By Jennifer E Parks All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Mystery

chapter 4

Blaine knew that he was just one of those people that would always be in the background. He tried his best not to draw attention to himself and just carried on at his own pace, in his own way. But that was until he had seen lynn, a very beautiful girl in his class. As soon as he saw lynn, something happened inside his very interior telling him to immediately charge forward, but his nature made him a little bit hesitant. What if she did not like him? Blaine had thought that seeing lynn on that bus and in school would be the only time that they would ever cross paths. He knew that after school they may never meet again. But that did not mean that they could not be friends (if men and women could still be friends at 15).

Blaine had come to the conclusion that he will always be a loner. He loved reading a lot, an evening spent at home after a long day at school; he loved all sorts of music (rnb and dance) and loved reading manga and crawling the internet and social media especially. Many would call him a geek he knew. He spent his days studiously at school (he was an average student) and came home routinely on weekdays with the weekends free for his own devices. Blaine (unlike lynn) was not a very sporty person, he loved football but had never joined any teams as it really did not interest him. Blaine was very shy around girls and had had to struggle with a slight social anxiety when approaching new situations and new people, but he never burdened anyone with his problems thinking that, as a young man, he had to cope to avoid putting a damper on a social situation. So he improved this slight weakness by attending counselling sessions after school.

So he observed lynn cautiously after that first meeting, she was a very popular person from his point of view and that had unsettled him a little at first, next he knew that she hung around a certain "crowd" that seemed to worry obsessively about appearance and the such. When he knew that lynn and anne sergeant were best friend he wanted to give up as a first reaction. He knew that anne hated him vehemently, she always looked down her nose at him and his friends, she whispered (loud enough for blaine to hear) about him and she thought he was a weird person and blaine wondered what he had ever done to deserve her wrath, sure he had stupidly given in to peer pressure in year 7, jokily writing down her name on an after-school sign up form, but anne had quickly corrected it. Blaine did not think that she would take it so deeply. He had forgiven him for his immature young self (and hoped that anne would have too) and tried continuously over the following years to act friendly towards her to show that he was very sorry, however to no avail.

So blaine was surprised to find this girl lynn, on myspace while he was bored one night creeping the site (some would say an unusual habit but blaine did it purely out of boredom at times). He had come across a forum about the reconstruction of a building in their school and he had just sent a friendly request losing hope as the seconds ticked by. But that evening (after lynn had sighted the picture comment and request) she miraculously accepted. After an awkward beginning (a slight confusion over internet slang) they began civilly talking to each other. Blaine now knew a safe way to communicate with lynn so that they could both get to know each other without other people interrupting the conversation. He feared rejection and it made him feel ashamed, but he was just so happy that she had accepted his request so maybe (if he took things slowly) something might work out.

Lynn did not know what to think about blaine after their first conversation. They routinely came to a silent agreement to communicate over the internet in the evenings (except for weekends when lynn would go off to the cadet academy). Lynn tried to size blaine up at school and was confused that blaine would not approach her in school, she would say hello to blaine in the corridor, but he would always answer back aloofly. Lynn was used to gruff and aloof speech since she was mostly around young men (they always tried to mask their emotions to seem more masculine after all) but before lynn could take the initiative and approach blaine by herself there appeared on the scene an unexpected person from the past.

Leon had got back in touch with her from America. Leon had of course reached America a long time ago but he had been very busy, he needed to set up a permanent internet connection for one, set up a skype and to respectfully break things off with his girlfriend. So feeling hopeful and excited lynn went straight to skype (after accepting his request) and immediately there was leon popping up in the window (blaine did not have skype at that current time).

"Hey lynn. How are things over there?" asked leon

"Good." Anne had advised lynn not to sound too keen "Have you broken up with her?" getting straight to the point.

Leon's smile vanished "No. But don't worry lynn i soon will. She has been going through a lot. A close uncle has died of hers so i don't think this is the perfect time"

"So- when will be a perfect time?" asked lynn irritated

"Soon i promise" they began talking like how they used to. Lynn suddenly had two online admirers, leon and blaine and although she saw blaine as a friend she put all her attention into talking to leon keeping him informed of her day to day activities and feelings. They had more in common (army life and school) and leon was pleased that soon lynn would be leaving school.

"Will you promise to keep those boys at college away from you for me?" asked leon winking at her just as she was about to log off.

"I will baby" and she pretend-kissed the screen and logged off saying goodbye to both boys.

Before graduation day at her school, her mother surprisingly returned from Canada to spend some time with her. Mother and elder daughter were tense with one another but lynn soon became happy when her mother surprised her by saying that she would be returning home soon.

"Really?" lynn was not convinced

"Yes honey. I'm leaving Alan. This time for good" stated her mother

There was a long pause over some coffee "So have you told him yet?"

"I told him about coming over to see you and to not hope for too much"

"So you are definitely coming back? No more step-brothers, step-sisters and step-fathers?" asked lynn again

Her mother held her hand "I haven't been a good mother. I accept that criticism now and i vow to make it up to you and janae"

Lynn for the first time in a long while smiled.

Lynn would continue to study and communicate with leon and blaine until graduation day at school. There was the usual school prom but she did not take anyone to prom (keeping her promise to leon) Anne thought she was nuts but lynn persuaded her that leon looked serious.

Anne, meanwhile, had taken a clean shaved Caucasian boy with her to the prom, (her new boyfriend was in fact mixed race) "At least I'm not fibbing to Adam"

"Well i COULDN'T have Adam coming over to my gran's. She may be old but she isn't blind or deaf" snapped anne and she turned to the confused looking youth and smiled her usual happy smile to settle his apparent nerves.

