The Boy in the Bubble

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Tahjae Moore is a victim to bullying due to having homophobic peers. He no longer has friends since he came out as gay. His old friends along with some other people decided to take out their hate for homosexuals on him. He lost all his friends and all respect after that. His mother eventually found out and decides to do something about it.   If you didn't get it from what you read up top. This is a gay book. It involves boy on boy action. If you don't like it then please leave. If you like it then please proceed.

Drama / Romance
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I finally reached home after a long day at school. Today wasn’t different than the rest, after all how can it be different. I’m gay. Persons apparently still feel disgusted by a person's sexual orientation. It baffled me how uninformed persons of this age were. I mean when the hell did I choose to be gay. Did I wake up one morning and say that today was a great day to start sucking dick. No I didn’t but here I am, a gay seventeen years old boy who got bullied. It wasn’t like I didn’t try to deny it. For almost four years I denied that I was gay and when I finally couldn’t take it anymore I just told everyone. They were shocked. I’m not one of those popular people but I had my share of 'friends'. Those did dwindle to only one person and that person eventually left the school. So yup I was lonely. My mom knew but she didn’t really care or at least she didn’t seem to. She never spoke of it and was just uninterested in my love life but that wasn’t a change upon my new found sexuality, she never did care about my 'love' life. She didn’t tell anyone about it, well at least not to my knowledge, and I respected that.

“Shit the chicken got wet and now it’s cold and soggy”, I muttered. Well I guess I should have known better especially since I went to the fast food restaurant that most persons from my school went.

I quickly left the food on the island in the kitchen and went to tend my wounds. The bullying was progressively getting more painful. It sucked because some of the persons that were doing it were my old 'friends’. My face looked a lot like shit. My left eye was slowly swelling and it was a dark shade of purple and there were some black and blue spots here and there across my face. Dried blood stuck to the corner of my mouth like food crumbs but worse. I didn’t even want to see what had happened under my shirt since they didn’t really give me a chance to get medical treatment. There was really a bright side to things because at least I got some form of medical experience from this. My chest really hurt and so did my lower back but I didn’t have time to tend to those wounds since my mom was home and was making her way to the kitchen. My mom obviously didn’t know about the bullying and I wanted to keep it that but I couldn’t tell the cunts to just punch me anywhere except my face. That would just make them want to damage my face even more.

“Tahj I’m home!”, my mom shouted from downstairs, “What in heaven’s name happened to the food?!”

“The rain was falling on my way home and I slipped and fell in a puddle so it destroyed dinner”, I was thinking of what to tell my mom on the way home and I was surprised that it went that well.

“Oh, where are you?!”, she asked coming up the stairs.

“I’m in the bathroom cleaning up!”, I told her and that wasn’t a total lie. I guess this was going to have work for the time being. My face didn’t look as awful as it did before but it still looked bad and that was going to be a problem. I knew my mom worried about my health and worried about my school work, she genuinely cared about me and I felt that, always did. That’s why I didn’t waste anytime in heading to the living room to watch some t.v. That way I would be able to hide my face since the room would be dark. Little did I know my mom would turn on the light when she entered the room. At that moment I knew I was royally fucked.

“Tahj what’s wrong with your face?”, she asked slowly. Trying to keep herself calm. Of course I didn’t answer her because I had nothing to say. “Tahjae!”

“Nothing’s wrong with it”, I groaned out to feign annoyance.

“Tahjae what the fuck did they do to you?!”, it wasn’t a surprise that my mom cursed. She was like a sailor with that mouth.

“Mom, I told you that nothing is wrong, I’m fine”, she wouldn’t let it go so I was going to do the next best thing. Run. That didn’t work apparently because my mom did taekwondo growing up. What in the world was I even thinking.

“Son tell me why you’re black and blue”, she pleaded with me.

“It’s not what you’re thinking, we were just playing around and it got a bit rough”, the lie slipped out of my mouth easier than I expected and that was all I needed.

“It’s because you’re gay, right?”, she said. I honestly didn’t know what to say. Half of my brain was shouting to deny it while the other half was saying that she would be able to help and I honestly wanted nothing more than to listen to the latter half.

“Mom I told you that it’s not like that”, what the fuck was I thinking. Why didn’t I just tell her. It would have been much easier.

“Either way I’m not allowing you to stay there but before I jump to a conclusion we are heading to the doctor for an entire body check up, I need to be sure that this isn’t a misunderstanding”, she said.

“Mom I told you that it isn’t like that, we were just playing so why are you going to waste money on that”, To be honest I was just grasping at straws. We did have the money because my mom was well off due to her job being rare and her making a lot of money because of it.

“You can get as angry as you want with me, I don’t care, I just want to know that my baby is safe”, she cared but sometimes I just didn’t want her involved.

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