Would You Die For Me?

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Chapter 21 (End)

Chapter 21

When Billie finally woke up from her slumber, she noticed that her arms and legs were tied up. She tried to take it off by force but it was futile. She was surprised to see her aunt, Lady Red aka Hynera was staring down at her.

“Do you know why you’re bound, Black Dahlia?” Billie now understand why she’s here inside he notorious dungeon in Volin. She just made a mistake and now she is paying the price for disobeying orders.

“I decided to take action with my own hands without informing the school. But I have my own reason for doing so. They need to be stop at all cause! Daphne is in the ICU because of their greediness. I can’t stand looking at Freya for being sad!” Lady red decided to slapped Billie across the face hard.

“Do not barked at me. I’ve been too lenient on you. I promised your mother to take care of you after she’s gone but it seemed that I spoiled you rotten instead. You dare to raise your voice at me, your mentor?” Billie meet her mentor’s deathly stare after spitting the blood from her mouth.

“I accept my punishment. But before that, I need to end them. Freya’s parents has been harassing her. I have to do something.” Once again Lady Red used force to stopped Billie from speaking out of turn. This time she used her fist to shut Billie up.

“All I need was time! You ruined my plan, Black Dahlia. You ruined everything that I worked hard on! By injuring Freya’s uncle, you think her parents would stayed idle?! Why can’t you shed your thick brain before doing anything?!” Lady Red reached our for the brass knuckle and put them on.

“I am standing here as your mentor and not your aunt. The only pusnishment befitting am assassins would be being its mentor punching bag!” But belfre Lady Red could do anything, Alexander, Billie’s father managed to grabbed Lady Red’s body and begged her to stopped hitting his daughter.

Lady Red sighed.

“Alex, you’re disrupting me. If you can’t teach your daughter a lesson, I can. Release me at once or you shall face the same consequences as your daughter.” Alexander didn’t budge at all. He’s worried that his sister in law might go too far this time.

“Billie was stabbed. She’s still healing. Please don’t hurt her anymore. Please, Hynera. I begged you.” Lady Red scoffed.

“If I let my disciple go, would that make me a pushover? So, if my other disciple decided to act like she did, should I let them go as well? Alex ... I respect you as my sister’s husband. But this is between me and your daughter. Don’t forget that’s he choose this life. And so she have to face the consequences for disobey orders!” Alexander pulled his sister in law body back as hard as he could but she’s too strong for him.

“Alex, let go of me. LET GO!” Lady Red was about to hit Alex but Irina decided to interfere. She ordered them both to stopped acting like children before releasing Billie from being bound.

“How’s your wound, Billie?” Billie took her grandmother’s hand when she was about to get up from the floor.

“I’m fine, granny.” Billie face her mentor.

“I’m sorry, Lady Red. I was consumed by anger. Please forgive me.” Lady red sighed heavily before taking off the brass knuckle from her hands.

“Normally I wouldn’t be so kind. But since my mother is here preventing me from teaching you a lesson must’ve meant something. What is mother?” Irina sighed.

“I understand that she’s your disciple. But always remember that she is also your niece. Her method was careless but at least we have Freya’s uncle in our custody. By now, his family trying to find a way to get him out from this place. Rather than teaching your disciple how to behave, perhaps you can find a way to find Freya’s parents and make them confess their crimes.” Lady Red was embarrassed when her mother has pointed out her flaw.

“Hynera, you had trained several top assassins to be at my disposal. Billie is one of your most important project to date. Punishing her now will only show how lenient you been. Don’t embarrass yourself by spouting nonsense such as righteous way to be a mentor.” Irina was walking towards the door belfre she looked over her shoulder.

“Son in law, I admired how you protected your daughter from Hynera just then. But never do that ever again. Serafima wouldn’t be happy to know that her husband died while in Volin. Your daughter can take a lot. Don’t underestimate the power of Volin.” Irina face the door.

“Billie, come with me. There is someone that wants to see you.” Billie bow her head in respect for her mentor before she followed her grandmother outside.

“Billie, please tell me the truth. Are you truly in love with Freya?” Billie was t expecting that question from her grandmother.

“Yes. I would die for her if I must.” Irina chuckled because she can see a little bit of herself in Billie. When she was young and wild, all she could think about was appreciating woman’s breasts. She often in a lot of trouble because of it too.