So the year was over. Blaine, meanwhile, had not taken anyone to prom. He was saddened that the year was already over and that lynn would be separated from him forever. The news had gotten around the school and everyone knew that blaine had been a beaten admirer and blaine was cursing his intuition. He stood in the background as the music blasted the walls drinking (pop) wishing that he had something different to soothe his grief.

So the summer passed by quickly, fortunately, the GCSE grades for lynn, anne and blaine came through alright and all of them separated to start another stage of their lives. Anne did not go to college instead, she took a gap year out of education but she vowed that the following year she would be going abroad to study in America, in a college/university in Canada ("My parents are helping with the costs! I'm so excited!") lynn went to a prestigious sixth form college and last of all blaine went to an ordinary but decent college near to where lynn lived with one of his best mates. Lynn made new friends easily as soon as she started and was in continual contact with an excited leon who could not wait to book lynn's ticket to make her come over and see him in New York.

"Don't be silly. Your father will be angry if he knew" cried lynn over skype

"Don't be silly yourself. How are you going to get to me?" he asked defensively

Indeed they were getting older and more and more separated because of distance. Lynn had promised to come over to America, first she needed a job to start earning some cash so that she can save up and see him. Lynn was lost about what to do, she unfortunately kept hesitating, she stopped communicating with an irate leon who continually brought up America whenever she came online.

Finally after some period of silence from leon, leon suggested she ask anne for help

"Are you insane? Anne does not like to be used" asked lynn

"Well she is always using you!" snapped leon "Grow a backside and ask for something back from her. That's what friends do!"

At times like this she missed blaine. Sure they never really met up for real but he always listened and never pressured her like how leon was pressuring her now.

Another person that needed her attention constantly was anne. Anne had been a mini nightmare because her and her boyfriend had broken up. Anne was in a wreck, she kept ringing and messaging lynn and lynn tried her best to soothe her downtrodden friend. Finally two weeks into her new sixth form, lynn demanded that anne come over to her house and explain to her what is going on.

After the waterworks and when anne thought that she could really compose herself she came around to lynn's house.

She sat down on lynn's bed and told her the whole story "Everything was perfect. I felt like he was different. Adam was not like those drug pushers, he wanted to become a teacher, a PE teacher, he had a car, everything. Then he said something at a party that i went to with him" she sobbed just then.

"What was it?" asked lynn

"We began kissing and then one of adam's friends said that i was a good, white catch. I thought it was very racist. Then ADAM said that he'll love to past me to this guy if he wants me, i got up, angry, and left the party calling adam things right, left and centre"

Lynn had heard this story so many times but lynn knew what adam really meant "He was just being sarcastic and jokey with his friends, he was really complimenting your beauty" She really wanted to bring up leon's suggestion with anne but she was worried that she was not going to have a chance to talk.

"No lynn what he said was close to rape!" hissed anne "He was being a right jerk!"

"Rape is a strong word anne" gasped lynn incredulous

"OH MY GOD!" yelled anne getting to her feet "So you're saying that a guy saying that he wants to hand me around his buddies, is a good compliment?! I thought i could trust you lynn"

"You can-"began lynn holding up her hands to soothe her highly strung friend

"Forget this" and anne left her room furiously "Don't ever talk to me again. I cannot bear to be around you anymore"

When anne left, lynn was very emotional, she could not believe what she had just told one of her best friends. She could not reach anne before she left her house, so she opened her window, her earth sister, her dearest friend was seriously walking out of her life she couldn't hold back her emotions "ANNE!" she screamed down the road. But anne did not turn back. Anxious, lynn called her mother distraught crying hysterically into the receiver.

Lynn spent two weeks calling anne's number, but the black haired girl did not reply. Lynn's eyes were red from grief, she could not live without anne, anne was the guiding force in her life and now she was gone. Also her chance of ever getting help to see leon had been dashed out of the window. They were two sides of the same coin. Maybe lynn had been wrong to defend adam. She agonized and could not sleep or eat. Sometimes her mother and her new friends could not console her and so lynn cried herself to sleep some nights.

The last person who she knew had her back was across the ocean. Leon. She went to her laptop and set it up and went straight to leon's profile to message him. But before she could send a message she noticed something. There was a picture of leon kissing another girl in a random club. There was no sign of drinks and leon had never mentioned this girl before. Lynn went through his profile, he was no longer in a relationship (he had told her, that he had separated from his ex) but now there were a couple of pictures of new women on the scene that he had never mentioned.

Lynn cried in distress and immediately blocked leon from her myspace. Leon started to clog her inbox with a lot of messages the next few days asking her to explain why she had blocked him. She ignored him and ignored him on skype she was moving on immediately.

As she was catching the bus to the local city centre, 2 weeks later, in the middle of the week, she suddenly looked over at a Greggs across the street. She had a sudden urge to get herself a sausage roll and so she went down the stairs of the bus trying to catch the next stop. As she was coming down she could see people on the right side of the bus, a familiar face came into view. The guy blaine. Lynn could not believe it. She had no idea that she would see ever see blaine again. His innocent, hooded eyes met hers and they just stared at each other. She was tempted to laugh at the familiar faraway look that he always gave and instead she composed herself and waved at him, he smiled awkwardly back. Lynn had to get off the bus then but she immediately knew that they would be recommencing their talk time soon online.

Leon was not the right guy for her after all but was blaine?

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