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Jamie Murphy, that's my name, and all of my life I've avoided drama as much as possible, but when three new kids come to school everything changes.

Drama / Romance
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God & Goddess

Monday 7:26 am, September 21st the school’s front doors swung open while I was at my locker grabbing my notebook for my first class. It was then when the halls to the school went quiet, almost as if everyone was holding their breath. I was confused, even when the principal walked down the school halls it wasn’t this quiet. I turned to the front doors only to have my jaw drop and the breath knocked out of me. In our quiet school hall stood a goddess, all eyes followed her as she sashayed down the hall. I couldn’t help but watch her as her perfectly tan toned legs walked in her stiletto heels. Her perfectly formed body with muscles and curves in all of the right places showed through her tight fitting dress as she continued to walk, her long blonde hair slightly swaying. Her large baby blue eyes, full of confidence and determination. She was flawless and if I wasn’t straight as a beanpole then I would be all over her.

I slowly removed my gaze from the beautiful specimen before me and looked around the hall. Everyone’s eyes were still on her. The guys and girls practically drooling over her as she walked passed. As quickly and flawlessly as she entered the building she turned the corner, dropping everyone from their temporary spell. I felt the entire room breathe at once as if they hadn’t dared to breathe in case they ruined her. I felt myself breathing with them, realizing that I too had held my breath as she passed by.

All at once the talking resumed, but the conversations had changed, each person’s conversation now revolving around the goddess who had just graced us with her presence. As soon as the talking began it once again halted to a stop as the door opened once again. This time I didn’t waste a second to see what was going on, and low and behold there stood a god before us.

I could feel myself scan him head to toe, from his chiseled face to his sculpted body. He too swaggered down the hall with all eyes on him. His blond hair short and styled, his eyes a slightly darker shade of blue than the goddess who had passed by moments before. His eyes spoke confidence, determination, and danger. He wore a buttoned-up shirt, with the top few buttons undone, showing off a bit of his toned body, ripped jeans and a pair of dress shoes. Just like the woman before I tried to take my eyes off of him and scan the scene, but I couldn’t, he was too good looking. Finally, he rounded the corner making everyone snap out of their daze once again.

This time the talking didn’t immediately continue after everyone let out their breath. In fact, everyone seemed to be in a state of shock. I would have been too if it hadn’t hit me right then, siblings. The only reason for two god-like beings to walk through our school on the same day would be because they were related. I gave myself an imaginary pat on the back and continued to fumble through my locker as the talking slowly started up once again. I grabbed my folder, notebook, and pencil and quickly made my way to my first class. As I sat down in the back of the class like I always did a voice rang out. Causing me to look up from my desk.

“Is this Ms. Taylor’s room?”

My breath caught in my throat as I stared at the god and goddess standing in the doorway. I slowly nodded my head.

“Cool, I’m Ace and this is my sister Alice. We just moved here.” He, no Ace said gesturing to his goddess sister.

“Jamie,” I said tilting my head and looking at the two of them as they stood in the doorway. Now that I got a better look both of them had this same beauty mark under their right eye.

“Well Jamie, it’s nice to meet you. Do you know when the teacher will be in?” Ace asked, his sister eyeing me up and down, making me uncomfortable under her gaze. I turned from them and looked over to the clock on the wall, 7:29 blinked back.

“She and the rest of the class should be here in a minute, class starts at 7:30, though to be honest the students and teacher are usually a few minutes late,” I said before returning my gaze to them. “If you want you can stick around, or you can come back in a few minutes, I’m sure the teacher will be late as well.” I finished before turning my attention back to my desk and organizing my notebook, folder, and pencil neatly on my desk.

The bell marking the start of class rang out.

I heard the two of them walk closer to me in the room and find seats to sit in before turning and walking quietly to one another. I couldn’t help but wonder what they were talking about, and before I knew it I had tuned into their conversation subconsciously. It was something I always did, subconsciously listen and observe everything and everyone around me.

That’s when I heard the thudding of rushing students, late for class. I pull my head up from my desk and look at the door, counting the seconds before the herd of students reaches the class. Suddenly the teachers walked into the class through the second door, making their way over to the desk, only seconds before the first door flew open and the students stumbled in and found seats.

“You’re late.” Ms. Taylor said, still catching her breath. I look up at the clock, 7:34 am. I wanted to tell her that she was also late, but I’d rather not have to deal with a teacher disliking me. I much prefer being the forgotten student, not amazing and not horrible, just average enough to not stand out in any way shape or form.

“You’re late as well.” Ace’s voice said, causing everyone in the room to turn to look at him. He was someone that stood out, he didn’t have to try, but it looked like he liked to stand out. Purposefully pulling everyone’s attention to him and his sister.

“You must be Ace and Alice.” The teacher said after a momentary almost unnoticeable pause to do a once over. Disgusting, she’s a teacher, I would tolerate students his age looking at him like that, but teachers too, that is just too much.

“Yep.” He said purposefully popping the p.

“Well, nice to meet you two, hopefully, you guys can fit in well at our school.” Ms. Taylor said, trying to completely dismiss the fact that she was late. And just like that everyone forgot about Ace’s first statement, including him as the class proceeded on as if nothing happened.

After an hour and a half of talking about our history, the bell signaling the end of this class and the beginning of the next class rang. Finally taking me away from this class they call history and I call torture.

“Hey, Jamie.” A voice rang out, causing me to whip around confused. I wasn’t friends with anyone in this class. I turned to see Alice looking straight at me, Ace right beside her, and the rest of the classes eyes on me, like they had no idea I was even in their class.

“Yeah?” I said, wanting everyone to stop looking at me.

“Do you know where Mr. Rivera’s class is?” Alice asked, smiling so kindly at me, it almost made me say yes. And, I do know where his class is, it’s just that I’d rather people not remember my name.

“Sorry, I don’t,” I said, returning her smile before quickly making my way out of the room as other people quickly started saying that they knew where Mr. Rivera’s class was. I picked up my pace and hurried to my next class. I hated walking down the halls when other people were in the halls, it was like trying to fight through a current heading in the opposite direction, even if they were headed in the same direction. I reached for the door handle to my next class, but my other arm was grabbed, yanking me away from my destination.

“Hurrying to class are we, James. Trying not to run into me? I was confused at first as to why I wasn’t running into you in the halls, but I figured out why you would rush to your next class.” His voice sounded behind me, causing me to spin to face him, his hand still grabbing tightly onto my arm.

“What do you want Xander?” I asked, trying to force a smile onto my face, but it was hard when all I saw was hot red hate for him. As I asked Xander what he wanted his grip on my arm tightened, causing me to let out a grunt of pain.

“Still cutting.” He said as more of a statement than a question, pulling me closer to him and rolling up my sleeve to see scars covering my arm. He pushed my sleeve up a little higher to see much more fresh, still red cuts. He squeezed down harder on the fresher cuts, causing me to yelp in pain before hissing at him to stop. He dropped my arm and I quickly pulled down my sleeve, seconds before students started filing into the halls, causing Xander to get lost into the crowd of people. I groaned before opening the class door and walking inside to see the teacher sitting behind the desk, looking over paperwork.

I quickly moved to the back of the class and took a seat, organizing my folder, notebook, and pencil once again on my desk. I closed my eyes and put my head down on the desk as I waited for the flood of students to file in and find their seats. A tap on my shoulder caught my attention, causing me to lift my head and look at who tapped on my shoulder.

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