Would You Die For Me?

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Chapter 2


"Are you sure you want to eat here? We can always asked the driver to send us to a better eatery. Aren't you afraid the media might see you, the youngest princess of the Bridget family eating here?" Why is everyone worried about something so trivial? So what if they saw me here?

Will it tarnished my reputation? Will they talk shit behind my back? Probably. I would like to see them try.

"I don't care." I said before the driving opening the door for us.

"Beside," I showed her my phone and point at the food that I'm craving for.

"I would like to try this. They claimed to have the best beef brisket in the city." My best friend , Lily Glendale read through the ads that I stumbled upon while I was on social media.

"You dragged me all the way here just for a beef brisket? You have the best chef available in your own home but you asked me to cancelled my appointment for a beef brisket?" I nodded while she just stare at me with 'are you kidding me' expression.

"Yes. That's exactly the reason why I asked you to cancelled your appointment. Also, don't worry about it. I've taken care of it with one simple call. I'm sure the Glendale family will be happy to know that the resort are theirs to have." I got out from the car followed by Lily.

"Well, I hope so. If not, my father will kill me for ruining the sweet deal." We made our way inside the restaurant and was lead to our table by a waiter. He smiled, gave us two glass of water and the menu for us to see.

"I never imagined that this kind of establishment would have abundant choices of food." Lily said while looking through the menu.

"Are you done? I know what I want." Lily nodded. I raised my hand to called for the waiter. He saw me and with a smile he made his way towards us.

"Good afternoon. Welcome to Dynamite. What would you like for today?" The waiter was polite.

"The chef's special and a ginger tea." I turned my attention to Lily.

"Fish and chips with coke. Light ice." The waiter smiled and took the menu book from us. While we wait for our food to come, I received a text from my sister. She was informing me about the progress of rebuilding a burnt school that happened recently.

"I can't believe that the holiday is coming to an end. I don't want to go to school yet. My parents forced me to followed them around. Just because my brother decided to followed his dream to be a doctor, why am I being punished for it? Why do I have to be the one to take over the company? I haven't have any decent time for myself since the holiday starts. What about you?" I took a sip of water before shrugging my shoulder.

"There's always someone who tried to end my life. The only thing that happened to me thats not supposed to happened was my engagement." Lily's eyes seemed to be focusing on something.

"That girl is one tall lad. She seems familiar for some reason." Girl? What girl? The waitress? She sure is tall for a girl.

"Stop ogling her like that. Or you'll creep her out." I waved my hands in front of her. When our order finally came, i was surprised that the tall waitress was the one who sent them.

"Chef's special with ginger tea?" I raised my hand a little before she placed the plate in front of me.

"Fish and chips with coke." She smiled once again before leaving our table.

"That woman is beautiful." I hushed my friend. After having such a hearty lunch, we both went to the register and was about to pay when a group of guys decided to pay for our meal in exchange of having our contact number.

We humbly declined but it seemed these guys aren't taking no for an answer.

"Ladies, please don't make a scene here. We just want to get to know you. Let us pay for your meal but let's hang out after that. We promise we won't do anything bad." Again we declined.

"What kind of bitch that doesn't want to be treated?!" Before one of the guys managed to grabbed Lily's hand, the tall waitress intervene by grabbing the guy's hand.

"The ladies already decline your offer. Buzz off." They were a bit taken aback by the waitress's action. There was a slight fear visible on their expression when they face her. I wonder why.

"I'm sorry Billie. We didn't know that they're your friends. We won't do it again. Just ... let go of my hand, yah?" The waitress did let go and we watched as they made their way towards the door.

"I'm sorry for that. It's your first time here and yet you have to experienced such situation. And because of that, the lunch you had will be on us. It's our way of apologising to our customer." She apologised.

"That's okay. Trust me, we went through so much since the day we were born. You'll be surprised by how normal that was for us." Lily smiled.

"Say, why did they seemed to be afraid of you?" Lily asked. I admire her straightforward attitude but even she should know to never be so bold with someone she never acquainted before.

"There was a few times where we greet each other with our fist. So, there might be a moment or two where they regret crossing path with me." The waitress remained that big smile on her face as she explained it.

"Billie!" I noticed her colleague called for her from afar. She excuse herself and asked us to come again when we have the chance.

"She's beautiful huh? She's even taller than Damon! She.m basically tower that fiancé of yours." Why did Lily have to compare that waitress with Damon?


"Morning, Billie." Brian smiled at me when I was about to ride my motorcycle.

