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Drama / Mystery

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Lynn punched leon in the face; the teenager went crashing onto the ground as lynn cried above "I thought i could trust you! You were there lying to me, to my dad. Even at the funeral"

"Lynn listen, I'll break it off with my girl back home. After being here and getting to know you, i don't want to leave you. I love you lynn you have to realize that!" yelled leon

Lynn wanted to finish the job and beat leon to a pulp but as she was about to raise her hand to strike him again, a firm hand grabbed hers. It was her uncle looking very stern and angry.

"I think you've done enough leon. It's time to go" said her uncle as calm as possible. Leon got up dusted his clothes quickly and walked away. When he had rounded the corner of their street, lynn's uncle looked back at her "Don't worry lynn. I know what's happened. He won't be coming back here anymore" and for the first time since she had moved in with her uncle and aunt, lynn broke down. She was not even crying about leon cheating on her, or moving away, (she had been taught never to think so highly over boys and never to cry in front of one) but she was upset at the life she was currently leading and she felt humiliated most of all.

Her uncle sat her down back at the house in the kitchen. Janae kept coming in and out of the kitchen without a care in the world (she had formed new friends and had become more anti-social because of it) and she just opened the fridge, took out a carton of juice and went back up to her room. Her uncle placed his consoling mug of tea in front of her "There you go, a traditional cup of English tea. Always there to cheer you up in times of sadness"

Lynn did not talk so he continued "Forget him lynn. I mean have you looked in the mirror? You're worth so much more! He has a spotted acne face and isn't even that handsome, but your father was so pleased that he had raised such a beautiful daughter. He would always say so when your parents were together"

"Thank you uncle for the tea, but i just want to be alone" replied lynn

"Okay. But you shouldn't always see communication as an annoyance. Sometimes it helps a lot"

So lynn was back to her single life but soon her friends (including anne) kept her mind off of leon while she faced school and her soon-to-be end of school exams. The studying helped to keep her calm whenever she had to face leon's departure too.

She was there at the airport (after he had pleaded and begged for her to see him off) and she became rigid when he pulled her to his strong chest hugging her affectionately (her uncle, aunt and leon's father had given the love birds some space to talk before the plane arrived), leon bent down to kiss lynn. He was such a brilliant kisser and she reckoned he was skilful, she was tempted to return it back with enthusiasm but she was not an easy person. She had vowed never to show the weakness side of her heart to anybody anymore, unless, they worked hard for it.

"I'll never forget you lynn!" cried leon like a love struck child ("You fucking actor. Stop lying" lynn thought to herself) "I'll keep in touch on myspace i promise. Visit me soon!", leon was gone. At the last moment he turned his back and walked alongside his father through the terminal.

Lynn tried to hide the pain behind the facade of being charming and lively. Anne made her laugh constantly whenever she talked about leon being a dickhead for leaving her and soon lynn was back to her cheerful side.

Anne had (without even asking lynn for her opinion) volunteered to become lynn's own personal matchmaker "For what?"

"To look for a MAN for you, leave it to me. I have the most experience" They were currently sitting at a bus stop waiting to go into the local big town. The weekend was there and anne had denied lynn the chance to stay at home to try and talk to leon ("Jesus woman he just told you that he had lied to you. Stop giving in, otherwise you will just be disappointed again!") So anne had invited lynn over to her house instead.

"YOU have experience. Anne you are only 15" laughed lynn

"15, but i am very mature, there are plenty of guys out there like leon, even in the army. Your parents were right; they are the real men. But before you start dating them you need to up your confidence, flirting skills and your knowledge of the game"

"HAHA 15 and you can teach me that, Sod off!" teased lynn

"I've been around lynn. You just don't understand"

They got onto the bus and sat down "So how am i going to improve my confidence, flirting and my knowledge of the game?"

"A woman needs to carry herself with confidence and to control the men and the relationship outcome. You must know what you want and stay in control at all times. Remember you are the queen they are the ant workers!"

"Okay your majesty" giggled lynn

"Lynn please be serious, I'am going to do a bit of speed dating with you with some guys i know. I know all kinds of guys BUT you have to not get attached to them. They are the ant workers you want a king in your life, nothing more, nothing less"

"So what does the king look like?" asked lynn

"He is ambitious and has a car, plus he is fit and is great in bed, can't forget that last one" said anne quickly

"So where are we going? Just to yours" asked lynn

"NOPE! A friend of mine invited us to a party. We are getting drunk and forgetting that ass wipe leon. Get ready for a hangover girl" and ignoring lynn's pale face, anne smiled from ear to ear.

The house party was absolutely terrible in lynn's opinion. Lynn loved parties, she had no problem dancing and having a great time but the party lacked any fire. First she was surprised at the environment where anne lived (they passed many guys smoking and hollering at them) the area was loud with guys and women out on the streets talking loudly to one another and again lynn thought about anne and how she could cope in this place. She was definitely a fish out of water. The party was the same, very diverse, it had mostly young people (aged 15-25) some smoking, others drinking heavily or egging on their mates that were involved in drinking battles. There were Caucasian, black, Asian and even a Chinese guy. They were mainly dressed in street clothes and the party was such a complete contrast to the army social halls and the golf clubs she had grown up in. But lynn just smiled like she usually did in awkward situations but she dreaded it because then the guys swarmed around her begging her immediately for her number. Lynn thought about what anne had told her earlier and accepted all the numbers and gave out her myspace address. Anne would shift through the worthy and the unworthy ones in no time. In one way she felt like she was being greedy or desperate doing this, but in another she was impressed that her presence caused such an impression with the guys there.