“You reminded me of myself when I go to hell and back just to save your granny Althea from Vörös. Billie ... the secret to make someone yield was to never show any kind of expression while you face them. What you did to Freya’s uncle was admiring. But that’s not how it should be done.” Billie realised that her grandmother is actually lecturing her about the art of killing and persuasion.

“Take an example from your granny Natalia. That Russian beast woman always managed to get herself whatever she wants because she used her brain rather than emotion. What you did just show how low your tolerance are. You need to fix that. If you wish to keep Freya and those who she cared about safe, you need to be their shield.” Billie nodded.

She walked into a room and was surprised to see Freya. Her eyes lights up when Freya walked towards her with ready eyes.

“Billie ...” Freya let go of her strong facade and literally burst into tears when she finally get to see Billie in person. This is new ... even for Lily who had been friends with Freya since their childhood.


Billie has been listening to Freya nag at her for the past two hours. Freya can’t help but to act like Betty buzz kill because she’s worried for Billie’s safety.

“Are you even listening to me?!” Freya raised an eyebrow when she noticed Billie was not even paying attention.

“I am. I’m sorry. I just ... I don’t want you to get hurt. They need to be stop and if we wait any longer, they might do something far worse that this.” Freya sighed heavily before she takes a seat next to Billie. She placed a hand on her thigh before lean on her shoulder.

“I’m sorry for nagging you for the past hour. I just ... I can’t lost you. Shitty things keep on messing with my life. I can’t let someone who dear to me get hurt because of my own family. Billie I Really care for you and it’s rare for me to be like this. Even Lily was surprised to see me like this.” Freya’s words were seeet yet subtle. Billie can’t help but to wrapped her arms around Freya’s shoulder before kissing her on her head.

“I feel the same way. How I wish we don’t want to face such trivial matter like getting our life’s at the edge of a cliff. Like, literally.” Billie sighed. Freya placed her arm around Billie’s body and just stay that way until Irina walked in together with Althea and Alexander.

“Are we in a way?” Freya smiled and so did Billie.

“No. What’s happening?” They didn’t budge from the seating area. They just kept sitting that way. Althea was happy to see Billie finally found someone that could make her happy and so does Alexander.

“We found out that Freya’s parents had made a deal with some top organisation. They are not playing at all. Volin might are capable of doing whatever it takes to get what we want but to go against such an organisation, it might be risky. I might have to reach out for some old favours if we go against them. Now the question is, are we going to go against your parents, Freya?” Freya looked up to Billie.

“They hurt my sister who’s now fighting for her own life and her unborn child. It pain me to see my nephew mightbhave to lost her mother if my sister didn’t make it. I know it’s wrong of me to even think this way. But I want them to suffer like we did.” Irina turned to his wife who begging her to do whatever it takes to fulfil Freya’s request.

Irina sighed heavily as she thinks of a way to counterattack such a formidable enemy.

“Granny. We can always make use of the seven demon girls. They were specifically trained by you and the other former members. I can lead them.” Billie volunteered. Freya immediately let go of Billie’s body and just stare at her down.

“It’s like I’m talking to a brick wall. Did you just simply choose to ignore my nagging just now? How many times do I have to tell you that you don’t have to die for me. Just protect me!” Billie was seeking help from her father but he was pretending to be busy reading a book.

She then proceed to Althea who only smiled at her. She knows too well that when she smile like that, it means she’s against the idea as well. Now, Irina is the only chance she have to be able to help Freya.

She knows that Irina valued result rather than her assigns life.

“Why do you have to grow up to be exactly like Serafima? How can I say no to that face of yours. It’s like when Serafima asked me if she could marry your father. I just can’t say no.” Freya turned and glared at Irina.

“Don’t give me that look. I am your elder.” Freya didn’t care.

“As to why I decided to let her lead the seven demon girls was because she undergo some major training session with me and He other former members. Like I mentioned belfre, Billie was born different. She was born from Serafima. Whether you like it or not, Billie is special. Among them, she holds the title of greed.” Irina smirked.

“The way she pushes herself over her own limit ... the decision she made just to be on top made her the epitome of avatitia.” The moment when Irina saw her granddaughter potential, she knew that she would someday be a great assassins.

But ... Irina has to deal with one tiny problem and that is Alexander. Alexander dotes on his daughter so much that he against anything to do with Volin whatsoever.

“Mr Black! I’m sure you won’t let Billie do this. I know she’s doing this for me but I don’t want her to get hurt. She was stabbed!” Freya was begging for Alexander to forbid Billie to do this.

