Why Being A Vampire Sucks

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He is light among the shadows. He sees beyond the clouds. He is the knight in the midst of the darkness and He is called to save the world. For Derek Juniper, life in the city hasn't been all its' cracked up to be. But when a misunderstanding turns into a self fulfilled prophecy, Derek feels he's anything but qualified to be a powerful supernatural being. However, turning down this curse would mean chaos for the whole realm of supernaturals. Derek must either fight to save himself and others from eternal servitude or live in the balance of the epic fight about to break out. Deep down, he knows what he has to do. Even though it down right bloody fanged SUCKS!

Drama / Fantasy
Dawn Starlight
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A thousand years ago, long before anyone learned about the creatures that lived peacefully beyond the human world. a team of vampires, werewolves, and dragons. when all that was supernatural lived together peacefully.

In those days a trio of handsome brawny men were charged with the being the guardians of one of the most compelling book known to man. They were bound according to there duties.

Lucian was the strong, Garvarenth was the wise, and Zeev was the brave. These warriors are said to be the helpers of the One who created the night and day.

They each put paranormal enemies in there place, earning the title as guardians of the Night and Crusaders of Justice.

Each where the best of friends, and they always helped the other defeat countless opponents according to his weakness.

But Lucian, a powerful vampire, wanted more then his fair share.

He thought since they where the most powerful they should be able to control not just the paranormal world in it’s self but they entire human world.

The rest thought this idea was not what should be done for the world.

They where there to protect the human race from they’re enemies, as Garvarenth, the wise dragon, proclaimed accompanied by Zeev, the werewolf.

They wanted peace between the two worlds as the Supreme One wanted them to do, not war.

They only used they’re gifts when they where need for drastic measures.

Garvarenth pleaded to Lucian as a friend to not go through with what he planed, for the sake of the world.

Lucian agreed among his friends, but he secretly decided that he could become more powerful then the others, and then discreetly planed his domination over the world, using Garvarenth and Zeev as his helpless ponds.

First Lucian betrayed Zeev, when he found out he was having a secret love affair with a different wolf clan who couldn’t stand Zeev’s clan.

That betrayal ended with the death of Zeev who cursed Lucian with his dying breath. When Garvarenth found out about Zeev’s death, Lucian guided Garvarenth away from the presumption that Lucian was involved in the death of Zeev.

Since dragons could kill vampires without a second thought, Lucian started to plot away to get Garvarenth to be on his side, by putting himself in danger then having Garvarenth save him, only to have the tables turned on him.

Lucian saved Garvarenth’s life then requested Garvarenth pledge eternal service to him, as a reminder of the day he saved his life from danger, knowing that a dragon never breaks a promise; otherwise it would cause the death of him.

Garvarenth agreed gratefully.

But soon Lucian begin reeking havoc on the two worlds, and Garvarenth upon discovering the truth about Zeev’s death, and appalled by the promise he made, was unable to undo what had been done. He decided he could only come between the werewolves and vampires to keep them from killing each other.

Any harm that came to Lucian would ultimately involve the death of him too, since he vowed eternal servitude.

One by one Lucian began changing people against their will, and chaining them to eternal service to him.

With the vampire population beginning to grow. They began to take out Garvarenth’s people by getting the humans to start a war, while the vampires camouflaged there true power to help the humans destroy the dragons one by one,

Until they only resorted to barely a handful.

Garvarenth cursed the day he made the promise and vowed that one day Lucian would be destroyed by the chain he had made.

Lucian, now wishing to take his evil plans farther, decided to over throw The Supreme One.

The Supreme One. A kind and good king over ruled anything and everything, but this king possessed a book that was far more powerful. A book that Lucian was after.

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