Lynn left the party in good spirits 2 hours later, anne followed behind her smiling from ear to ear jovially "Well time to head back. That party was just shit"

"What-what do you mean? You looked like you were having a great time"

"Well i just pretended didn't i. None of the guys in there are worth getting to know" said anne simply

"I got a list of numbers from some admirers" lynn produced her notebook and anne grabbed it and looked down the list.

Anne eyes grew wide in disbelief "Trey Richards! Oh no honey, OH HELL NO, you need help, you definitely need help"

"Why bring me here then? You promised to fix me up" asked lynn

"Because - I had to tell my brother that you wanted to come here. My brother keeps saying that i'm too young for parties unless i come with someone older. You look older. I've started talking to this guy but after tonight he isn't going to be in my mobile contact list" whispered anne guiltily

"Oh that's so low Anne. Can we get out of here please?" and feeling a little bit used but laughing at anne's cheek, lynn walked ahead past some guys leaning against a wall smoking, they were trying futilely to stop lynn walking away so that they could stop and talk to her.

The week of study leave had arrived and lynn was feeling hopeful over her GCSE exams. Her predicted grades looked promising enough so she wasn't going to stress herself out too much. She'll revise but she wouldn't kill herself. Anne however had been panicking; she had received a couple Cs and Ds. This was not enough to silence the critics at home and so, she had gone ahead of lynn (To pick up the letters, her gran woke up at around 6ish and usually went downstairs to collect them). So lynn caught the local bus with two of her other friends from school. They had been on the bus in a debate over whether their skirts made them look loose (the teachers had told them off about it). The debate was not coming to a conclusion and lynn was determined that she was not in the wrong. An acquaintance from the same year appeared out of nowhere, as well, to give his opinion ("I don't like to judge people" was all he had to say) but this was not answering the question so she turned to his friend. A young looking guy that did not look his 15 years, black, tall lean, with symmetrical features, nicely shaped eyebrows, dark brown eyes and the slight brushing of a beard nicely trimmed around his chin. He was quite handsome in lynn's opinion but she ignored that and asked him the question "Do i look like a prostitute?"

He became silent not meeting her eyes and replied "Yes" that made everyone on the bus immediately silent and lynn was shocked that the reply had, in fact, been negative.

Nobody had ever, not complimented lynn and she was laughing at that guy's bold answer to her question. She had to find out more about him whenever she saw anne again.

Anne was vehement to brush the guy aside "Oh that's Blaine Haywood. He is a loner, annoying and immature. You do not want that in your life". Anne had come over to her house for a girly chat.

"Have you ever spoken to him? Do you even know him" asked lynn

"Hello i've known him for about what? Nearly 5 years"

"As a boyfriend?" asked lynn

"NO! In class form, he hangs out with idiots some weird folks, whenever they talk about girls, he talks about girls and he just appears from places with nothing to say about it, as if he were invited"

"I'm sensing somebody doesn't like him at all" said lynn disappointed. In her eyes anyone she dated needed to get on with anne. Anne was important to her in more than one ways after all, "So are you going to tell me about the guy from the party?"

"Lynn he is fit!" she gushed "He has the personality, can say the word yes instead of yea or ey and he has a car!"

"So why haven't you invited him around?" asked lynn upset

Anne's smile vanished "He is one of those guys"

"What guys?" asked lynn

"Ragamuffin, Street folk, Ghetto walker. Drug pusher" listed anne monotonously

"Okay have you ever seen him with any drugs?!" asked lynn irritated

"But my brother tells me he sees him and hears him talking about it" retorted anne

"Get that brother, liam, of yours to give you on-the-table evidence before he accuses people of that type of activity"

Anne thought about this for a long time and then whispered in remorse "I should, shouldn't i? Oh my God i have to get him to put his number back in my phone i've made a mistake. I don't know what i was thinking. I mean if i haven't seen it, i cannot say"

"You have such a low opinion of these guys anne and it's not fair"

"You're right. It's my parents' fault you know. First, they told me i'm not allowed to date until i'm 18 – which i haven't done but there you go. Then they said i should look for a nice English guy and if i must date internationally that he must be ambitious, well educated and must not be ghetto in anyway" anne said reflectively

"Gosh you should be in some place like oxford then" laughed lynn

"It. Gets. Worse. Lynn believe me. They must have English-ly names. Why am i doing this to myself lynn?! But, you have to believe that they are not racist, we're half Italian from a zillion years back"

"You should do whatever makes you happy. Forget them. They left you here when they should be closer to you" said lynn seriously "And you can convince me that you aren't prejudice by keeping in touch with that new guy from that party"

"You're right, never again lynn. I promise!" gushed anne and hugged her friend. Lynn was tempted to point out her friend's naiveté but she dismissed it and patted her back.

When anne left, (ranting about parental restrictions and the audacity about it) lynn went up to her bedroom, she logged onto her myspace . She had taken a couple of pictures from the night of the party and the pictures had come out perfectly. She had put one on there already, she was surprised. There was a comment below her selfie picture saying "You look beautiful. Are you a model?" the person who sent it was none other than Blaine Haywood.

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