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"I can help Addy." He smirks at me. "What do you mean?" My face starts to heat up. "You and I both know that you are in love with your brothers best friend." I cross my arms. "Yeah so?" I challenge him. "I can help make him have the same thoughts and feelings. All it would take it for you to date me. We'll know that it's fake but everyone else included your little boy toy will think it's real." Adalynn Fell is the popular girl at school. Her parents are rich. Her twin brother is the school's golden boy. Her life is perfect. What more could she ask for? Alexander Reed is the towns newest badboy. He also happens to be a street fighter. What happens when one night Adalynn asks him to help her make her crush jealous? What happens when Alexander asks her to play a little game of who ever falls in love first? This isn't your traditional love story. But it is theirs.

Drama / Romance
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Mr. Badboy

“I can help Addy.” He smirks at me.

“What do you mean?” My face starts to heat up. “You and I both know that you are in love with your brothers best friend.” I cross my arms. “Yeah so?” I challenge him.

“I can help make him have the same thoughts and feelings. All it would take it for you to date me. We’ll know that it’s fake but everyone else included your little boy toy will think it’s real.”

"You're insane."

"Maybe but it will get him to notice you." I narrow my eyes. "What's in it for you?" He chuckles. "I got into some trouble a few months back. My lawyer said to hang around the right people. You're are the most popular girl in our school. Everybody adores you."

"That's it? Cause you need good rep?" He shrugs his shoulders. "And I'm bored." He gives me a wide smile. "If I agree to this, I make the rules. Deal?"



" I have a big surgery tonight and your dad is leaving town so you and your brother will have the house to your guys self.” I ignore my mom, as I pack my bag for the first day of school.

“Do you have money left from your allowance” I answered with a yes but as usual she didn’t hear me. “I figured you didn’t. You never usually do.”

I roll my eyes. Never once have I ran out of money. “There’s a 100 bucks in the cookie jar.” I nod my head. “Hey kiddo” My dad walks into the kitchen and goes straight for the coffee pot. “Hi.”

“Did you finish your essay?” I nod my head. “It’s on your desk sir.” I grab my folded dance outfit and stuff it into my duffel bag. Along with waters and some granola bars.

“When’s it due?”

“Friday sir.” My mom shakes her head. “You had all summer to do it yet you always wait to the last minute to finish it. Let me guess you did last night.” I wanted to scream that I had it finished by the end of the first week of summer. But I didn’t. I kept quiet.

“This is exactly why there’s so many errors. This is your last year of high school Adalynn. You won’t survive college let alone med school if you keep waiting for the last minute to do things.”

“I’m sorry, I’ll try better this year.” I grab my book bag and sling it over my shoulder and grabbed my duffel bag. “Where do you think your going missy. We have things to discuss.” I give my mom a tight smile and sat back down.

“Did you hear about the new student that moved down here. He’s going to be attending your school so uncle David asked if you could show him around today.” Like I have a choice. “Why can’t Oliver do it?”

“Because David asked for you not your brother.”

Uncle David is my school’s principle. “We have no problem with you showing him around and being nice but Adalynn he has a criminal record. At least that’s what Melinda told me. So don’t be hanging around longer than you have to.”

I bite my lip to keep from saying anything. “Of course sir, anything else?”

“No you may be excused Lynn.” Sighing I walk out of the kitchen and to the bottom of the stairs. “Ollie are you ready?!” I yell for him. Oliver and I are twins.

We’re surprisingly close considering how different we are treated by our parents. “I’ll meet you in the car. I’m driving.” I raise my eyebrows even though he can’t see me.

“Remember last time you drove and almost got in a car crash? That ain’t happening again.” I yell back. “Adalynn no yelling in the house. Let your brother drive. It’s your guys last first day of school. He wants to make in impression.”

I keep from rolling my eyes. “I swear I won’t crash us!” He yells back to me. “Are you going to tell him no yelling?” I ask my mom sweetly. “Here’s upstairs of course he has to yell if you want to hear him.”

“So why can’t I yell?”

“Because baby, you have a squeaky voice.” She pats my shoulder as she passes me to go upstairs. “Are you ready?” Oliver asks on the top of the stairs.

“Do you have your stuff for practice?” Ollie is the captain of the football team. “It’s in the car.” I follow him outside to his mustang.

We both have our own cars but for school we car pool. Besides when he has football practice I have dance practice so we also end up finishing at the same time.

I quickly strap my seat belt as he speeds out of the driveway. “Did dad ask for your essay?” I ask. “No he said to give it to him Thursday.” I scuff.

“Of course.” I fake smile. “I give it to him a week before it’s due and I get yelled at but let their golden boy son turn his in the night before and we’ll praise him.”


“Sorry, I was aiming anything at you ,it’s not your fault your perfect.” He rolls his eyes. “Hey listen about this kid you have to show around.” It was my turn to roll my eyes. “He’s a criminal Lynn.”

“I already heard all about it from mom and dad.” He sighs pulling into a parking spot. “Have fun at school little bro.” I say hopping out of the car. “You’re older by five minutes!” He shouts at me. “Still makes me older.” I yell back.

“Ohmygod Lynn you look gorgeous.” “Yeah Adalynn you look amazing. You have to tell me your diet!” I smile at the girls on my dance team. “I’m not on a diet.”

