Would You Die For Me?

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Freya possessed everything that the world offers but she lacked the attention from her own parents for they think the only way to live happily was to have more worldly item. Billie, on the other hand, she lacks worldly item but she received unconditional love from her father. Something that Freya always wanted in her life. What happened when two individual from a different background crosses the same path? This is a story of unrequited love, betrayal, twisted mind and true love with a twist of comedy here and there.

Drama / Romance
The Moonlight Demon
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Chapter 1


"Lady Freya, do you need a moment to be alone? Since your parents made the announcement about your engagement, you seemed to be in your own world." Freya Bridget gave her attending maid a small smile.

"It's okay. The same thing happened to my sister when she was 18 years old. I don't even know why I thought that it will be different when it comes to my own personal life." The attending maid who has been with Freya since she was a child gave her hug when Freya turned to face her.

"It's okay lady Freya. You're a strong woman. I'm sure you can handle this like a lady. For you, this is nothing compare to what you've been facing since the day your late grandfather announced that you'll be the one taking over the Bridget Financial Group when you turn 21 years old. This might be the way your parents trying to protect you." Freya chuckled when she leaves the comfort of her attending maid.

"Anita, you've been in service for this family since before I was born. Do you really think my parents did what they did because they want to protect me?" The attending maid kept her mouth shut as she watched Freya put on a fake smile before walking back to the crowd of people who attends her party.

For Freya, every single person who came today are nothing but those who wanted to be associate with her family. They all know that being close to her means will benefit them in a long run. The business and financial world is a terrifying place to be. Without proper connection, anyone wouldn't survived.

But for some, they sees her as a woman with well endowed physique with perfect beauty. Coming from a prominent family, her beauty stands out even more whenever she have to attend official event.

They all smiled and congratulated her for the engagement news and also for her birthday. But deep down, they're worried that they might leave a bad impression on her. A single call from Freya will end their life and career.

I'm sure, everyone who doesn't know the full story of Freya will asked themselves, how did this young woman possessed such power?

The decision to give Freya the title of being the next heir to the group was made by her late grandfather after he saw how Freya managed to brought the group back to life from the brink of bankruptcy. She was only 13 years old but her late grandfather knew that Freya is the perfect candidate to make sure that his legacy lives on.

That decision of course made the next true heir, her uncle furious and demanded that the will be rewritten. But the only possible way to make it happen, if Freya is dead.

Freya has lost count of how many times she was lucky enough to survived being at gun point. She even survived an accident that supposed to kill her but the only reminder she got from that was a scar across her stomach.

"Freya, please don't embarrass me. Put on a genuine smile the next time you have to speak with the senator. Without him, we wouldn't be able to convince many politician to be on our side. Please remember that you're going to carry this burden for the rest of your life until you have an heir to carry it on for you." Freya's father had a little talk with his daughter.

"Yes, father." Freya bow his head a little when her father take his leave.

"Just ignore him. You know how agitated he is when it comes to entertaining important people in his own home. You should have fun, little sister." Daphne Bridget, Freya's older sister smiled at her.

"I thought you have some business to attend to in South Korea. Why are you here?" Freya was glad to see her sister and proceed to give her a hug.

"Do you really think I would missed my sister's birthday party? What kind of sister do you think I am?" With a smile, Daphne showed her sister a little gift she managed to buy while she was in Korea.

"William was the one who picked it. He said you would love this." Freya let out a genuine laughter when she saw the gift that her nephew had chosen.

"Basically, when he saw this jewellery box, he thought of me? Where is that little devil? I haven't seen him." Daphne pointed at the direction where her husband at. He was seen talking with investors. Freya waved for William who then excuse himself after being summoned.

"Aunty!" Freya kneel down and give William a hug.

"Did you like my gift?" Freya smiled at the five-year-old, genuinely.

"Of course. You know me so well, William. How was Korea?" William beginning to tell Freya about his trip to Korea excitedly.

"William, I think your aunt needs to be somewhere else now. But you can continue this after the party." Freya was confused by what her sister said. When she stood up from the floor after kneeling down, she felt a presence behind her. When she turned, she came face to face with her fiancé.

"My dear, there you are. I was looking all over. Why would you kneel on such dirty floor like that?" Damon Wesley smiled at Daphne and William.

"Daphne, I'm glad you could make it back." Freya was unfazed when Damon suddenly placed his arm around her waist before pulling her closer to his body. Daphne saw this and immediately thought of her sister's well being. William was about to say something when Daphne stopped his son from proceeding.

"Both Charles and I managed to solved the problem that has been occurring in Korea in time. We, especially William wanted to be here for Freya's special day. And Damon, I think it's not nice for you to grabbed a lady by the waist in front of all these esteemed guests. Do remember your standing." Damon was embarrassed by his action and immediately let go of Freya's waist.

"I thought ... it would be fine since Mr and Mrs Bridget announced our engagement earlier. I'm sorry, Lady Daphne." Damon turned to face Freya who doesn't seemed to be affected by his action.

"It's fine." By that time, Charles, Daphne's husband was already standing beside his wife.

"Damon. Congratulation for your engagement. We ... didn't expect it at all. Freya, are you okay?" Charles noticed Freya seemed to be acting weird all of the sudden. She look so much different than when she was interacting with William.

