffered so much. Sooner or later, Billie and the rest of those who helped me will suffered the same situation if I continue to be with them.

“URGH!” That’s ... that voice ... Billie? I looked up ... and saw one of Marco’s guys managed to hurt Billie with a knife. What is this liquid that seemed to covering my eyes? Is this ... tears? Why am I crying? I thought I had lost the ability to cry ...

What is going on with my body? Is it reacted to the fact that Billie is hurt because of me?

“FREYA!” Billie shouted for me when one of the guys managed to escape from her. I gave Billie a small smile because I believe that it’s futile. I’m going to die today.

“FREYA!” It happened so fast. I was ready to invite death when I felt someone’s warmth around me.

“Urgh! Bastard.” Billie?! My hands were shaking when I saw blood coming from her back. Did she just ... she just shield my body with hers?

“Never give up on living. You hear me. Don’t fucking give up on living!” Billie ... she’s right. I shouldn’t give up while she’s trying hard to protect me.

“Billie ... would you die For me?” Billie chuckled at my question.

“Of course I will.” Billie turned to face our attacker while keeping me safe by standing behind her. At this point I don’t even care if I’m stained with blood.

“Even though you’ve suffered from just being with me? Would you still die for me?” Billie laughed.

“Of course. To me, we’re not pretending to be lovers. When I saw you being your true self at the homeless shelter last week, I know that I made a splendid choice by loving you instead of liking you. Freya Bridget, I love you to the point I’m willing to risk everything.” I’m ... I shouldn’t be blushing right now.

To my surprised, the remaining gangster just dropped dead on the floor. What just happened? Did someone shoot them? If so, who did?

“I’m sorry I’m late.” It’s Brian! And Lily! God how glad I am seeing both of them.

“Oh ... he’s here. Finally.” Billie was losing consciousness as she kneel on the floor. She lost too much blood and her body is getting weaker by the minute.

“I got her. Lily, help Freya.” Brian was struggling to carried Billie out from the premise.

“Is she going to be okay?” I asked as I watched Billie being carried away.

“She will be fine. She’s Billie after all. Let’s go home for now. Then we can think of a way to get back at your parents for doing such thing.” Shes right. They need to taste their own medicine tenfold ... thousand fold if they have to.

This is not over.

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