“This is my first time seeing Billie this confident in her life. I’m sorry Freya. If she really wants to do this, I can’t say no. It’s her choice. Beside, she’s doing this for you. I know my daughter too well at this point. She will surely do whatever it takes to protect you.” Freya can’t believe her ears.

She turned to her last resort and that is Althea.

“Granny Althea ...” Freya was on verge of crying.

“If Billie thinks she can do it. Let her be. Whether we like it or not, she stills hold a position in the seven demon girls. It was her choice to do this and let’s support it.” Freya couldn’t help but to kneel in front of Billie when everyone agreed for her to do this.

“Billie .. please ... don’t leave me. What if something happened? Except for my sister’s family and Lily, you’re the only person I care the most. I’ve been lying to myself, saying that the feelings I have for you was just something that happened on the spot. All the butterfly feelings, all the nervousness whenever I’m with you ... I’ve been telling myself that it’s all normal but it’s now! Billie I love you. Please don’t leave me.” Billie noticed how Freya’s body begin to shake.

Irina took this chance to leave the room together with Althea and Alexander. They understand that the couple needs to talk about this.

Billie couldn’t handle the pain she felt whenever she sees Freya acting like this. This side of Freya is much different than the one she always personified. This is her real side. The real Freya is nothing but a woman who are weak and lonely.

Billie lifted up Freya’s chin before giving her a passionate kiss.

“I’m doing this for our future together. I know ... we haven’t been able to do What normal couple should do. But after I’m done taking care of the matter at hands, I promise we will graduate from the academy and just live the way we want to live. I’m your bodyguard. This little thing is nothing compare to what I have to face while growing up in Volin.” Billie stared into Freya’s tears eyes.

“I promise I will survive this. I promised that I would die for you. But I won’t be kill that easily.” Billie wiped the tears from Freya cheeks using her thumb.

“And even if I have to run through a burning house for you, I will. In my life, you’re the most important person after my family. Freya ... I love you. I just love you so much.” Billie lightly pushed Freya on to the floor while she climb up on her body and leaving trailed kisses from her mouth to her neck.

Freya closed her eyes as she felt a foreign sensation as Billie’s hands exploring her body. They were enjoying each other company until Lily walked in on them together with Brian.

“You were right, Brian. This was a bad idea.” Billie sighed heavily while she helped Freya off the floor. Freya was pissed off as she fixes her clothes.

“I’m sorry for disturbing your time alone but I have a good news from the hospital and a bad news. Freya ... your sister is going to be okay. She woke up and was asking for you.” Freya was ecstatic to know that.

“But ... the bad news is. Your brother in law and nephew is missing. We cant find them at the safe house. There’s no trace of them anywhere except for a note that was place on the front door of the safe house.” Freya stood up with horrified expression.

“The note says they have your brother in law and nephew in their custody. Freya ... they said if you still refuse to give them what they want, they will ... they will pay the price.” Freya was speechless.

“No ... William ... my little William ... What should I do. I want to save them but ... my grandfather’s last wishes. I ... I don’t know what to do. What should I do?” Freya was getting dizzy from all the stress.

Billie grabbed a hold of Freya’s body when she was about to passed out. She carefully placed her body on the couch before facing both Lily and Brian.

“First and foremost, we need to find their location. As long as we can safe them first, the rest won’t be a problem to deal with. Brian, gather the rest of the seven demon girls. We’re going for war.” Brian nodded and walked out from the room.

“Billie ... you’re willing to do all this for Freya?” Billie nodded as she looked at Freya.

“This beautiful swan managed to capture my attention and my heart. At this point, I’ll do anything for her. My life is fully hers to have and she can do whatever she wants with it. Even if I have to sacrifice myself for her happiness, I’ll do it.” Lily was touched by Billie’s words.

“Take care of her. Tell her to wait for me. I will save her brother in law and nephew. That’s my promise.” Lily nodded.

“Just promise me that you won’t die. Freya will be very piss if you do.” Billie chuckled.

“I’m a member of the seven demon girls. I’m holding the title greed for a reason. Even if I was on verge one death, my greed will exceed everything. I won’t be kill off that easily. This organisation are known to be notorious but they haven’t seen any of the seven demon girls in action yet. Soon ... they will know why we were called as the elite.” Billie smirked.

Lily noticed something she never seen before happening to Billie. In matter of seconds, she came face to face with Billie’s second personally.

“Black Dahlia ...” lily whispered.

To be continued.

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