Would You Die For Me?

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Chapter 4


“Did you saw everyone’s reaction? They despise the idea of having Billie and Brian in the disciplinary committee.” Lily chuckled while looking through her phone.

“I did. But, it’s not their choice. It’s not like I didn’t announced that the council need a new candidate for the committee. They are the ones who choose not to be part of the council. They have no right to question my decision.” I simply said while looking out the window of the car.

“Freya, was there something about Billie that interest you? You seemed a bit ... fixated about her.” Lily seemed to be having fun teasing me. But am I, really? Was it obvious that I showed some interest with the waitress?

I’ve been feeling this way since she intervene with out matter at the restaurant. I just can’t help but to think back how cool she was when she stopped those thug from forcing us to be with them.

Who would have thought that I would witnessed something like her threatening a member of the Valley family! I need someone like her that doesn’t know fear. She will be a great addition to my security team.

I need to survive this. I just have to. For the sake of the family ... for the sake of my future. My grandfather has given me something that he should’ve given to my uncle. I shall protect it ... but I need to stay alive.

“Did you make the necessary call about Billie’s bike?” I asked.

“I did. It should be there waiting for her by tomorrow morning. What about you? Are you ready to have a date with a commoner?” I shrugged. It’s just a date. Nothing special.

“Are you sure you’re ready? Billie is notorious for her charming side. Women wants her and men wished to be her. I’ve gathered a lot of information about her and her past is quite interesting.” Her past? I’m quite interested about that.

“She basically was born in a loving environment. Her parents used to be high school sweetheart and they decided to get married after graduating high school. But even after starting a family of his own, her father decided to pursued his dream to work in a medical field. Hence, he’s a nurse at a local hospital now.” Lily explained.

So true love does exist for some people.

“Where is her mom now? What is she doing?” Lily sighed.

“When Billie was 5, her mother died from cancer. Since her mother’s passing, her father stepped up to be both the mother and father for her daughter. He’s such a doting father. I wish that my dad would act like that. All he cares about is money and power.” Lily sighed.

“That’s the difference between us and commoners. They have no sense of responsibility to their family. But for us, it’s important to keep a sustained relationship with everyone.” For some reason, the car stopped in the middle of the road. When I looked outside, something seemed off.

“What’s going on?” Lily asked the driver.

“There’s a group of people standing in the middle of the road. I can’t drive through. What should we do now, Lady Freya?” What on earth is happening?! It didn’t take long for someone to knock on my window and asked me to get out from the car.

Of course I won’t. Who do they think they are?!

“Is it possible for us to reverse?” Lily asked.

“Negative ma’am. They had cut off the road that we used earlier as well.” We’re trapped.

“Don’t worry. Help is on its way.” Lily suddenly announced with a smile on her face. Help? Was it my imagination or did Lily took this way too lightly. Sure, we face this circumstance far too many time. Where did that confidence of her came from?

“Who did you called?” I asked while the attacker tried to break the car’s window. They should know better than to do such futile thing. Do they really think I didn’t reinforced my own ride? My life is precious and it’s important for me to survive every single attack by my enemy.

“Brian and Billie.” The newbie?! Will they be able to face these many people?

“I forgot to mentioned that apart from being the champion of the Martial Arts championship, they used to be a duo who protects the civilians for those who tried to do harm. That’s why Bayshore High is quite notorious. It’s because of these two. Anyone who messed with Bayshore High will have to face the duo.” No wonder the police told me that the fire in Bayshore High was the result of an arsonist.

“Still, do you think they can defeat them? What if they die here?” Lily smiled.

“I don’t think so. Look for yourself. The waitress is beating the shit out of these useless bump.” Lily ... was right. The expression she had on her face was ... menacing. Every blow she gave to those who wish to harm us was deadly.

“How dare you try to hurt my Freya!” I was surprised. My Freya?! What does she mean by that?! When both Lily and I got out from the car, most of the guys were on the ground either unconscious or struggling to get up after being hit by Brian or Billie.

“Who sent you?” Billie asked a man who struggling to breath.

“What is your purpose here?!” Billie kept asking the man but how can he say anything with she grabbing his neck like that. I placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Let him go.” When Billie let go, the man was struggling to breath again while grabbing his chest.

“Explain yourself. Did my uncle sent you here?” He nodded.

“Was your mission to kill me?” Again he nodded.

“Who are you?” He finally asked but that question was not for me. It was for the person who stands behind me.

“I’m your worse nightmare. Tell everyone who wish to harm my Freya will have to face me first. Anyone who want to harm my Freya will have to spit on my corpse before you get to hurt her! If you fail to kill me, I will have to kill you first and it won’t be pretty at all.” There she goes again spewing nonsense.

Why does she keep on saying my Freya? It’s making me ... it’s ... it’s embarrassing!



“My Freya ...” Brian continued to laughed at me while we walked to class.

“Oh God. You should see how crazy you look! You literally act as if Freya was your wife!” Again he laughed.

“Are you tired of living, Brian? I can arrange for your funeral right here.” I said while cracked my knuckles in front of him. He raised both hands before apologising.

“But I have to admit that I’m enjoying being their guard dog. This morning, there was a man waiting for me outside my home with a brand new bike. I saw the same thing happened to you, right?” I nodded. It was just something I said at the heat of the moment. I didn’t expect her to fulfilled her part at all.

The only thing I’m looking forward to is the date. I don’t know why but ... I kept on thinking about her. When the opportunity arise, I just couldn’t let it go. Because I know it won’t happen again.