"Morning. I didn't expect you to be up this early. I was expecting you to be late." Brian rolled his eyes.

"So you can simply leave me to my own demise? Not today, Billie. Not today." I chuckled before putting on my helmet. We rode to Bayshore Academy together like always.

Upon arriving at the academy, we really can't ignore the fact that we're being watch. I can feel their dagger eyes piercing into our soul. As we parked our motorcycle at the lot, I noticed a few students from our school standing by the entrance wondering about something.

"Brian, whats up with that?" I asked. Brian looks up before shrugging his shoulder. We decided to walked towards the crowd and asked around.

"Billie ... Brian! You're here!" I smiled.

"What's wrong guys?" I was surprised to see a few students of Bayshore Academy standing by the entrance, forbidding is from entering.

"But we're supposed to be here. We even received a letter from your principal about this!" Our school representative counter.

"What will a piece of paper do? One call to my father and it will turned into a court summoning letter. If you all really want to continue to study, just study by the horse stable. That's where you belong." They laughed at us.

"But ... this is unfair! We never asked for this!" Our representative are at his peak. Even our teacher can't say anything.

"Whoever suggested that dogs like you coming to our academy will be punished! This is a prestigious academy. You will only tainted its name!" I was about to say something when I felt someone wrapped their hands on my arm.

"What's going on? What is all these commotion?" I was surprised to see the girl from the restaurant suddenly appeared out of nowhere! From what she's wearing, she's a student of this academy.

"Morning, Billie!" She's as bubbly as ever.

"Oh! I haven't introduce myself yet! My name is Lily Glendale. And the person who's about to end their family's reputation is Freya Bridget." She pointed at the beautiful blonde from before. To our surprised, she slapped the cocky bastard on his face.

"Who gave you the right to stop anyone from entering this academy?" The blonde beauty asked the 'not so vocal' guy anymore.

"Freya! Lily! I'm just .. we ... well ... we just ... this is A prestigious academy. Their present here will only make us equal! They're commoner who doesn't have any decency to wear our uniform!" Freya turned to our schoolmate before turning her attention to the person speaking to her.

"They just arrived here. I was informed that the academy will distribute our uniform when they gather at the auditorium. Your reason to keep them out here is irrelevant. Let them in." What is going on?

"Hmm ... they shouldn't act this way. Freya is already in a bad mood since this morning. We could only pray for what she will do to these students. I should take care of this. Come with me." I didn't get to decline when she dragged me towards the entrance.

"Billie? You went to Bayshore High?" Freya asked when she saw me walking hand in hand with Lily.

"One of the student knew Freya?!" They beginning to question their action against my schoolmates.

"Let them in or else." They finally let us in but before Freya leave the place, she turned to face the instigator.

"The person responsible for their presence here is me. If you want to punish those who let enter this academy, it's me. I'll be waiting for your punishment." What just happened? Who are these people? Why does the other students seemed to be afraid of them?

"Yo Billie! I never knew you have such a powerful friends!" Brian placed his arm around me.

"Are you friends with Billie?" Oh, Lily's still here.

"Brian Anthony."

"Lily Glendale." They shake hands.

"You look awfully familiar. I just can't really put the pieces together. Are you secretly the daughter and son of a famous banker? Senator or president of a country?" We laughed.

"My father is a nurse. And his father just someone who owned a small grocery shop. Maybe you saw our faces on the news few years back when we won the Martial Arts Championship against your school." Lily suddenly clapped her hands.

"Now I remember! You were the one who beats Damon at the finals. And you beat Sarah to the point that she has to be hospitalised for few weeks." Does she have to mentioned that now.

"Oh! I should lead you all to the school auditorium. Freya will explained to you the school rules and regulation and then I will give all of you a tour of this academy. After all, I am the Vice President of Bayshore Academy Student Council." She is?! So does that mean Freya the president?

"Thank you for intervene when those guys trying to force us to follow them. Just think of this as our way of thanking you." Lily whispered into my ears before she went to our school representative and talk about something.

I don't know why that the intense glare I felt before just intensity by tenfold. Everyone seemed to be giving me that killing look after Lily let go of my arm.

"Is it just me or it seemed like they're trying to put a hole on your body with their eyes?" Brian stated.

"Well, whatever it is, this is the first time that your action resulted in something good. I'm so glad that they came to our aid." Me too. But, is it worth it? All I did was stopping a man from doing something stupid to other woman.

We decided to followed Lily towards the auditorium. All I can say now when I walked into this academy ... just how much effort and money was it take to build something as extravagant as this?

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