Would You Die For Me?

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Chapter 20


“Freya, I’m fine. It’s nothing serious. Just a few stabbing wounds. Trust me, this is normal. I’ve been through far worse than this. You don’t have to keep on coming here when you’re busy.” I don’t know what happened but she seemed pissed off.

What did I do? I was just trying to tell her that I am fine.

“So it’s fine for those other girls to see you? You didn’t even tell them that they don’t have to visit you here. Why should I be treated differently?” Huh?! What is happening? Wait. Is she jealous of my schoolmates?!

“Freya, are you jealous?” She avoided looking at my eyes when she said no. I know I should tease her like so but I can’t help it. She’s just too easy.

“Wait, where are you going?” I asked wen she abruptly stood up from the chair.

“I’m going home since somebody doesn’t want me to be here. Here, you can peel off the apple yourself.” She was about to leave when I grabbed her by the wrist and smiled.

“I’m sorry. Please stay. Also, it doesn’t taste the same if I peel it myself. I want you.” She blushed. God that was easy. I thought I would have to begged or pretend that I’m in pain for her to stay. She finally put down her handbag and continue to peel the apple for me.

Who would’ve thought that I would be spending such quality time with a beautiful swan. Compare to me, I’m just a lowly work who doesn’t have any place when it comes to standing beside a beautiful goddess like her.

But now it’s different. We acknowledge each other feelings when we were facing death. I guess ... that’s the only way for us to finally confessed to each other.

“Billie. I’ve discussed some matters with your grandmother. I decided that it’s time for me to fight back. My parents and uncle need to be stop. They turned to my sister after they failed to make me yield. Now ... she’s in the ICU fighting for her life. Billie ... my sister was pregnant. I don’t know if it’s a miracle or or not but the unborn child survived but now my sister is trying to keep herself alive. My brother in law wasn’t strong enough when he was informed by the authority. Granny Althea was kind enough to take care of William.” What?! Daphne is in the ICU?! How did that happened?!

“Billie, what should I do? How was it possible for my parents ... my family to act this way just because of of power and wealth? Why did they have to result to this? They hurt their own blood related family just for status.” Freya’s hurt. I can’t bare to see her this way. If only I’m not injured like this. I will end those who make her she’d even a tear.

It pain me to see her like this.

“What did granny said? Does she have a plan?” Freya wiped her tears away from her cheeks using her hands.

“She said she’ll help me anyway she can. For now she asked a group of trained assassin to be on guard while my sister receiving treatment. If they dare to do anything, they shoot to kill.” Granny kept her words. That’s assuring enough.

“What about you? How did you get here?” I asked, worrying that she might be alone.

“Granny asked Brian to keep guard while I am in school. Lily’s outside waiting with Brian. Billie ... granny told me that I shouldn’t let others know because it’s dangerous out there. But I need someone to talk to. I can’t handle this alone.” She’s crying. My heart hurt seeing her vulnerable like this.

“It’s fine Freya. Come here ...” I invited her to sit on my bed. She was gentle not to hurt my wound.

“You don’t have to worry about anything while I’m still around, Freya. I’ll do whatever I can to let your parents and uncle know that you and your sisters are both under my care. Please don’t cry. It hurts me to see you sad like this.” I gave her a small peck on her forehead.

We stayed this way for quite some time while she cry her frustration out. Poor Freya. She must’ve been pretending to be strong all this time while facing the matter alone.

“Is she asleep?” Lily walked in on us. I place a finger on my lips when I heard soft snore coming from Freya.

“Let her stay here for the night. Can you please asked Brian to come inside.” Lily did as told.

“Billie? What do you need?” Brian knows me too well.

“I have to be Black Dahlia once again. Informed granny Irina about this. And please, can you help me carried her to the sofa.” Brian nodded. He carefully carried Freya and placed her on the sofa.

“What are you trying to do?! You’re not well enough to get yourself off the bed!” Brian was worried when I yanked the IV tube from my hand. Please. I’ve been laying in that bed for a whole week. I’m fine. Beside, the wound are healing properly. I just have to be careful not to open it up again.

“I’m fine. If I let this continue, Freya and Daphne will have to suffer yet again. I can’t let that happened. I have to do something.” I was struggling to keep myself from falling. Damn it. The medicine are taking a toll of my body.

“Billie ... What are you planning to do? Kill her parents and uncle?” Lily has a point. What should I do? But even Freya wouldn’t let me kill her parents. She would be sad if I did that.

“I’m going to teach them a lesson. That’s all.” Damn it. I used up all the bullets and they didn’t even picked up the gun I was using while saving Freya from Marco. Should I just rely on my fist alone this time?