"I'm fine. Beside, even if I try to say anything, they won't do shit because all they worried about is making connection with the right people. And from their point of view, marrying me into the Wesley family is the right thing to do." Freya suddenly turned to Damon.

Damon orbs met Freya's cold blue orbs.

"Are you willing to change your last name into mine? Even Charles was told to changed his last name into a Bridget. Will you be able to do the same? Make your choice wisely, Damon. You don't want to regret it for the rest of your life." Damon was surprised by Freya's words.

"Now, if you could excuse me, I have a lot of other guests that I have to entertain. William, would you like to join me?" William nodded and grabbed his aunt by the hand. Daphne sighed as she watched both Freya and William walked away.

"I'm sorry, Damon. She's been on edge lately. I'm sure you understand. Our parents did what they did just to protect her from harm. They know that having you by her side would mean that she's well protected anywhere she goes. I'm sure you were told about her situation." Damon nodded.

"Yes. I was well aware. I didn't expect her to be this cold." Daphne smiled.

"In time, you will get use to it." Daphne assured the man.

"Billie, can you believe the luck we have? I mean, we get to finish our senior year at a famous elite school! I've always wonder how does it feel to be rich." Brian Anthony, Billie'a childhood friend expressed his feelings when they were told that for the next session of school, they have to attend the Bayshore Academy for the elites.

"You actually thought that our school got burnt down as lucky? Brian, have you lost your mind?" Billie Black, asked her friend while tying her black hair in a ponytail.

"Well, don't you? We get to live our senior year at Bayshore Academy! Aren't you excited?!" Billie immediately hushed her friend down when his voice gathered a lot of attention.

"We're at a public area! Keep your voice down. Geez!" Billie proceed to reached out for a bandage and started to wrapped her hands to avoid any injury while she train.

"I just hope they have a good martial arts club so I could kick some rich bastard ass." Brian laughed as he grabbed the punching bag so Billie can starts her training.

"You do you while I look around for beautiful girls to spend some time with. I hope they will see me as an equal." Brian joked while holding off Billie's strong kick.

"Tough luck. Those kind of girls usually got themselves tangled with that bullshit arranged marriage crap since they were in a womb. I just hope you won't get into trouble with a wrong crowd. Like you said, we're going to attend a school for the rich. Do you really think they would accept us that easily?" Thinking back to how messy things can be just being in the same vicinity as those kind of people, Billie can't hardly controlled her strength when she hit the punching bag.

Brian was surprised to how powerful his friend can be. Billie repeatedly kicks and hit the punching bag with her fist without giving Brian any time to recover from her last hit.

"Billie!" Brian called out when she was about to hit his face.

"Oh! I thought you were the punching bag. I'm sorry." Billie apologised halfheartedly. Brian scoffed and let go of the punching bag.

Bystanders were surprised to see a woman could give out such monstrous power. Billie and Brian are used to these kind of attention since they were in junior high. After all, they did won the martial arts championship for both female and male category at such a young age.

They were even given the nickname as the demons of martial arts by their fans.

Billie Black, 18 years old high school senior that has a strong built body thanks to her training. She's quite popular among her peers even before she won the championship because of her tall height compare to other girls her age. Because of that, she often mistaken for a boy when she was in junior high for having a short hair.

Billie doesn't really mind but when she started high school, she decided to keep her hair long because her father said it would make her less ... scary when she's making friends. Billie live with her father who worked as a nurse at a local hospital.

After her mother passed from cancer, her father stepped in as both the father and the mother figure in the family. She was only 5 years old. But because he made a promise to his wife, he tend to spoiled Billie rotten when it comes to pampering her with love.

Her father, Alexander Black never remarried because he wants to focus on raising his daughter. There were times where Billie tried to arranged a blind date for her father but it never work out in the end.

"Well, look at what the cat dragged in. If it isn't Billie and Brian. Who gave you permission to come here?" Billie sighed heavily before turning around to face the person who called for her name.

"The last time I checked, this is a public place. Everyone has their right to be here." Brian decided to face the guy who has been bothering them since junior high. Billie placed her hand on Brian's shoulder to tell him to stand down.

"Fighting a speck of dust is not worth it. We have bigger and better prey for us to focusing on. Like the Bayshore Martial Arts Championship." The guy and his group of friends laughed at both Brian and Billie.

"You really think you could defeat them? Don't be so arrogant because it might end up biting you back in the end." This time Billie decided to stand beside Brian while cracking her knuckles.

"I'm sure you know very well how strong we are if we decided to fight here. Don't make me make the first move because you might regret it." Brian smirked after hearing what Billie had said.

"Didn't you remember how bad it was if I let Billie run loose? Do you want to eat and drink using a hose?" Brian placed his hand on Billie shoulder.

"Leave before I punch the living daylights out of you." The guy who was all talk took the first step followed by his friends. Billie sighed heavily before facing Brian who laughed at them.

"I have to go. It's almost my shift now. See you the day after tomorrow at school." Brian nodded and watched as his friend makes her way to the locker.

"Hey Brian ..." Brian smiled when he heard a female voice calling for him.

"Well, hello there. I'm sorry ladies, Billie is not here. She have to leave because of her work. But ... if you don't mind, I can keep you company. I'm free as a bird." The woman who spoke earlier hummed.

"Alright then." Brian smiled at their respond before pushing his blonde hair back to attract their attention even more.

"Shall we then?"

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