Would You Die For Me?

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Chapter 6


How was it possible for her to keep a straight face while telling me that she ever killed a man who tried to take advantage of her? She was mostly expressionless while telling me her past. She didn’t even hesitate to tell me everything. I truly appreciate her willingness to shared everything to me.

How I wish to have that kind of willingness. For me, my past is nothing but a feeble memory of my darkest moments. All I want to do with it is to burn it all without worrying too much.

“Freya, you’ve been playing with your food. Is there something on your mind?” My sister required an answer from me. I smiled at my sister and brother in law who seemed worried about my well being.

“It’s nothing. My mind just wondering about something. That’s all. So, where is mom and dad? I haven’t seen them since my birthday party.” I watched as Daphne wipes her son’s mouth.

“They went abroad for business matters. Freya, do you have time to hear what we have to say?” Huh? That’s weird, coming from sister.

“What is it? Is there a problem?” Daphne looked up to her husband who gave her low nod.

“We found out that uncle has been plotting against you behind our back. And our father ... he’s plotting against you as well.” Is it weird that I think that’s normal of them to do? I know that our uncle has been secretly planning something against me ... but I didn’t expect my father as well.

“So ... both of our grandfather’s son wants me dead? So what? So that they could have what rightfully theirs? There’s a reason why grandpa gave his position to me. He knows that Bridget Financial Group will have no future if our father and uncle take over.” Sometimes I think that having this much power at such a young age somewhat a curse.

“But ... dadddy shouldn’t do this. You’re still his daughter. What will you do when it comes to the point that he’s pointing a gun at you himself? Freya ... “ Charles places a hand on his wife’s hand.

“I’ll bring William to the living room. You two ladies shall continue after we’re gone.” Charles smiled before bringing William with him.

“Freya ... it has to come to this. What will you do?” Daphne’s right. What should I do?

“When it really comes to the point where my own father pointing a gun at me, I will do whatever it takes to survive. I was given the responsibility to make sure that the Bridget Financial Group wouldn’t fall into the wrong hands. Grandpa believed it me. In us. We shall do whatever it takes to protect ourselves, our family.” At this point, the only person who I consider as family is my sister and her family. The rest is history.

“I’m sorry for the interruption, milady. But Lady Lily has arrived.“ She’s here already?

“Why is Lily here?” Daphne asked while I let the maid lead her to the dining hall.

“Our new appointed disciplinary committee president and Vice President did a thorough research within the academy walls. Imagine my surprised when our fellow students decided to run an illegal business just under our noses. Lily’s here so that we could discuss how should we clean up the messes.” Lily announces her arrival by giving my sister a back hug.

“Daphne! It’s been so long! Where’s that little devil of yours?” Daphne laughed.

“Lily! How dare you called my son a little devil. He’s somewhere with his father. Nice seeing you too.” I offered Lily a seat at the dining table but she decline.

“I‘m full. Went to have breakfast with Brian and Billie this morning.” Huh? I raised an eyebrow.

“Relax! They were already there when I was buying coffee. I just invite myself to their table.” I see. I could never as bold as her. To invite myself to someone else’s table, I never.

“If you say so.” I excuse myself from the table and lead the way towards my home office.

“Can you believe how bold they are to even do something like this? They even used our academy ground as their main headquarters. How did Billie found this out?” Lily asked while she closed the door.

“She came across a group of students who had been distributing the drug to other students. We’ve been neglecting something that matter the most. We let them used our academy facility to create such vile things. We need to think of a way to dispose these ungrateful students.” They dare to play with fire while I was in charge?

I hope they pray to their God diligently because I won’t be nice after this.

“Have you gathered enough info about the students that involved in this incident?” Lily nodded.

“They are from a quite prominent family. I’m afraid that we might have to polish our very own blade to touch them.” What the hell is she spouting?

“Lily ... do I need to remind you how I deal with these kind of people? They have affected many of Bayshore Academy students. Who knows they might already distributed this drug to Bayshore High students. Haven’t you realised anything from seeing Billie’s reaction?” Lily was confused.

“Her schoolmates night have been a victim?” I nodded.

“Lily, Bayshore High is under our protection. Do whatever it takes to stop this incident from ever happening again. Even if we have to destroy their family. This academy shall be my first achievement before I decided to sit on the chairman’s chair.” Lily sighed.

“But their family are affiliated with Bridget Financial Group. If we touch them, it will affect the group as well. Not to mention the Glendale shall have the biggest blow because we’re in business with them. Can’t we just ... do something about the students instead?” I glared at Lily for suggesting such a cowardly way to retaliate.

“Just do as I say. If anything happened to your family, I will take responsibility. Okay?” Lily sighed before she reached for her phone.

“Your order?” I smiled.



