Would You Die For Me?

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Chapter 5


What am I doing? Why did I brought her home to my parents home? Have I lost it? Finally ... all those assassination attempt has fried my brain. It’s weird that she never once question what I’m doing. She even followed me into my room!

“Wait for me here. I’ll be back.” She nodded before I went to the bathroom to clean myself. What should I do next? Should I just jump on her and get it over with? She did asked for a date from me.

Usually a date always ended up in the bedroom. I’m just giving her the aftermath of the date without causing too much work. I’m doing the right thing, right? Should I wear my expensive lotion and fragrance to attract her interest in me?

Why should I worried about that even?! This is stressing me out.

After drying my hair, I decided to put on my silk robe and just get this over with. How hard can it be to please a woman, right? I’ve pleased many of my significant other before. Sure they’re men but ... there shouldn’t be any problem in the pleasing department. I’m quite confident in my body.

As I walked out from the bathroom, Billie was on her phone, without even looking up to me.

“Are you done? Where are we go- ...” her eyes widen when she sees me only in my robe.

“Please put on some decent attire, ma’am. Are you planning to go out wearing such a revealing robe? Please don’t.” She looked away! She fucking looked away from me! Usually guys would gawked at my sight and did the other way around.

They would forced themselves onto me and just ... do that thing in a heartbeat! What is wrong with this girl!

“What is wrong with you?! I’m offering myself to you. I thought you wanted to have a date with me! I’m just simplify how the date would end!” The waitress seemed dumbfounded.

“Lady Freya. When I said I wanted to have a date with, I mean like a real date. Not ... this. It’s not I hate to see you in such way but ... this is not how I get to know someone. You look amazing, Lady Freya but ... you’re exclusive. Not everyone can have you. Your fiancé is a lucky man.” I’m exclusive?

Usually those who had sex with me would just called me a whore. Of course after that I would end their future in one simple phone call. But ... she’s different. I smiled.

“That is a first for me. You actually respect my virtue but ... sad to say ... my parents sees me as an item for their endless selfishness. My body is tainted by my former significant other to make sure every business or political decision will run smoothly for their own gain. I have no say when it comes to my own body. Luckily my grandfather decided to give me everything. But that decision of his brought more trouble than solution. What happened yesterday was just an normal occurrence for me.” She seemed a bit shocked.

“They ... how could they asked you to do something you hate just for their own gain? Why didn’t you retaliate? How could they do such thing to their own daughter?” Billie suddenly grabbed both of my hands.

“Lily explained to both Brian and me that all we have to do is to protect you and be there when you need us. At first, I agreed to be your personal guard because I can let loose once in a while without worrying that my action might affected my record. But now ... after knowing what kind of situation you’re in ... I ...” Billie didn’t get to say what she wants when my sister suddenly barged into my room.

Her eyes widen when she saw what I’m wearing and Billie holding my hands like this.

“Oh! I didn’t know you had company. I’m sorry, I’ll come back later.” I stopped my sister from leaving. Billie let go of my hands before smiling at my sister.

“Billie, this is my sister, Daphne Bridget.” I turned to my sister.

“This is Billie. My new personal guard. She was the one who save me from yesterday’s assassination attempt together with her friend.” Billie offered her hand for my sister to shake. Daphne smiled back and shake Billie’s hand.

“Just a heads up. Next time just nod your head a little upon meeting any of my acquaintance. Not everyone from my cycle as friendly as my sister.” Billie nodded her head.

“What’s the reason you’re here, sister?” Daphne was awfully silent for someone who barged into my room. She was looking at Billie from head to toe before facing me.

“Ah ... hmmm ... the reason why I’m here is to make sure that you’re okay. When I was informed about the attempt, I was worried. Are you okay?” Truth be told, only my sister who care for my well being.

“I’m fine. Like I said, Billie and her friend managed to come before anything bad happen to Lily and me.” Daphne grabbed my hand and dragged me to another corner of my room.

“Freya ... you never brought any of your personal guard home before. Why is she here? Are you cheating on Damon?” Daphne asked low enough for me to hear.

“One of the condition for her to agreed to be my personal guard was a date. I thought I just have sex with her without having the date. To my surprise, she didn’t even touch me inappropriately.” Daphne chuckled.

“You seemed a bit disappointed. Were you that hopeful that everyone would just simply sleeps with you?” I shrugged.

“That’s what happened with the rest. I’m kinda offended that she didn’t even acknowledge this body of mine.” I huffed. Billie suddenly cleared her throat.

“I’m still here.” She said with her face redden. Daphne continue to laughed at my reaction. I didn’t realised that I was talking normally.

“So, you genuinely wanted to bring my sister out for a date? You’re not going to take advantage of her in the end?” Daphne! What kind of question is that?!

“No ma’am. I will never do such thing. What kind of person would I be if I force myself to someone. Especially someone like Lady Freya. That’s out of the question.” Daphne chuckled.

“Well ... what are you waiting for? Put on some clothes. Your date is waiting for you.” Daphne pushed me towards my walk in closet.



