Would You Die For Me?

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Chapter 3


Lily was just on her way to the food station when her eyes noticed Billie together with Brian and few of their friends sitting on a table, chatting away while enjoying their lunch. With a smile, Lily struts towards Billie’s table and introduced herself to the group.

“Are you alone?” Billie asked when she doesn’t see Freya who usually followed her around.

“Yes. Unfortunately Freya has a few things to deal with regarding the council. I’m here to get some food for her and myself. We’ve been skipping class the whole day. Truth be told, we rather study than doing the council work.” Billie smiled before she noticed how everyone is looking at them talking.

“How’s everything? I hope none of the students been giving you guys a hard time.” Lily watched as each and one of them looked at each other. She expect them to come clean but none of them said anything regarding the matter.

“Everything is fine. There’s no need to worry about us. We know how to handle things ourselves.” Billie said without elaborating much about the real situation to the Vice President.

Lily was sceptical but if she really wants to know the real story, she needs to make her own investigation.

“Alright then. Do you have any idea which club you would like to join? I’ve been dealing with club applicants since this morning but I haven’t seen your name on any piece of paper at all. I almost sure you would try to apply for the martial arts club. Is it because Damon is the president of the club?” Billie was take aback by her question.

“Well, I thought of sending the papers after school today. But since you’re here, I hope you wouldn’t mind if I just give it to you?” Lily smiled.

“Of course! Since I’m going back to the council room after this.” Billie smiled and handed her papers to Lily. She didn’t expect that Brian would handed over his as well. Lily smiled and gladly took the papers from his hand.

“Thank you so much.” Brian thanked the lady. Lily looked at her wrist watch and excuse herself before anything happen with Freya alone in the council room. She haven’t had any meal since this morning.

“Was it wise? We could just tell her what really happened in class today. Do you think our juniors had it better than us? I don’t think so. If they even have the guts to do such thing to seniors, only God knows what they did to the freshman.” Brian pointed out. Billie and the rest could just sighed heavily.

It almost been a week since they enrol in Bayshore Academy. Even after Freya stated that the decision for Bayshore High students to be enrol here because of the fire was hers, they didn’t care. They continued to harassed and even pulled pranks on the teachers of Bayshore High.

Billie has always been look up to as the one who will bring an end to any kind of mistreatment. But in this case, even she can’t do anything without facing the consequences. Billie sighed before looking at each and everyone’s faces.

“I’m sorry guys. I don’t even know them that well except for helping them once at the restaurant. I can’t push the burden to them. We have to deal with it ourselves.” They all sighed because they know it’s impossible.

“Billie!” Everyone’s attention were at the cafeteria entrance when a student from Bayshore High suddenly called out for her.

“What’s wrong?” Both Billie and Brian ran towards the entrance.

“This is bad. Please ... just come with me!” They were both dragged by the students to a somewhat isolated location within the academy.

“What’s this?! Bringing reinforcement? You all know better than to dragged other people into this mess. Who are you supposed to be? Their saviour? What can you do? This is our school!” Billie ignored the students who has been harassing her schoolmate.

“Are you okay?” She asked before making her way towards the students from her school who seemed to be in trouble. She kneel and make sure that everyone doesn’t have any major injury.

“I’m fine. Billie, you should go. This matter doesn’t concern you.” Billie didn’t budge from her spot.

“Are you deaf?! She clearly said this matter doesn’t concern you! This bitches need to be taught! How dare she just dirtied my shirt and expect me to just let it go! This is expensive!” The male student from earlier grabbed a hold of Billie’s collar before pulling her closer to his body.

“Do you think you can save them? What can you do? You’re just a woman! Why not pay me back with your body, huh. If you care so much about this girl, you should compensate!” Billie smiled before she grabbed a hold of his neck before pushing his body against the wall of a building.

“Not so tough now huh?” Billie chilled before she grabbed harder preventing him from breathing.

“If I saw you pulling this kind of stuff ever again, it won’t be just your neck. I will make sure you regret the day you crossed path with me. Do you understand what I’m trying to say here?” Billie said venomously into his ear.

The male student nodded his head vigorously before Billie letting go of her hand from his neck. She watched as the snobbish male student struggling to find air.

“And for the rest of you, if you ever touch a single hair from my schoolmate, I will never hesitate to hurt any of you. Let the rest know about this. I don’t care if your parents the minister of this fucking country! If you hurt my friends ... you’re dead.” They scattered around while some of them carried the snobbish male student from earlier away from the scene.

Billie sighed while helping her friends up from the ground.

“I’m sorry for getting you into this mess, Billie. We know how much you tried to control yourself from using your fist against people like him.” Billie smiled at her friend.

“Don’t worry about it.” They were about to leave the place when they heard someone clapping their hands.

“I can’t believe you just threatened someone from the Valley family. I admired your effort to save your friend but ... is it worth it if they decided to take revenge upon your family for what you just did?” Billie asked Brian to bring their friends way from here while she deals with the student council President.

“This school has its own rule, Billie Black. I just witnessed you threatened a student of this academy. What should I do about this?” Freya asked the waitress.

“You can do whatever you want with me. I don’t care. Sooner or later, they will come for me and my father.” Freya smiled.

“Does that mean you will just accept whatever faith has in store for you? Is that how you will face their wrath?” Billie shrugged her shoulder.

“Come with me ... I have something to say to you.” Freya turned around and started to walked towards the student council room.