“Hey Mara ... it’s me, Billie.” I knock on the door lightly. When there was no response, I turned to Mara’s mother who just gave me a look.

“She’s been inside her room since she came back from the hospital. Billie, please do something. She won’t listen to me.” I nodded.

“Mara! If you’re not going to say anything, I’m going to kick this door open.” I knock once again. When there was no response, I turned to the middle age woman with a smile.

“I’ll pay for the repair.” I said before kicking the door open, hard.

“Mara?” I called out when I’m inside the room. It was when I saw Mara laying on the bed that I asked her mother to stay outside. She gave me small nod.

“Mara ... it’s Billie.” I know she’s awake but ... she’s not saying anything.

“What have you done to my door?” She suddenly asked. I apologised and explained the reason why I did what I did.

“I’ll asked Brian to fix it later.” I try to touch her but she immediately reacted by moving further away from me.

“Mara ... I’m sorry. I was too late. If only I arrived sooner ... then you don’t have to go through such a painful experience. Please ... forgive me.” Mara didn’t say anything.

“It’s okay, Billie. I’m sure you’re busy now that you have more responsibility at the new school. You can’t simply do whatever you want.” She was trying to called me when I had a date with Lady Freya. I ... I ignored her call several times. If only ... if only I pick up the phone instead of ignoring it ... she won’t be in this state.

“I promise you this, Mara. I’ll do whatever it takes to make them pay. Every single one of them. Your brother was a good friend of mine. And both Brian and me sees you as our little sister. He was our mentor when we were just learning martial arts.” Suddenly, Mara got up and gave me a hug.

“Billie ... I ... I was so scared. They ... they hurt me badly. I ... I was just going to the mall with some friends ... they ... we ... we were just having fun. They ... they forced us ...” I hushed her down from remembering what had happened to her. Beside, her mother had told me everything.

They shall pay. To do such heinous things to a couple of 16 year old! Despicable! When she finally fallen asleep from all the crying she’s doing, I decided to meet Mara’s family.

“How’s Mara?” Brian asked when I walked out from the room.

”She’s not okay. What those guys did to her and her friend ... its all my fault. She tried to called me, Brian. She did! But I was ... I was ...” Brian placed a hand on my shoulder.

“You didn’t expect that something like this would happened to her. It’s not your fault. What should we do next? Should we pay them a visit?“ Hell yeah we will.

“We should. I don’t care what will happened to me. They hurt his sister whom we swore to protect!” Brian smiled.

“I knew you would say that. That’s why I asked a few of the guys to search for their favourite place to hang. Lucky for us, they found it. Shall we go now?” I nodded. As we walked through the living room, Mara’s parents stopped me and asked about their daughter’s situation.

I explained to them about what’s going on. They seemed inflicted when I told them that Brian and I will pay those guys a visit.

“Billie ... they’re gangster. What if they hurt you? Even the police didn’t care when we tried to report the incident once they know the identity of the people who ....” I raised my hand.

“Don’t worry. Status doesn’t concern us. How dare they hurt Mara like that! They will pay!” I barged our from their home and went to my bike. I waited for Brian before I required for their location.

“Explosion Nightclub is where they usually hang out together. I believe we shall find those who hurt Mara in that club tonight.” As far I know, it’s not easy to enter Explosion Nightclub. You need to be someone to enter. But for us, it’s different because we ever helped the owner when she was in danger with a few dangerous people.

We made our way to the club with one thing in mind. And that is to avenge Mara. Once we arrived, the bouncer recognised us and let us in. The club has not open yet so the only ones who’s inside are the worker. We first went to see the owner and explained to her what happened.

“Are you mental? They gave me such good business. Why would I let you two beat them up for such petty reason? She’s still alive, right?” Petty reason? They fucking gang raped our friend!

“Okay. I’m sorry. Geez! If only your eyes can shoot daggers, I’ll be dead by now.” She sighed heavily.

“Billie, this is such a big favour you’re asking me. And to add, they’re not someone you should mess with. They’re not common people of this city. They have such solid backing. What will you do if they decided to take it off with your father, with your family instead? There’s only so much you can do for a friend.” I was thinking when I break a vase in her office.

She didn’t expected that.

“My vase! Do you have any idea how much that cost me?! Fine! I let you do whatever you want to them. Just don’t come in here begging me to protect you if they decided to have their own revenge.” Good. Seemed like we have an agreement for once.

“Who are you texting, Brian?” He smiled before keeping his phone inside his pocket.

“What should we do to them? Cripple them for life? Of simply torture them where it hurt the most?” That’s a good question.

“Break all of their bones. Make them regret ever doing what they did to Mara and her friend. Make them suffer for what they did. Let them feel the privilege of experiencing hell on earth.” They shall know what pain really feels like after I’m done with them.

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