“You should go on one, you’ll look even better.” I bite my tongue from commenting. “Oh, Lynn have you seen Grayson? It’s like he got hotter over summer. He’s also on the football team now. Did you know that?”

“Of course I knew Bree. My brother is captain. Remember?” I asked sarcastically. “Listen girls I have a new student to show around but it’s not summer anymore. No more fooling around with practice. If you’re not on time without a reasonable excuse you will be kicked off.”

I give them a cheeky smile as I make my way to the front office. “Uncle David! Where’s the kid I have to babysit today?” I say loud enough for everyone in the office to hear. They’re use to it by now.

“Hey princess! How’s the dance team going?” I sigh deeply. “It’s falling about. During summer barely anyone showed up so no one knows all the routines. If this keeps happening we’ll never be ready for nationals.”

“That’s because there’s no authority or respect.” I spin around to find a dark hair boy standing in front of me. “Excuse me.” I cross my arms.

“Adalynn right?” I nod my head. “I heard you talking to you teammates out front. I’m assuming that’s not the first time you threatened to kick them off the team.” He takes a step closer to me.

“Want my advise? Whoever shows up late or don’t even show up at all kick them off. Then tell the rest of the team that they have to retry out to stay on the team. Hell make some flyers and hand them out. I bet you’ll find a few more girls that are even better then them.”

“I’m assuming your the new kid?”

“Alexander Reed at your service.” I look him up and down. He’s tall probably 6′2. Dark brown hair, chocolate brown eyes. I can’t clarify anything anything with his jacket on but from the tattoo peaking out of his shirt he probably has a sleeve of tattoos on his arm.

“Can you stop checking me out long enough to show me around.” My eyes snap to his. He smirks at me. I smile back at him trying not to blush.

“What can I say? You’re fresh meat. No one has moved to this town in five years. Maybe longer.”

“Small town?” He asks as we start to walk to his first period. “Yeah and just a warning, everyone believes you have a criminal record.”

He rolls his eyes. “I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s just some stupid rumor. They’ll be gossiping about something else by next week.” I tell him making his eyes flicker to mine.

“What if it’s not?” I raise my eyebrows. “What?” I ask. “What if it’s not a rumor. What if I do have a criminal record?” I shrug my shoulders. “Not my place to judge you. I just have to show you around. Speaking of which your first class is art, with me. I’ll show you to your second afterwards.”

“Damn Lynn! I didn’t know someone could get an hotter over summer!” I roll my eyes but smile sweetly. “I didn’t realize that someone could get any dumber within two months Derek!” I yell flicking him off.

“Want me to kick his ass?“Alexander asks me. “Cool it Mr.Bad boy my brother will take care of him.” I say. “Badboy?” He raises his eyebrow questionably. “Come on this is as cliche as it get’s.”

“What are you talking about?” My mouth drops open. “Seriously, you’ve never picked up a book before?”

“I’m a little scared.”

“Shut up.” I pout. “We’re going to be late for class, let’s go.” I drag him to my favorite class. I smile when I see my favorite teacher. Ms. Taylor.

“Adalynn how was your summer?” She ask smiling at me. “For the first half I traveled around Italy and the second I spent either dancing or watching the football team.”

“How’s painting going?” I smile sheepishly. “I have no inspiration. It’s like writer’s block but with art.” She rolls her eyes.

“Oh this Alexander Reed. A new student here.“He smiles at her. “I hope you enjoy this class Mr. Reed and please encourage her to find some inspiration she’s a very talented artist.”

He smirks at me. “You guys can go take your seats.” The bell rings and everybody starts piling in. Alexander and I take seats in the back of the room.

“Good morning Seniors! I hope everyone had an amazing summer. So for this week I want you guys to draw the person sitting next to you. But I also want you to get to know them. Let the facts you learn about them help you draw. I want details, and color. This will be graded. You can go ahead and get started.”

“Okay so I want to know about these books you read.” Alexander says. “First your names to long for me. I’m calling you Lex. Now about the books. Most of them happen like this.

The tattooed bad boy that wears a leather jacket and drives a motorcycle meets the shy nerdy girl that’s ‘different’. Sometimes she’s being abused. But they hang out and one night her friends convince her to go her first high school party. Now most of the time the girl stays sober but other times she’s drunk either way the badboy saves her from being raped. Then if the girl is abused in the story the badboy saves her from that and they admit the love each other and live happily ever after.”

I say breathlessly. “Wow that sounds interesting.” He says smiling. “You can laugh if you want.” He starts to cough. “I’m not.“He clears his throat. “I’m not laughing.”

I roll my eyes at him. I continue to sketch him. “So what chapter are we on?” I look up to see if he was serious. “Well usually we would already be on chapter 3 but we can make it one just for you.”

“Wow I feel honored. Now what’s the name of our book?” I shake my head at him. “I’ll get back to you on that.” He smiles at me. “So do you drive a motorcycle?”

“Why do you want me to?”

“A little bit.” He chuckles. “I do. Hey would I make your day if I say that I like to box.” I fake gasp. “No way. Now you can save me at the party without looking like a fool.”

“When is this party?”

“There’s a bomb fire this weekend. Seniors have the honor of hosting it every year and this one will be one of the best.” He laughs. “This the part where you tell me that vampires are real to.”

I look at him weirdly. “What? I’ve seen the vampire diaries.” He says. Before I could say anything the door slams open and a certain blond hair blue eye boy walks in.

Grayson Kingston. Aka my ex.

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