“Billie? Why are you here?” Lily was surprised to see Billie standing in the middle of He student council room.

“Freya asked me to be here. She saw something that I shouldn’t be doing in the academy.” Lily was confused.

“What did she do?” She asked Freya instead.

“Threatening someone from the Valley family. She even said that she doesn’t care even if they’re children of a minister. This woman really has no idea how our world works.” Lily laughed while Freya sighed heavily.

“You really threatened someone from the Valley family? My God. You do have the guts to do such thing!” Lily continued to laughed before she realised what is the reason for Billie to be here.

“So ... she’s being here is to ...?” Freya take a seat on her chair before smiling from ear to ear.

“Meet the new head disciplinary committee.” Both Lily and Billie’s eyes widen from the announcement.

“Am I hearing this right?” Lily asked again just to make sure.

“Yes. I just witnessed something that never happened within this school. With her along side us, I’m sure our little zoo will flourish the way we wanted.” Billie can’t believe her ears when Freya just called the school as her zoo.

“Well, for someone to threatened the member of the Valley family is quite something. Even our former disciplinary head didn’t have the guts to do what she did. Hmmm wise choice but ... who will protect her if things get dire? She wasn’t born in any prominent family unlike the rest of the students here.” Freya smiled at her best friend.

“She will be protected under our family name. I’m sure the Bridget and Glendale family will have a field day if they give aid to her. Billie has skills and the bravery unlike anyone who has ever hold the disciplinary committee title. I’m sure she will make sure that everyone will listened to us and only us with her as the instigator.” Billie was speechless.

“Of course you won’t be doing this for free.” Freya added.

“Yes, you’ll be under the Bridget family employment. Meaning, you will receive payment in forms of anything you desire. Since we’re still students of this academy, I can’t really give you money as a way to pay for your service. Tell me, Billie Black, what do you desire the most?” Freya was waiting for Billie to say something when Billie gave her a small smirk.

“A super bike would be nice ...” Freya acknowledge her request. She was about to make a phone call when Billie added one more thing.

“And if I really have to do this, I need to make sure my father will not be harm in any way. He’s the only family I have now.” Freya nodded as she acknowledged Billie’s request.

“Also, you will make sure whatever I did to those you wish to oppressed will not be included in my records. And you won’t questioned the people I dragged into the committee. But of course the former members have the choice to stay or leave. But if they decided to stay, they need to listen and obey to me. My committee, my own rules.” Lily was impressed that Billie managed to negotiate with Freya without being afraid of her friend’s wrath.

“I will make sure it will be done. Anything else?” Lily was even more surprised when Freya agreed to Billie’s condition.

“And a date. With you, Lady Freya.” Billie smirked. Billie looked up to Billie with nonchalant expression.

“A date? With me? What can you accomplish with that?” Billie shrugged her shoulder.

“I have a feeling you’ll be asking impossible things from me as the head of the disciplinary committee. All I want is to have fun with the president and to get to know her before I risked my life and reputation for her sake. So, is it a deal?” Freya was contemplated at first but in the end she agreed to Billie’s condition.

“Your bike will be provided for you by tomorrow morning. And as for the committee members, I will informed them myself. You don’t have to worry about a thing. For the rules of this academy, Lily will explained to you what you should do and shouldn’t. In this academy, there are some outrageous rules that everyone have to obey.” Lily smiled at Billie before placing a stack on books in front of her.

“These are all the rules that this academy has. But don’t worry, with Freya on your side, most of the rules here doesn’t applied to the disciplinary committee except for this one little rule stating that all students have to obey the chairman’s decisions. It’s hard for Freya to talk it out with the chairman.” Lily then pats on an empty table.

“This is where you spot whenever we have a meeting. Of course we provided each committee with their own room. Do you have any idea who will be your vice?” Billie smiled.

“It would be Brian Anthony. Even if he said he doesn’t want to involve himself with anything except for the club, I will force him.” Lily chuckled.

“Please come back to this room after school. Bring along Brian with you. Freya and I will introduced you to the rest of the committee at our first monthly meeting.” Billie nodded.

“I’m surprised. You didn’t even try to decline Freya’s offer like most students. They often rejected this post because they don’t want any trouble that will affected their family influence in this country.” Billie smiled.

“I’m more worried if the president decided to complaint about the incident that happened before to the administrator. This is my last chance to redeemed myself from my past. And this post is not too bad. Whoever stand in my way will get what they deserve.” Billie heard the school bell ring and excuse herself.

“Why didn’t you tell her the other reason why other students refuse to be the next head of the disciplinary committee?” Lily asked Freya who keep herself busy.

“Why didn’t you? I was sure that you would tell her what happened to the last head of the committee. Why didn’t you?” Freya answered with another question.

“Because I don’t want her to leave after learning about Jules’s accident. He’s unable to move his own body, am I right?” Freya nodded.

“He successfully shielded me from the assassins blade. But of course it cause him to be ... the way he is now. But he’s getting better, that I’m sure off. Bridget Financial Group has the best medical facility available and I’m sure they will do whatever it takes to make sure he’s back to his normal self again.” Lily sighed.

“Will she changed her mind after experiencing what Jules have to endure as your personal bodyguard? After all, you created this disciplinary committee for your own protection, am I right?” Freya shrugged.

“Enough. We have a lot of work to do. Let’s try to finish it up before the school ends. We have a meeting to go to after all.” Lily saluted before continuing with her own work.

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