I can’t believe I’m literally driving a convertible Maserati. When I told her to find us the cheapest car she have, I was expecting a sedan or a hatchback car but instead ... she showed me a bright red sports car.

“Where are we going even?” Freya asked while we stopped at the traffic light.

“To a mall. But I’m sure you never been to this mall we’re going. I bet you went to the fancy one in the city.” She shrugged her shoulder.

Lucky for me that my father wasn’t home earlier when I went home to change my clothes. But of course, with my neighbour seeing me driving this car together with someone who looked like a goddess, it raised their awareness.

I’m pretty sure they will asked my father what kind of trouble I’m in since they know my past. When we managed to find a parking spot, i went to the passenger seat and opened the door. She was flattered by my gesture. I smiled while handed her the key.

“Keep it.” My eyes widen.

“What? You might need to pick me up from my home. So I suggest you keep the car. Do you expect me to ride on your bike?” I don’t know what to say. Is this even real? How can someone simply gave others a car like that?!

“Well, you got some facts right. I never went to this mall. There seemed to be a lot of students hanging around here.” I offered her my hand. She was confused.

“We’re on a date.” Freya laughed before she took my hand. Her hand are soft and she smell nice. I’m lucky to be able to walk hand in hand with someone as beautiful as she is.

“Is there anything you’re curious about when it comes to going to the commoner mall?” I asked with a smile when we entered the mall.

“Fast food, generic brands, and what is grade AAA item?” I laughed at her curiosity.

“Are you hungry? There’s a few fast food restaurant available in the mall. But there’s only one that interest me.” I lead her towards my favourite fast food restaurant.

“Billie, what’s that?” She pointed at a booth where we can engrave our name on a piece of jewellery of our choices.

“It seems interesting.” Oh. I lead her towards the booth and asked the salesperson to engrave our name on a pinky ring. Once the salespersons done, I paid for the rings and gave her the ones with my name on it.

“This is yours.” She looked at the ring with confusing looks. I took her pink and slide the ring in. Then I realised what I’ve done.

“Well ... it’s only fair for me to do this then.” She smiled before sliding my ring into my pinky.

“I shall remember this day.” We both smiled.

“I’m hungry.” She said with her flushed face. I don’t know what just happened but I don’t particularly hate it. We made our way towards the fast food restaurant and I asked her to find a spot for us to sit while I went to the counter and ordered us some food.

There was a lot of people standing in line but she seemed fine with it. While waiting for my turn, I couldn’t help but to glance back at her to make sure she’s okay. I’m beginning to regret bringing her here. She doesn’t say it but I know she’s not comfortable.

When it’s finally my turn, I ordered a few item on the menu and paid for it.

“I hope you have a mood for chicken.” She was looking through all the things I ordered.

“How much was it? Let me pay you back.” I shake my head no.

“This is a date. I should be laying since I was the one who asked for it. Don’t worry about it. Just eat.” Freya smiled.

“Does this place holds some memory from your childhood?” She suddenly asked as we eat.

“Not really. I just like the food here. Why? Is it bad?” Freya shake her head no.

“It reminds me of my childhood. There used to be a nanny that took care of me when I was a child. She often would bought me something similar to this.” I see. So it wasn’t a bad idea to bring her here after all.

“You were raised by a nanny?” She nodded.

“When your parents not busy in finding worldly things rather than caring for their own children, you tend to be raised that way. Luckily I have a sister whom always be there for me.” It must be nice to have a sister.

“Billie. I’m not sure if you notice this or not but there seemed to be a group of people been staring at us since we entered the restaurant. Are they your friends?” Freya tilted her head to the side to looked at the people sitting behind me.

I was curious to whom she’s referring to so I turned around just to see a group of guys who I used to be associated with.

“Ah ... they are old friends.” I said with a smile. Please don’t come here. Please don’t come here ... please just don’t come here!

“Hey Billie.” They came here. I sighed mentally.

“Hey guys.” I smiled.

“Is this your new girlfriend, Billie?” Freya smiled at my old friends.

“Billie used to date my sister.” He doesn’t have to say all this.

“Billie, she’s one beautiful lady. It’s been a while since you visit us. Why not introduced your girlfriend to us?” One of them patted their hands on my shoulder.

“This is Freya. And I think you should leave. We’re on a date.” They were hesitant to leave but once they saw how I reacted to their presence, they changed their mind excuse themselves.

“What was that?” Freya asked while eating her fries.

“He still holding grudge on me for his sister’s suicide. In reality, it was the way his parents treated his sister that drove her into ending her own life. It wasn’t my fault. I lost count of how many times I had explained the real situation to him but he’s just that thick to understand.” I hummed.

“Billie, to be honest ... Lily did a background check of both you and Brian. There was nothing particular about Brian and when it comes to your past, it seemed that someone is trying to cover it up. Who exactly are you?” Lily did huh?

“I am Billie Black. Student of Bayshore High. The reason why my last seemed a bit difficult for Lily to obtain was because I used to be a wild girl.” I smiled when I noticed how confused she is.

“I killed a man when I was 14 years old.”

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