They are nothing but a bunch of well off nobles right. They can’t simply know how to take care of themselves. Maybe they hired someone to do that but I was trained by the best. My fist ... could even be a weapon if I know what I’m doing.

Brian wasn’t happy when he saw me putting on my clothes.

“Billie ... this is dangerous. At least let’s wait for reinforcement. Please ...” reinforcement? Really? What a naive man he is. I smiled when walked past hi and towards the door.

“Take care of Freya while I’m gone. Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon enough.”


I was having a hard time walking even a short distance because of the stabbing wound. Damn it. Was I ever this weak before? I thought the doctor said the poison has gone from my body. Is it still there? It can’t be, right?

Will I be able to defeat Freya’s enemies with just my fist? I am not in a good shape to begin with. Hmmmm. At this point I just do whatever I can to deal with this matter. Beside, Volin has the best holding facility in the world. They will repent for their sins in a secluded area for the rest of their life.

“What brings you here? Who gave you the permission to enter my home? Leave before you regret ever stepping foot inside my home.” For an old man, he sure does talk big. I smiled at Freya’s uncle before hitting his nose with my fist. I watched him fall on his butt with a broken nose.

“You’re an old person with no manners. I can only imagine how stuck up your children are.” I didn’t wait for him to get yo when I did a spinning kick on his head. I watched as he laid on the floor with a bleeding mouth.

“Who’s idea was it to kidnapped Freya? Which one of you that sabotaged Daphne’s car? Tell me the truth and i will spare your life.” He is one stubborn old man. Gonna respect that. He’s not someone whom easily persuade.

“I will have your ass in jail for this!” He screamed. I guess the spinning kick and a broken nose aren’t enough for him. I grabbed his shirt by the collar and smiled.

“Old man like you shouldn’t the plotting against your own nieces. You should be worrying about the future and your retirement plan. What if ... I accidentally break your legs? That wouldn’t be okay for such a fragile old man. What if I accidentally pour a bottle of acid into your throat and watch your inside turns to liquid? You need to know when to stop, old man.” She’s started to shake while listening to my threats.

“Let me asked you again. Who’s idea was it to hurt Freya and Daphne?” He sighed.

“It’s their own father. Unlike me, he’s in debt shit because of his gambling problem. He asked for help from his daughters but they didn’t even beg an eye on him. That’s why we decided to take action within our own hands. We just want the things that rightfully ours! We’re the legitimate sons! Why would those petty little girls get to have what supposed to be ours?!” I can’t believe my own ears.

“Because the late mr Bridget saw how greedy you are. He built this empire all by himself. And I think it’s a good think that he gave this empire to Freya and Daphne instead of you two.” He’s been sitting on the floor and I can’t help but to feel sorry for him. He is old after all. I should be kind towards the elderly.

I helped him up and pushed him onto the couch.

“What are you going to do to me? Just so you know, you’re on camera. And if you hurt me, I’ll use the footage against you in court!” Nice move, old man. But do you really think I care. It’s good that he managed to capture what I’m about to do to him. It’s going to be a great reminder to him if he ever tries to hurt my beautiful swan ever again.

“That’s okay. Someone will take care of that. All I care about to avenging my beloved Freya. Please don’t close your eyes for this. I want you to witness one of the ways to force a criminal to confess their crimes.” Before leaving the hospital, I managed to steal some of the equipment used by surgeon.

Too bad I only managed to get my hands on a scalpel and a surgical saw. His eyes widen when he saw the item that I reached out from my inside jacket.

“Please. Do not scream unless you’re in pain. Trust my skill. I’ve been doing this since I was in my mother’s womb.” In context, it’s not a lie. My mother was an assassin. She killed, she tortured someone before marrying my father. Sometimes I do wonder how did my mother even fallen for my mother.

“Who are you? Why are you doing this to me? You can’t be just a mere students.” I smirked.

“My name is Billie. My codename used to be Black Dahlia. I used to be the top assassin in Volin. I never thought I would be back to my old habits. But you hurt my girlfriend and her sister. I can’t just stand by being idle while you continue harassing the person I love.” I proceed by remove a small part of his skin from his cheek using the scalpel.

“Scream ... scream all you want. I’m going to show you what it feels like to be in constant pain.” He screamed for his dead life while I was enjoying myself.

It’s been a while since I torture someone before and this is such a rush. While I was having fun skinning him alive, my grandmother suddenly appeared and stopped me from proceeding.

I was disappointed but what can I do ... she’s my grandmother. I can’t disobey her orders. And she wasn’t happy to see me this way.

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