“I didn’t expect her to get our representative as the treasurer. Our former President is quite happy to know that he’s part of the council again. Did you have anything to do with that as well?” I shrugged.

“I may or may not suggested his name for the position. Lily was asking me if I know someone trustworthy from our school. There is no one more perfect than our president.” Brian laughed as we entered our classroom.

We were surprised when our classmate suddenly clapped their hands as we entered.

“Congratulation for being in the council guys!” Huh? I turned around to see the former president of our school standing behind us with a smile as he closed the door.

“Thank you, Billie. Lily explained to me and I thought I need to at least prepare this to thanked you. I never thought I could have the chance to work alongside Lady Freya and Lily. Both whom came from a prestigious family in this country. I am honour.” He’s being too grateful, it scaring me.

“I see that you all are celebrating.” We all turned to the door and was surprised to see Freya and Lily standing by the door. Wait, what are they doing here?

“Seemed like our presence here cause a few misunderstanding. Let me clarify it. From this moment on, we will both be joining this class. For safety purposes ... of course. After all, two of our bodyguard are here and we need you two to ... protect us.” Freya seemed struggling to find the perfect words to say.

“Exactly what Freya said. I hope we can be friends.” Lily smiled while being her bubbly self. The more I know about Freya, the more questions I have. Why does everyone seemed to be wanting her dead? I did asked lily about it but ... the way she told me lead for more questions that answers.

“Ah! Lady Freya, Lady Lily. I was told by your classroom teacher that you’ll be joining us today. I was surprised. Why would you leave the elite classroom to be ... here. Befriending these kind of students will never bring any kind of benefit to you and your reputation. Ladies, please reconsider this.” Here we go again.

Why did the school board didn’t let our own teacher teach us in the first place? Since the day we entered his classroom, he always made that kind of comment whenever he has the chance.

“Mind your words. You’re speaking to the next head of the Bridget family. Do we have to deport you?” The teacher actually dumbfounded by Lily’s response.

“No, ma’am! Of course not. I was just ... giving you an advice. As a fellow educator of this prestigious academy, we only want the best for our real students.” Freya raised her hand when Lily was about to retort.

“Once they put on our school uniform, they’re official the student of Bayshore Academy. The chairman might be your boss but don’t forget who stands above him. Do not belittle my friends ever again. Or you’re going to regret ever crossing path with me.” Freya nonchalantly turned to me.

“Which one is your table? I shall sit next to you.” I pointed at the very back of the classroom. Lucky for her, the seat next to mine are empty.

She struts towards the empty seat before sitting on the chair. Lily went to sit on the empty seat right next to Freya with a smile on her face. Is this even real? Am I dreaming? How did my life turned out to be this way?

“Well ... please take your seats. Class is about to start.” The teacher seemed a bit uncomfortable with them being here. At least he doesn’t have the audacity to belittle us anymore.

While class was on session, I can’t help but to have a sneaky glance at Freya who seemed to be focusing on the lesson but ... why didn’t she took any notes at all? Will she be able to understand such a complicated mathematical problem without the need to referring back to the notes?

“Billie ... did you get any of that?” I smiled at the person sitting in front of me.

“I guess so. Do you need me to explain it to you?” She immediately turned her chair around. I beginning to explained to her without using any complicated words like what the teacher just did.

“Damn Billie. Even I know how to solve that problem now. Thank you.” Eh! When did these people surrounded my table?!

“You’re quite popular.” I turned to Freya.

“I’m just helping my classmates. I’m sorry if they seemed a bit noisy.” Freya waved it off.

“It’s fine. Don’t worry about us.“ I didn’t get the chance to apologise when someone called for Freya in such ... demanding manner.

“Freya! What’s the meaning of this? Please come back to the elite classroom. Don’t embarrass yourself even more.” Who is this guy? Freya didn’t budge from her seat. When this guy noticed that she’s not moving, he entered the classroom and stood by Freya’s table.

“Freya, please, listen to me. Come back or you have to face the consequences when you go home today.” The guy was about to grabbed Freya’s hand when I intervene by grabbing his hand.

“The Lady doesn’t want to go back. Please, let her be.” I said. The man remove his hand from my hold.

“Freya, you’re my fiancée. Please stop acting this way and come back with me. Being here will only cause more trouble for you. You have no idea what kind of people they are. What if they actually plotting for your assassination?!” Lily suddenly placed her hand on the guy’s shoulder.

“Damon, please. Stop this. Freya made this choice on her own. As her fiancée you should be supportive. Beside, she feels safer by Brian and Billie’s side. I’m sure your parents told you what happened yesterday.” This guy turned to face me. I crossed my hand as I tower him.

I have no idea why but he keeps staring at me.

“Damon, stop it. Leave me here and tell the rest to stay where they are. I’m perfectly fine here. If you ever repeat this kind of action again, our engagement is over.” This guys finally sighed heavily before placing a hand on my shoulder.

“Just ... protect her.” I nodded and watched him go.

“What a nuisance. He’s only useful when it comes to business and political connection. But when it comes to protecting me, he’s the first to flee. Can’t he just get into his thick skull that with me dead, he won’t be able to marry me and share my wealth?” Freya suddenly turned me with a small smile.

“Are you busy today after school?” She asked. I shake my head no.

“Good.” Good? That’s it? Somehow I have chill down my spine watching her smiling like that.

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